Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Looks fun, I like missions which have unusal objectives like this.


Done, does the good samaritan tolerate a touch of witness suppression? lol

I really loved this contract, video uploading.


Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Err … yeeAAhhaH? I think witness suppression is fine. I’ll have to wait to see what you mean, exactly. lol

You can KO witnesses. Even kill them. It just hurts your score, like always. It’s not an instant fail.

Although you fail a delivery assignment if you kill a person you’re supposed to be helping. Not sure why anyone would have to kill them; just putting it out there. lol


I was mostly joking, it just seems a little unfortunate that The Good Samaritan is trying to help people and I sort of shoot two unarmed non-targets dead :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Video is having trouble uploading, but it’ll be here at some point tonight. Basically score 47,929, it went super smooth until one moment near the end (of course).


can you provide a screenshot ?


He’ll be obvious, trust me.


I just hope your 47 prayed extra hard for forgiveness. lol


You know what, he actually did.


Actually, the whole challenge of that particular delivery is reading the description I provide in the briefing and using it to locate the guy. There are no other obstacles, no guards, nothing else in your way.

So no screenshots, sorry. But you shouldn’t find it too difficult. He’s the only person on the beach who matches that description.




So this went pretty well, up until around 13:35. I should have entered through the first door that I contemplated, I actually had an apartment key that I forgot about. Still, I really enjoyed playing it and I’m just glad that I can help that poor man by the beach.


Well done. You actually did really well apart from that little bit near the end that ruined your score. Could so easily have been an SA rank.

And I like that you got into the story enough to roleplay it from start to finish. :slight_smile:

Ha. Yeah, I noticed that. Good job. I’m tempted to give you a bonus hitman symbol for that. A hitman symbol from God. lol


As usual, @David47 out does himself with another contract. lol. Can’t wait to play this tm.


This was another really cool creation of yours David!

I thought I followed all of the rules until I came back and re-read the objectives :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I placed one of the money canisters by the wrong guy. The only thing that stuck in my head was at the beach, blue shirt and blonde hair.
The guy wasn’t alone but you wrote “probably alone” so I thought that perhaps there could be someone next to him depending on the NPC movements. But it stil felt wrong since he didn’t have blonde hair but I figured that perhaps the sunset light was playing tricks on me :smile:
A well, at least I got SA playing it :slight_smile: (I’m not sure how much a star is worth in score? Is it 10 or 20.0000?)

I’m also not sure how I should have “prayed” at the altar so I hope I did that part correctly? Check out 2:55 in my video below.

Or perhaps it’s best that you watch it all to make sure I didn’t mess up anything else :laughing:

Edit: DAMN IT!! After watching @justnobody video I realized I missed my prayer :rage::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


lol. Well done. I’ll watch your video ASAP. You have 4/5 hitman symbols, but your score stays the same.

Failing to complete a delivery doesn’t affect your score, but you lose a star … and stars beat scores.

Therefore, if someone gets 5/5 stars, he’s ahead of you, even if his score is lower.

But right now you’re in the lead!

P.S. That guy you left the money next to already had a great life. I guess fate is just on his side, because now he’s rich, too. lol


Reminder to all, this contract expires tomorrow at 6pm gst.


Damn. This slipped my mind the last few days as I’ve been working on the Sarajevo Six combat knife only challenge and I don’t know if I will get online before this expires today. :man_shrugging::crossed_fingers:


Cant get online today. :cry:
I can’t believe I’m gonna miss a David contract. But I’ll play it tomorrow for sure regardless.


Absolutely no ones cares m8 <3