Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Shame that you are going, but thank you for creating such a good competition. Like lots of forums and online things it should be remembed that the amount of people comenting and taking part are not nescessarily the same as the amount of people who actually read the thread. I have barely commented in this thread and think I have only properly taken part in one or two of the missions before the deadline. however, I have played virtually all the posted missions at some part and this is my go to thread for good contracts. Anyway, I hope this competition does keep going!


Looking forward to having a bash at this. If the guards are the one’s I think they are, I may have a clever strategy for this one… (Or if they are not, I may fuck it up and get gunned down by every armed man in the whole of Marrakesh)


Thanks, Goldgun. I’m glad you and others are enjoying the thread and the contracts, even if you don’t officially take part very often. That’s great to hear.


Dude, don’t you know that when you piss someone off, you should apologise?


Hey guys, just checking in to say hey and keep it positive. Because of my hubs separation, we are sharing our ps4 so it’s harder for me to play the elusives lately. I do follow the thread though and love the whole concept so I will try to place this next one if I can.

Hope everyone is doing well and @David47 enjoy your break! I took a couple months off of hitman for various reasons and came back to it. Sometimes it’s nice to do that.

much <3 everyone


Doing my run in about an hour.


Awesome! Like you said, good to end on a high note. It would have sucked if you got killed on your “retirement” run lol :wink:


I didn’t play the contract as it didn’t appeal to me and maybe it didn’t appeal to others either. It looked to complicated. I was going to try one but your over complicated objectives put me off it.


Decided to go for a suit-only run. I just hope that investigators are as blind to blood pools as guards are lol


That’s fair enough, @MRGaming. Roleplaying, reading and remembering user-created objectives isn’t for everyone. Some people understandably just want to pick up and play in the little time they have available.

You haven’t played many of the contracts here, or any of mine that I can recall, so I wouldn’t have expected you to play, but usually a contract – any contract – gets at least three players in the amount of time that had been allotted; it was the fact that mine only got two that prompted my decision to take an extended break from the game, a break I’d already been considering.

Excellent job, @justnobody. (Sorry, Silverballer, I tried. :slight_smile: . But at least I went out with my gaming dignity. lol)


Very pleased with how my run went. Have marked the rest as spoilers so that people still taking part don’t accidently read it and get an advantage.
Edit: Turns out I misunderstood one of the objectives and have failed the contract by not leaving all the bodies in the same room :confused:

Started as the cleaner on the top floor of the building, with coins, audio distraction and breech charges in the trolly . Immediately ran to the room with the vacuum cleaner and used it to lure a guard in and get his clothes and weapon (hiding his knocked out body in the bin. Ran to the the keycard protected door and blew it open with a breech charge. Walked in expecting claus to still be in the room but annoyingly he had left. Fortunately one of the guards was standing with his back to me by the door so I shot hit, leaving a gun. Lured the next guard in with an audio distraction and killed him, leaving gun. Went off and found The last target was now standing on the balcony (where you can electrocute him.) Knocked him out, dragged him into the hoover room, shot him and left the last gun on his body. I then changed back into the cleaner outfit, (been caught way too many times in past by enforces in that building and didn’t want to take any chances,) went down and shot the camera box from the door. I then sprinted out of the front door of the consulate and exited the mission. Think I may actually have a chance of winning this competition for once!)


Well done, @Goldgun!

The competition is strong in this contract…


I’m still a newbie to this forum and learning the ropes :slight_smile:


Yeah the investigators don’t care about blood trails, they’ll just take a quick peek into the room and declare it a gun fight, case closed :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s an impressive score! Well done, but I just wan’t to double check, did you leave all three bodies in the same room?
From your description I think you left the security guards in Claus office and Claus in the janitor room on the other side of the office?
If that is the case I’m afraid that you missed a crucial part of the requirements. :confused:


Nah, i figured out this not the kind of playstyle i enjoy. Walking, waiting, stand still, stuff like inverted x/y axis and so on. Not enjoyable for me. And then i lost a win cause of stupid NPC Icons that were turned on. Sorry i´m out.


To be fair, walking and inverted axis was David’s restriction. Most of us tend to keep objectives light, and it’s also not really about winning a round. Stick around a bit.


I completely misunderstood that objective, I thought it meant that they had to be left in the room that they died in. Thats really annoying that I’m failing due to my poor reading skills. Oh well, better luck next time.


@CHAOS_AGENT_45, I’m a writer who sometimes enjoys exploring novel gameplay concepts to try to enhance the roleplaying experience, but, as @justnobody rightly said, my contracts in no way represent this contest as a whole. The majority of contracts are very straightforward, once you’ve learned the basic rules outlined in the original post.

Plus, I’m not going to be taking part for the foreseeable future, so your chances of encountering 2000-word briefings or weird gameplay requirements have been drastically reduced. lol


I’m sorry if the conditions were unclear. I realized after I had created the contract that I only wrote the gun condition in the briefing in game.

I promise I will follow @D1NGdongs good example and write the additional restrictions in the briefing next time!


Don’t worry about it. Looking at it now it is actually pretty clear, I just misread it.