Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Can you write all the restrictions here cuz I wanna do it but I’m a little bit confused



So you can kill the targets with any gun you want, but you have to leave them all in the same room with a non-ICA gun lying next to each target.


I tried the contract but I don’t think this mode is for me. Might play the contract normally though


It’s a little early to change rules, but this is something that’s been on my mind for a while: let’s allow NPC icons. NPC icons are the only way to identify enforcers without testing their viewcone, and forcing us to turn them off is expecting people to have every single enforcer memorized in any disguise context. Just allow them.




Your stuff is awesome, especially your passion for the story telling behind the contract! The whole idea of this thread is also awesome!
I just don´t enjoy the style i have to play to get SA. I enjoy to play a contract until i got the solution that i minded before or test new stuff until it works right. And i use every trick i know to avoid waiting and standing still. I create a bunch of contracts in a month, testing stuff and tricks, figure out routes and NPC behavior. The Process of figuring out a solution even rekky or not is what satisfies me. Playing a contract only one time and then one little mistake and -->domino FX–> Arrrrrgghhhhh!!! F*** Not enjoyable for me.


Lol, it’s barely 24 hours since David announced his retirement :smile:

Jokes aside, I’m not huge fan of playing without NPC-icon per se, I never turn them off other than for these contracts.
But it’s also a real major part in what makes these contracts challenging/special.


Feel the same. Yes I know real elusive targets were one chance but instinct was allowed and npcs icons. Sorry guys but after trying this contract, it’s not enjoyable for me


I personally think it’s enough of a challenge to compete with others for the fastest SA. To me, I see no npc icons as less of a real challenge, and more of an artificial difficulty.


@CHAOS_AGENT_45, @MRGaming, I appreciate you guys getting involved and taking the time to share your opinions, regardless. I’m sure you’ll both be welcomed back if ever you want to play again. :slight_smile:


Does the HWK 21 count as an ICA Gun


I enjoy Hitman but I don’t think this particular thing is for me. Glad you guys enjoy it though.


Yes, any gun that you can bring as part of your starting loadout, or smuggled item, is an ICA gun.


I will play the contract, but not by these rules.
I will make 2 runs :
First run will be with all the crazy objectives, but I will have mini-map on and npc icons, etc.
Second run will be only the contract with no extra restrictions

EDIT: I only did this because I think the no restarting rule isn’t fair, for example: if there was a contract that had a target I don’t know of, but someone else knew of, It would obviously take him less time to finish it,
I will still have fun tho :wink:

@justnobody At the top of the post I said I won’t play by the rules, that obviously means that I won’t be taking part in the competetion


Well if you want to take place in the competition, you should play by the established rules. They haven’t been altered yet.


Well I think you should, it’s fun and the more you play the better you get. If you’re just playing the contracts in here without caring about what thread this is, there’s not much point.


Ok, I will try and post my normal run, but I will still do what I said above
I will still have fun too


Can we use instinct in this one ?


No you won’t be able to


@MrBurn4488 That’s right, you must turn off mini map, npc icons and instinct. While I want to bring NPC icons into play, it hasn’t really been properly discussed yet so at the moment the original rules stand.