Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I accidentally killed myself with a breaching charge, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it from the start :rofl::rofl::joy::joy:


That’s exactly what I will do


For me it’s very situational, it depends mostly on if I can see NPCs clearly or not.
Colorado is very hard for me without icons because many NPCs just stand around and blend in with the environment. Other maps I don’t struggle as much.
The embassy in Marrakesh just contains to many enforcers by design (imho).

But like all changes we have made we could have a vote, or just let the contract maker decide each time :slight_smile:


I think that a vote is good, I’ll make a poll.


Just did it, (Didn’t follow any of the rules but did all the extra objectives) And it took me 8:28, not even gonna try to do it again and record the run, but I will record the run of the contract itself with no extra objectives


I have to disagree. Because with npc icons off, every npc is a potential threat. So turning them off ruins the “purist” concept. This isn’t a speedrun competition.

Players are winning with 30+ minute runs because they take their time, and patience should be rewarded. It’s also what @Chillyschrimp says, it’s what makes THIS competition unique and special. Turning icons on will drastically change how we play and will make runs more about speed than patience as you’ll see the NPCs who can see through your disguise.

Having them off is also part of a strategy of deciding which disguise you are safe in and when.

Edit: also, can you make the poll here so we can see who is voting? Those 3rd party polls can easily be manipulated via vpn.


It’s not about speed running, the game needs npc icons to function properly. With so many npcs, often the only way to judge whether or not you can pass is to test their viewcones from a distance, which imo isn’t very thrilling.


Let’s keep npc icons the way they are.
And a new rule: YOU CANT HAVE MORE THAN 3 RESTRICTIONS. Most of you will probably agree, some contracta are WAY TOO restrictive and they can get less fun sometimes…


Alright that’s two consistent members in favour of keeping them on, that’s enough for me to leave it as is.


Here’s the video, I know I’ve used this song too much on my channel but don’t mind me
I obviously didn’t follow all the rules.
P.S If you don’t know yet I already killed myself accidentally with a breaching charge


So you mean kinda like real life? When you put on a disguise and you enter uncharted territory, you don’t know who will recognize you as fraud and who won’t. That’s the whole concept of PURIEST mode. Turning them on basically negates that and has players run around a lot more ruining the very concept of the mode.


If it were real life, we would be remembered being the only person to leave an area where a person was murdered, or the one who dropped the thing that blew up a car and killed someone. Flow of gameplay is more important to me than a perfect reality simulation, which is why I’m in favour of still keeping the map and instinct off since those allow you to see guards through walls. Balance is key, and I think that keeping npc icons off is more of a headache than it is a good gameplay decision. But it doesn’t matter, I’m in favour of keeping it as is.


I’ve had this discussion numerous times earlier in the thread, so I’ll just say that – as someone who plays exclusively with NPC icons off – the game seems ridiculously easy to me whenever I put them on. It feels like I’m playing in tutorial mode. Like I have Adam Jensen-level situational awareness or something.


Well from the perspective of someone who plays with them on all of the time, turning them off doesn’t make the game much harder it just means that I have to spend more time letting npcs stare at me when I’m not sure if I remembered something right. Like I said, artificial difficulty; the game’s mechanics are already complicated enough to provide it’s given challenge.


I disagree.

But the choice is up to you guys now. Do whatever you feel is best. A vote is usually the answer.

Edit: Oh, you’ve already made a poll above. I didn’t notice, sorry.


The poll’s irrelevant anyway, enough consistent players want it to stay the same that I don’t feel comfortable changing anything. It’s fine as is.


Yeah, I noticed that “NPC icons on” is winning handily, but I’d wager that most of those votes come from people who barely play.

But, eh, that’s democracy. Absolutely flawless. lol


Ah, sorry all. I did play the previous contract…
Though Life got in the way of posting it, and then I just didn’t really bother to post it afterwards… Sorry.

I will play this new contract before Wednesday, and I will post it. It looks fun. You heard it here first folks. (If I don’t do it, you can name a target after me or something. Payback for it, I guess.)
I just think that lately, after my long absence from this game, and having completed quite a lot of it, it just gets hard to come back into and play again, knowing that not much else is waiting for me. No elusive targets dangled in front of my face, no new missions or locations…
This series is fun to play, but again, it is still more of the same. I think I just need to dive in deeper into this whole thing and rekindle my love for this great game.

And to add my two cents… Yes if 2 people play the contract, it should be extended to the next deadline date, and No [as much as I hate it] we should leave the NPC icons off. It adds to the immersion, adds to the suspense, and really makes you think on the fly sometimes instead of pre-planning everything.

And that’s all I’ve got to say.


Did my run. Totally F’d up. I ended up doing a pistol elimination on strandberg. Doh!!


Well I won’t be taking part in the competition as I don’t find the enjoyable. I’m not a speed runner, so that’s not an issue. Trouble is you’re only get the same people playing them which will make it stale when it comes to contract designs.