Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Poor Dummeeee :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


You’re up @Chillyschrimp


Well done, @Chillyschrimp. I’m glad the two people who played the contract enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

But I’m going to be honest, as I always have been with you guys: I’m a bit disappointed by the turn-out for my last – and now, in particular, this – contract, considering the extra effort I put into making them.

I know people have lives, but if more than two people can’t find a free half-hour to take a stab at a contract in four days, I have to take it as a sign that interest in the contest is seriously dwindling.

Therefore I’m probably not going to play again (or make anything, obviously) until Season 2 is released.

For now, I wish everyone the very best. You guys are brilliant; you’ve made this thread far more enjoyable (and durable) than it had any right to be. lol


@David47 why are you always so dramatic <3


@Fortheseven, I’m not being dramatic at all. I created the contest, and I believe I’ve played every single contract bar one since last December. I’m just politely stating that now seems like the appropriate time for me to move on to other things. Something that I’ve been thinking about doing for a while.

P.S. I also need a bit of free space on my PS4 harddrive. And, while Hitman has had an amazing run, it might be time for it to sit on the bench for while.


Geez what a dramaqueen you are


@Fortheseven, are you really looking for an argument with me?

You how that’ll go, right?


Yeah i would win.

Why so serious m8


Cause your being extra annoying for his nerves


I wasn’t “serious” in the slightest until you turned up with your typically toxic attitude, adding nothing to the conversation but stale, shallow, spiteful sass.

I hope you’re proud of your childish contribution to this fantastic thread, @Fortheseven.


Thanks, and I get your point of view. I was quite unsure if two contracts per week would “work” but on the other hand one per week is probably less likely to make people play since the thread seems to die of after a few days.

Also this weekend most of us have probably spent time on the new featured contracts (I know I have at least) so I think it’s natural that these contracts aren’t a top priority for most people.

Anyhow I will create a new contract later tonight to honor the competition!


Wow that comment.

You are definitely taking me way too serious m8


Just because David will leave, it doesn’t mean the competition will end (no offence). This is the best competition in the forum, we can keep it running like last time. @Chillyschrimp @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @D1NGdong @David47 @justnobody @hitwoman47


If you spent any time here at all except to cause trouble, you’d know that’s just how I talk.

Trust me, I haven’t expended any extra effort on your account.


I’ll continue to play, maybe cut it back to weekly rotations? The rounds may realistically conclude after a few days, but there is still time for everyone to take a go at some point.


I want this thread to continue, and I want everyone to continue having fun. :slight_smile:

Before I was rudely interrupted, I was simply saying that I, personally, may take a long overdue hiatus from the contest and from the game. I didn’t want to simply disappear without a trace, or an explanation.

I’m looking forward to playing many more player-made elusives in the future, especially when Season 2 finally arrives.


No you are being way too defensive over a simple joke, even resorting to make it it personal


Since you’re being honest, I’ll do the same.

I really wanted to play the contract but your breifing was just wayyyyy too long for me to get a chance to sit there, read it, understand what has to be done, probably forget what has to be done while I’m playing then have to go back to reading it again just to get back to playing. So I can understand if THAT might have others hesitant to play it but I put it off to play it later that I ended up forgetting. :disappointed_relieved:

It’s not that your backstories aren’t amazing, but they are quite consuming, especially for a game where I think many just want to boot up and just play.

I hope you reconsider staying and playing. It’s just one contract that I missed in a long time so it would suck to lose a player. If you’re only playing hitman for these contracts, then I don’t understand how it prevents you from playing other games/doing other things.

And if you decide to stay, my only advice is just to stick with objectives and keep the story at a minimum.

But that’s just my guess and I’m not speaking for others.


Normally I tolerate your “jokes”, as does everyone here, but calling my sincerity into question while I was saying farewell showed a serious lack of tact that I couldn’t simply ignore this time.

You need to grow up.


Calling your sincerity into question? Because i made a joke about how dramatic you sounded?

You need to stop taking yourself so seriously.