Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I doubt that some will eBay you in 11 mins. But of course, it’s still possible.


King of the Castle
ID 2-09-9534282-23

Reece Faullkner is stealing financial information from his own militia, dripping bits of currency at a time into private offshore accounts for himself and his two partners.

Our client says that Reece is jumpy, and if he suspects trouble he will freeze his accounts making it impossible for anyone else to access the funds. Silence is your aim, 47

You must start at Southern Farm Perimeter or Old Orchard
No explosions


Nice briefing. Short, but realistic and interesting. I like it.


Thanks, I like to think of it as “Militia Office Space” lol


I followed all the rules.

:smiley: Can this BE? Did I do well?!

5/5, SA, 159,116 points. 18:58 time, though, so beatable.

I’m uploading the full twenty-minute video. I can’t be bothered editing this time. Just skip through the long waiting segments manually if you want to watch once you’ve made your own attempts.

I got lucky with one of the items I decided to bring. It made taking out one of the guards easier than it probably should have been. But I had to wait aaages for Rose to go away, which really ate into my time. The final target gave me the biggest scare. I tried to lure him into the open for a headshot, but he walked right at me, and I mistime corner-cover takedowns at least 50% of the time. lol


I made a rookie mistake and got spotted by one of the targets that I knew was an enforcer and that I knew could be standing were I was going…

I also got a noticed kill that I can’t explain but it doesn’t really matter since @David47 managed SA, nice work btw!

And here is a video for @D1NGdong’s nightly routine:


When does this contract expire ? I might do it but, I’m busy at the moment


It expires sunday afternoon, make sure to read the rules in the OP message by @David47


That’s good, I think I will have time for playing it


@justnobody What a beautiful exclusive contract! Played it yesterday. Video is on upload, will post it soon.


That Reece kill was great, awesome run.


Nice strat!

I hate to be “that guy” but I should point out that you didn’t turn off NPC icons, ie you could see the enforcers.
I can’t really tell if you got any benefits from having them on, perhaps you would have been more careful at the end when you were in disguise.


There is a huge benefit with having them on. Even if he did it suit only or scarecrow only (as every npc will be an enforcer anyway), the icons on help with seeing NPCs a lot easier. So ya, unfortunately, this run is disqualified. :frowning:

So don’t worry about being “that guy”. We should all adhere to the rules. It’s not about being an ass to someone, but about it being fair for everyone. And I think we can all agree on that. :grin:


Chaos, you only need instinct off, minimap off and npc icons off. You can use weapon hud on and you can use the timer on screen. Also, if you like, you can have target info on to help with identifying a target and it’s kill conditions. That helps pretty good actually. So I hope that helps you for future contacts here.

But don’t worry about it. It was a simple mistake. :+1:


Like @D1NGdong said it’s a simple mistake, to bad though because it was a really smooth run. :slightly_smiling_face:

Makes me think about Davids vampire contract when I thought I won but it turned out that I shot the guy with the wrong pistol :blush:


I just did it. far from SA, will upload on sunday


It was an excellent run, @CHAOS_AGENT_45. You clearly outmatched me, NPC icons or not.

The rules are the rules … but you earned an honorary victory, IMO. Well done.


Well, well, well… It’s been a while.
I guess I originally stopped playing Hitman after completing Landslide earlier this year. New releases took a while to come out, I wasn’t a big fan of featured contracts (as I find some of them have too big of a skill level), and there wasn’t much else to do.

Since I missed the final Elusive Target while on vacation abroad, there is now even less to look forward to… other than the supposed Season 2, supposedly in development.

I guess now’s a good time to come back as any, as I still have a lot of time left during this summer break.
Figured I’d jump back into these “Player-Made Elusives” since we won’t be seeing new ones for a long while. Have the rules changed since I left this place in late March?
I assume they are:
- Each contract now lasts for one week, restarting on Monday at [???]
- You only get one chance at the contract, and then you can aim for a high score for bragging rights.
- You can apply up to 3 extra objectives to your contract.
And that’s about it.

I see we have some new people here, but some like Chilly, D1NG and Cheese have stuck around.

So, I’ll attempt this contract… It’s “King of the Castle” right? I don’t expect to win as Colorado is my least favourite map, and it’s been a while since I’ve played. But I’ll get used to it again… eventually.
Hopefully I stay this time.


Each contract lasts half a week, with contracts ending on Wednesdays and Sundays :slight_smile:


Welcome back, @TheChicken.

The base rules are the same as always, with a couple of minor addendums:

Silverballer is correct: we currently have two contracts a week.

And I’ve also noticed that there’s no longer any real limit to the number of extra conditions/objectives a contract creator can choose to include. People have just been showing good judgement so as not to make things overly complicated. And I think that’s the best way.