Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


last elusive target fail for anyone interested :wink:


I thought that was the first fail for my one already :laughing:


haha!!! I’m sure you’ll see many more!

I just read the conditions and damn my man you crazy! :stuck_out_tongue: I like to smoke and play but I don’t know if I can gonna need to be alert haha!


I’d just like to add a few extra tips; take care with the small area at the bottom of the church tower, as it is very easy to be trapped by enforcers. Also, bring an explosive (duckie is best). One of the targets is much easier to take care of if you do.


lol. That was a total disaster. But I loved watching every second of it. Lol.
Thanks for the clip.


Hahaha! I uploaded specifically for you my friend, glad you enjoyed!


Lol. Nice. Thanks. Appreciate it.


Question: Do propane-tank kills and toilet-drowning kills count as accident kills?

Edit: I’m playing now. Progress report: FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU—!!! :see_no_evil: lol

Edit 2: I followed all the rules.

3/5 stars, only 104,281 points (+30,000 points, for all accident kills, I believe, so 134,281 total).

I mistakenly took out a civilian right at the end when I was gunning for Lorenzetti. And the sad thing is that I was attempting to kill him in an accident – but it wasn’t necessary. That optional condition only applied to the first three targets, but I forgot. :upside_down_face:

I’ll post a video tomorrow (assuming everything recorded properly this time).

Edit 126B: @Silverballer, did the first three targets have to be eliminated in “different” accidents to get the bonus points? Were we not allowed to use the same kind of accident twice? Because I may have used more than one explosion. Possibly four. lol

Edit: 49.2-Alpha-B5 (the video):

As you can see, I did want to kill the targets in different kinds of accidents. The first, poison, but I didn’t bring lethal poison and I didn’t know where any was; the second, toilet drowning and window drop. I also tried my best to draw the woman away from the scooter, to no avail. lol


An hour and 50 minutes? That’s epic and I hope you saved some video.

Mine is uploading now, I don’t know if I’ll still be awake when it’s finished. @Silverballer I shot all three terminals, instead of shooting screens near them. Does this disqualify me?


That’s fine, as long as you stayed out of the way of all cameras. If I can see in your video that you would’ve been spotted by a camera then I’m afraid you will have failed.

Edit: And yes @David47, it has to be three different accidents. That means no more than one explosion, one drowning, one fall, one falling object, etc.


I do move in front of a camera going out of the mansion, but by that point both the mansion and lab terminals were cleared. Is that good enough? Those cameras shouldn’t be active in any circumstance if the feeds are localized.


If the sector was cleared before you move infront of the camera it’s ok.


Sounds very complex and intresting, looking forward to this as I’m a big fan of stories with complex objectives for story reasons.


I think I followed all conditions, including the 30k bonus for varied accidents. 4/5 symbols


I tried my best and it even started out pretty well but I got spotted and had to take a few people extra.
Then I couldn’t figure out a good accident kill for Maria I ignored the challenge for the extra 30.000 points :slight_smile:

I figured my chances of winning at that point was slim to none so even though I tried to accident kill Lorenzetti at first, I gave up and ignored that I got spotted when killing him.

To round it all of I purposely ran over the yellow shirt guy when exiting the mission :stuck_out_tongue:

I changed the PS4 to record 30 min but I only got a 25 min video (for some reason), it’s being processed on Youtube and should be available any moment now:


Just a reminder that the contract expires today :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reminder. Booting up.

Edit: sorry…“SUITing up.”


FFS. I can’t find then Caruso surveillance room. I just can’t remember where it is. Been running around for 15 minutes, got spotted, twice. Hunted once, now I’m hiding in the attic with katana blade in hand and in the fetal position in the corner in hopes everyone goes home.

Edit: found it. Wtf. Lol


Well here are my results and video. The entire Caruso mansion camera system wasted like 15 mins. I can’t believe I couldn’t remember. Total brain fart.


Well it seems that I’m in the lead. Unless I get ebay’d, I’ll have a contract to post in an hour.