Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Santa-related jokes? In August?! Madness. I’m there! lol


Tagging @D1NGdong since he likes watching the videos, and this one has Santa jokes XD


Thanks. Can’t wait to watch it after my run tm. Wondering what you have as these Santa jokes. lol.


I also can’t wait to play this contract so I can watch your video :smile:


I followed the rules!

Cool contract with a great story :slight_smile:

I feel that I cheated a bit with my obsessive coin luring but I got the job done!

I was a minute slower than @Bending_Cheese67 nice job!


Whats the deadline for this one? I’m a bit confused by what the deadlines are for each of these contracts.


This one ends sunday at 6pm gst. The deadlines are sunday and wednesday each week, with a new contract posted after each deadline.


Going now. :crossed_fingers:


Wow. I did absolutely horrible. Lmao. And I totally forgot about the closer knife. Doh!!
My kills were perfect, and I have no idea wtf happened on my accidnet kill. Maybe too close? :man_shrugging: Video uploading.

I think cuz I kinda rushed it due to knowing other ppls score. Hehe.





Oh boy. A case of Mistaken Identity, Incompetence, and just plain Rushing were the reasons for my failure.

I started in the clock tower, grabbed the Bohemian disguise, a kitchen knife and a stashed rubber duck on my way out. First, I went to find my targets. I located the main 3, saw that Orlando was near the lawyer’s office entrance (he was at a map behind a girl) so I picked the doors open, saw Orlando walk down the adjacent stairs to the bathrooms, and quickly lured him in. He walked in the room, stopped in front of the coin I threw, and I killed him. The problem is, that wasn’t Orlando. That was a random NPC bearing the same model that the real “Orlando” wore. I quickly realised the real Orlando was following his wife down the stairs parallel to the Ice-Cream shop. So, I followed him around until he went to the butcher’s shop, where I lured him into ICA Safehouse building, and killed him. Target Killed. That was the real Orlando.
Next, was my second target: Federica. that’s where everything went wrong. I saw her walking past a locked store, and I knew already that that store had a hiding box in it. I went to pick the lock on the one door, quickly checked to see if the man beside me was looking, and went for it. It turns out, a woman was walking by right behind me where I had failed to check, and was now suspicious. I tried to run around different corners to evade her, but she kept finding me. She unfortunately entered the “Crime Noticed” mode or whatever it is, and proceeded to alert a guard 5 steps away from me of my presence. I knew I was done for, so I quickly seized an opportunity to kill Federica behind a van. Either the chef from the window up above saw me, or someone behind me I’m not sure, but I had to act fast. I ran through the basement of the café, knowing that guards would soon be on my tail. I ran for Jack Please, killing him as well (because I really had nothing left to lose other than my life). And ran to get my suit back. Left the disguise and knife near the Bohemian. So, I grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher (I try not to use this method as an accident, but it was necessary at this point) and ran for the fourth target. Dropped it near him, made sure no one else was approaching him as he walked by, dropped the duck a bit further and detonated. I escaped on the boat.

That was harder than it should have been, and was a good lesson in patience and thoroughness. I need to be extremely careful with these contracts… one mistake and I’m done for.
Sorry for this huge description. I like to make sure I don’t miss anything of my run, given that I don’t post videos.


You’re up, @Bending_Cheese67


I annoyingly just missed out on winning this one. I had a really good time with my strategy of luring people into the cafe with coins working perfectly (I know this part of the map really well as I do a lot of contracts near the ice cream shop.) However when I went to kill the last target with a breaching charge fire extinguisher, I accidentally caught another NPC in the explosion bringing my score down to 160,522. So close…



Assassinate your target.
Destroy the Ether corporation virus.
Knockout Francesca de Santis and hide her in a box/closet.
Steal what’s inside Caruso’s safe.


Woot, fun contract. My video cuts off the first minute or two, where I begin at ICA safe house, grab some shit and run to that window via the fountain path.


Interesting objectives there… This’ll be a fun heist-type contract.



Totally forgot to switch back into my suit. :joy:


I had a pretty good run going until I went for de Santis. I honestly don’t know why but a guard walked in on me after I “hugged” her from behind, I guess he was jealous?

I ended up in a gun fight but managed to survive and finish the contract.
Not a pretty score but at least I did it all in my suit :grin:

Video if anyone is interested:


That was fun. Figuring out how to get to the target through all those guards was tense. I did mostly fine. I was only spotted by someone who stood right next to me as I was running around the mansion. I ran through too many doors.