Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I might be late for the conversation, @justnobody said you’re leaving. Where are you going ?


I’m not literally going anywhere. I just won’t be playing for a while. :That’s new for me. As the creator, I’ve played virtually everything since the beginning. :slight_smile:


Oh, so you’re busy ?


Yeah, I’ve been thinking about having a long break for a while, and the recent low turn-outs have finally convinced me to take that break now.

I hope you stick around, though, if others are. It’s great to see a new face!

I’ll definitely be back if this contest endures. It’s been a lot of fun. My favourite multiplayer experience, actually.


Don’t worry it will continue
Because if it doesn’t, PEOPLE WILL DIE

JK :joy::joy:


Please don’t feel the tiniest bit responsible for my deciding to take a break. I’d been thinking about it for a while before this, and I know you would have played if you’d had the time. You’re an invaluable part of this thread.

But when it comes to creating deep, story-focused contracts: they’re the only ones I’m interested in making. I created this thread, with its rules that enhance realism, because I’m a roleplayer. So if roleplaying is proving too time consuming for others, if it’s not what they’re looking for right now, then it’s all the more reason for me to take a break until people are more enthusiastic and willing to invest their time in the game. :slight_smile:


Ok this might be a bit rushed but I hope it will work out to a tight fight for the highest score :slight_smile:

Security breach

Contract ID: 2-06-5558611-61

The Swedish government is sick and tired of Claus and his shenanigans in Marrakesh.
They have requested that we eliminate him and make it look like a couple of guards from the security company responsible for embassy security are responsible.

For the client to be able to frame the guards you are required to leave the targets in the same room and place one gun next to each target.
The guns can’t be ICA guns so you will have to find a non ICA gun for Mr. Strandberg.
You can kill the targets with your ICA gun however since (in this contract) the embassy is very sound proof so the faked gun fight would not have been heard outside any of the rooms anyway.

You may choose any starting location and smuggle whatever you think can help you complete this.

If you fail to place the bodies in the same room and/or place a non ICA gun next to each target you will fail the mission!


Does that mean we have to put 3 guns next to the 3 different guns


That could be wise. But it’s totally up to you guys to decide.

All I’d ask is that people don’t drastically alter the rules in my absence. I think they work perfectly (if I do say so myself, lol).


I suggest we just wait and see how it goes the coming week, if only a few players has played it until Wednesday I don’t think it would hurt the competition to extend the deadline to Sunday?


3 guns in total, one gun next to each target, and since the security guards have a gun on them you can just leave their gun next to them. Be aware however that guns you pick up stack in your inventory so if you picked up a gun from a security guard and the pick up another one they will appear as one gun in your inventory.


That makes me feel good. Keep the contest alive, people. I want something to come back to when I re-install the game. I’ve enjoyed this contest more than any of the official content, TBH.

@Chillyschrimp, I’m going to play your contract before I delete anything. If I win, let it be known that @Silverballer has first refusal to create the next contract in my absence, since he allowed me to create the previous contract after his win.


Well no, I don’t feel responsible at all. I’m just sad I missed this one and it ended up being the one that has you leaving the competition.

Well considering you’re taking a hiatus, I don’t think that’s fair for the ones that want to continue to play. But I’m not saying the rules will change, as I dont see a reason why they would cuz I agree with you, they do work just fine, but if someone comes up with any new idea, I think we should all listen and vote (if need be), whether you’re here or not.

I think you can agree with that, no? :smiley:


No. The rules have to stay the same, until the end of time. Or at least until Hitman: Season 5.

Joking, obviously. lol

If people really want to change the rules, of course they can. And when I come back I’ll hold a vote and try to sway people to see my point of view again. :yum:


Maybe an idea could be that if 2 players or less play the contract, then the contract should be extended until the next deadline date (Sunday/Wednesday). Yes/No?

I also think that the current contract creator could perhaps remind everyone by bumping the thread. It could also help.


Good idea!

20 contracts


You could have the contract once an x amount of players have played it (like 5?), once this number is reached, you’'ll have an x amount of time before the contract ends.

Too complicated? okay nvm


No because that could have people become lazy to play it. Expiration is better, imo. And as it goes between us, my opinion is always fact.


Fair point


I followed all the rules.

Great contract, @Chillyschrimp

I was determined to go out on a high note. I gave it my best. As you can tell from my 11 minute time. That’s just amazing by my standards. I usually don’t complete anything in less than 30. lol

I got a bit unlucky with the guns towards the end (magically morphed my three carefully collected guns into two guns, through a momentary lapse in concentration, lol), and I then got a bit lucky with Strandberg, who walked right by me and miraculously didn’t spot me.

End result:

P.S. As I said above, if I win, then @Silverballer creates the next contract (assuming he wants to).