Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Contract designs are fine, if you don’t want to play you don’t have to.


May I suggest you remove the one shot at contract rule as with all the other rules in place then it’s too hard.


The one-shot in particular is what makes the contest special, sorry but things are fine as is.


Oh man that pistol elimination, I’ve made that same misstake several times :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to @TheChicken’s promised run :wink:


The thing is, I knew I wasn’t supposed to before I started the contract, but I just had a total brain fart.


I failed within the first 30 seconds lol. Well, I got seen and then was on the run from there. Was fun though, will definitely replay for time!


Wait, I’m confused. Why doesn’t a pistol elimination count as a pistol kill?

It’s pure chance that I didn’t do the same thing. I thought about it, but then just decided to lay all the bodies out and kill them in one go for roleplaying reasons.


Done and posted. I followed all the rules and left non-ICA guns next to the targets. [I just forgot to take pictures of them]

I started in the parking garage, with the breaching charge just in case. I knew there was a free keycard behind the big truck, so I took it and slipped upstairs. I got the janitor’s uniform and proceeded to walk to the conference room… without testing any NPC’s detection limits. This was my first mistake. I was immediately spotted by a security guard when walking to the hallway. For some reason, his vision detection didn’t trigger until I was about 3 paces away from him. I hid behind a sofa, until I saw he walked into the same conference room that connected to Standberg’s office. I followed him in. This was where I made my second mistake. I closed the door behind me, and subdued the man, but I forgot to wait one to two seconds after the door had closed to stop any NPC’s vision lock-on. So, I was spotted through a crack in the door and immediately hid the guard’s body (and myself) in the closet. After a few minutes, I got out as I assumed I was no longer being hunted. I grabbed the KO’d guard’s disguise, his gun, and proceeded with the contract.
I distracted the two guards, hid one behind the desk, hid the other in a corner behind the table, and got Strandberg as he entered the room. Left non-ICA guns near all of them, and used the consulate car in the parking lot to escape. Easy peasy.

I was not the best, but I’m excited to see what comes next. I will try to get back into this game ASAP… I keep forgetting how fun these challenges are.


I’m with @David47 on this. I thought that “Pistol” consisted of Headshot Kill and Pistol Elimination Kill. If you just want the “elimination kill” you just need to set it to “Elimination” as the kill method. I remember I used to use the elimination method a lot when given that “Pistol” restriction. Mostly to look cool and increase the challenge. But I don’t ever remember being penalised for it.
Do you know what the option for both methods is called?


A pistol kill is basically like a throwing weapon kill and a pistol elimination is like a melee kill. The difference though it can be confusing if you don’t know. I knew but I forgot.


Thanks for the info., guys. I had no idea.

Probably because it’s totally illogical. Any kill with a pistol should count as a pistol kill. If I accidentally drop my pistol, and a fat-assed mouse sits on the trigger, and the bullet ricochets off a door handle, a lampshade and an ornamental moose before striking the target, I want it to count as a pistol kill. lol

A pistol kill should only count as a melee kill if 47 goes full caveman and starts mashing skulls with the hilt while using the silencer as a grip. Never go full caveman.


That would be an accident. C’mon, man, now you’re being ridiculous.


I’d describe it as “intentionally hyperbolic to make a point in a humorous fashion”. lol

But “ridiculous” is pretty close to the mark, yeah. Easier to say, too.




I’m not sure how it works, I just know that I lost score when using the elimination on more than one occasion due to it so whenever it says pistol kill I make sure not to do the elimination.

Like @D1NGdong wrote the reason for it is probably because it’s like melee, meaning you can’t headshot them from far away which could make it easier depending on what the contract creator intended.


Ya, pistol elimination ACTUALLY says pistol elimination. But a headshot or double body shot, says pistol and that could get confusing for some.


We have had quite a few players this week so the deadline is still tonight at 6 p.m. GMT / 1 p.m. EST

As far as I can tell @justnobody is the current leader and there is not much time left if anyone else want to have a go!


Cafe Homicide
ID 2-03-3434131-23

We’ve got another frame job for you, 47. Our ‘Bohemian’ slept with the client’s wife some time recently, and there are several rude people around the cafe who will serve as the perfect fodder to ruin his life. Wear his outfit for the killings, then leave it and the murder weapon by him. A tip will be called in to complete the frame job.

The Bohemian’s best friend knows that he would never do this, and must be silenced through an unrelated accident. Good hunting.


-kill Jack Please, Federica Basadonne and Orlando Siciliano with a kitchen knife while disguised as the Bohmeian
-leave the Bohmeian outfit and your kitchen knife by the unconscious Bohemian after these three targets have been killed
-kill Robert Avles in an accident


-cannot be wearing the Bohemian outfit when you kill Robert Alves


Just did it SA 168, 167 points! Video Uploading.


PS: The video has commentary and santa related jokes :smiley: