Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Why you talking to me as if I’m fortheseven ?


Nobody is like @Fortheseven. He’s an original.



I know, you’re treating me like an asshole :joy::joy:

Jk plz don’t ban


Well done, Silverballer. I’m glad.

I’ve realized that my contracts need a few days of development. lol

I tried to rush one out, but failed to meet the (extended) deadline. I need to feel inspired by an idea. Probably better that I only win every so often.


Wait, if silverballer’s run was 1:17, I’m pretty sure he didn’t start the mission and say : hey I’ll just poison her food, because I know everything about this game and every npc’s route

What I’m saying is he defenitely did restart, so can someone explain the rules here ? I’m fricking confused :thinking:


He didn’t restart, he’s done contracts with this target before so he already knew.


Silverballer didn’t restart.

He’s been playing for a long time, and he’s always followed the rules. He just had previous knowledge of the target, because he’s played the game a lot.

Sometimes it happens. It’s unavoidable.


Would you like to take my win? I won’t have a contract ready in time.


What the others said. This lady is a pretty common target, as she’s got a follower which adds some difficulty. Also, spoiler tag your post.

Also, that is exactly what I said to myself


Silverballer definitely restarted. No way around it. Yellow card ref.


Nah, you just need to git gud


Well you could just make a simple one, without objectives. It doesn’t need to be van helsing 47 everytime. :wink:


I can make the next one!
Kill all four original Colorado targets in a drowning accident in the shed behind the house.

Special conditions:
Must start by the southern farm perimeter. And before killing anyone you have to run a full marathon (that’s 42 km or 26 miles) around the map while disguised as the scarecrow.
After that you have to place all the apricots that can be found in the map in a neat little pyramid on Sean Rose’s desk.

Exit through the tornado shelter by dragging Sean Rose to the face scan, but you have to stop every 5 step and shot a loud shotgun.

Oh and if you are ever spotted you instantly fail the mission!


You’re right, @D1NGdong. I think I’ve been putting a bit of unnecessary pressure on myself. Not everything I make has to be amazing or original; you can’t force inspiration. The vampire and hospital ideas just came to me naturally, while I was playing, and I enjoyed making them.

@Silverballer, as the current runner-up, I’ll try to volunteer a contract if you can’t, sure. :slight_smile:

And if I can’t, I’m sure someone will have something ready to go.


Can anyone make a elusive contract or is it only certain people?


The person who wins the current contract gets to make the next elusive contract. It’s the prize for winning.

Please read the original post in this thread if you’d like to play. It explains everything. :slight_smile:

At least I think it does. It’s a long time since I read it myself. lol


Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


When does this contract expire ?


OK, I’m going to have a contract ready this time. Definitely.

Notice that I used the word “definitely” after promising never to do so again unless I was 100% sure. lol

I’ll post it closer to 6 o’clock. Unless, of course, Silverballer wants to step in and post a contract of his own. He is the winner. I’m the runner-up.

@MrBurn4488, 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST).


Here’s your next assignment, agents. Please ask me if you have any questions. And please remember to play "The Good Samaritan (Version 1.0)". That’s the version that permits any disguises and kill methods.

Briefing (please read thoroughly)

Good afternoon, and good news, 47. It appears that altruism isn’t dead.

Our client, who – out of prudence, modesty, or both – has chosen to remain nameless, is clearly a charitable, Christian sort of fellow. Well … as far as anyone who endorses murder can be, I suppose.

He has discovered (and our own sources have confirmed) that Sapienza’s priest, Padre Francesco, and Francesco’s two best friends (also employees of the church), are working in close cahoots with the local mafia.

In return for sizeable monthly “donations” to the church’s coffers, this contemptible trio has allowed the mafia unrestricted access to the church’s underground sewer system, for use in its many illegal smuggling and trafficking endeavours. The priest has also allowed the seemingly innocuous shed behind the church to become a veritable dead-drop site for all manner of illicit items, ranging from military-grade weapons, to drugs, to containers packed with tens of thousands of pounds worth of dirty and laundered cash.

Which is where our white knight – that’s you, by the way – makes his dashing entrance:

You see, our benevolent client – who has adopted ‘The Samaritan’ as his stylish and symbolic sobriquet – has four saintly tasks for you to complete. In no particular order, you are to:

Chastise the corrupt churchmen for their ungodly behaviour. Frighten Padre Francesco back onto the path of the righteous by crippling his two closest cohorts with non-fatal leg wounds, and then use your soothing voice – or something more sturdy, perhaps – to induce the priest himself into an unscheduled afternoon nap. And, because The Samaritan wants the meaning of your intervention to be crystal clear, you have been given a coin engraved with biblical scripture, scripture which – if my ancient Latin isn’t too rusty – threatens an eternity of extreme unhappiness and heat upon anyone who uses the veneer of godliness to “fill one’s own cup of wine”. Place this coin close to the vicar’s unconscious body. Somewhere he’s likely to notice it when he wakes up.

Your other three tasks involve redistributing the mafia’s ill-begotten wealth to more deserving souls, and freeing those souls from financial hardship and/or the servitude of wicked men.

Behind the church, you’ll find the small shed that I mentioned earlier in this briefing. In that shed you will find three metal cylinders, containers. Densely packed inside each of those containers is not flammable gas, as one might assume, but precisely one hundred thousand pounds in mafioso cash. Enough for anyone to cover a bill, or begin a new life.

The Samaritan has handpicked the three people he believes need this money the most, and I need you to deliver it to them.

The first is Roberto Mulo. While he appears to be an ardent advocate of ambitious mafia minion Marco Abbiati, and one of the least deserving people in all of Sapienza to receive a fabulous financial boon, he is actually an indentured servant who has to play the part of a bootlicking lapdog lest the mafia bury him to his black-haired bonce in unassailable debt. And that’s the least of his problems, because he’s watched day and night by Abbiati’s most ruthless and trusted enforcer, Francesco Alinovi, who has a tendency to cause grievous bodily harm to anyone who doesn’t act as though Abbiati’s shit smells like strawberries and cream.

You should find Alinovi standing guard outside Mulo’s apartment door. Eliminate him, and put a container of cash by said door. A special delivery, courtesy of those he can never know exist.

The second of The Samaritan’s chosen recipients is Sandro Paranoico. Less than a week ago, Mr Paranoico lost his father, mother and wife in a tragic motorway collision, and, while his eight-year-old daughter, Liliana, survived, she’s in critical condition and needs numerous expensive medical procedures as soon as possible if she’s to stand a chance at making a full recovery.

An agency asset reports that he leaves the hospital in the evening and tends to wander to the beach, where he sits staring at the waves, no doubt contemplating his misfortune and wondering how he’s going to raise the money to save his last-surviving family member.

He’s white, mid-thirties, with pushed-back blonde hair, and he’s apparently been wearing the same clothes since the incident that left his life in tatters: a white jacket, a blue undershirt and beige trousers.

Make his day a little brighter for me, 47. Place the money container as close to him as possible, without disturbing him.

The Samaritan’s final lucky lottery winner is the singer, Cristina Dionisi. While she might shine like a star on the stage, in private she suffers nightly under the thumb, and, literally, the bloated, sweaty bodies of her merciless mafia oppressors. They hang around her apartment, day and night, and force her to use her body to gratify not only them and their depraved sexual urges, but any paying customer who wants to “sleep with a local celebrity”.

A woman alone, surrounded by insatiable, ruthless, armed “men” who treat her like a slave, Dionisi sees no chance of escape and has gone so far as to attempt suicide more than once.

But she’s no longer alone. After today, she’ll have everything she needs to escape the country and start her life anew. And her oppressors will have Agent 47 for company instead, won’t they? I almost wish I could be there to watch. I’m something of a voyeur myself.

Good luck, 47 …

Oh. One final thing. The Samaritan requested that, should you have the time, please visit the altar in the church and ask for forgiveness for desecrating God’s house with violence, even if your goals are admirable. The Samaritan would like you to ask for forgiveness for him, as well, if it’s not too much trouble.

I told him that you wouldn’t mind, and that it wouldn’t be a problem. I didn’t even charge him extra.

It seems that being nice is contagious. I think I’m catching it myself.

Objectives (in a bit more detail):

  • Leg-shot the 2 corrupt church-staff workers in the private (locked) area of the church, to teach them, and the priest, that crime doesn’t pay. You can shoot them in the leg before knocking them out, or knock them out first, or not bother to knock them out at all, just as long as they both receive a bullet to the leg. lol

  • Choke out, or knock out, the priest, and leave The Samaritan’s engraved coin (any coin) somewhere close to his body.

  • (Optional: Fulfil the Samaritan’s bonus request of praying for forgiveness by the altar near the confessional booths. This is worth 10,000 bonus points.)

Locate the 3 money containers (propane flasks) in the shed behind the church. Each container holds £100,000 in loose bills.

  • Place one money container near the sad-looking man at the beach, the man who recently lost everyone but his daughter in a terrible accident and now needs money he doesn’t have to pay her medical bills. The man is in his mid-thirties, has blonde hair, wears a white jacket with a blue undershirt, and he’s probably alone.

  • Place one money container outside the apartment door being guarded by Francesco Alinovi. After Alinovi has been taken care of, of course.

  • Place one container is the singer’s room, which is the same room that is being occupied by three of your targets, all violent and uninvited mafia-men.

Notes: For each delivery assignment that you fail to complete, one star will be deducted from your score. If you complete all three delivery assignments, you keep all of your stars.

Objectives can be completed in any order.

And I HIGHLY recommend taking the lockpick.