Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


That’s just the rule I’m going with, if you don’t like it you don’t have to play the contract or can create your own contract with rules you prefer. It’s not like this is the first contract to ever have somewhat arbitrary restrictions.


Well, if you have a phone and the Playstation App, you can simply use said App as a keyboard whenever you need to type something on the PS4. I use it quite a lot for briefings, and it helps a lot.


I made a super sloppy mistake at the very end and got spotted. :unamused:

But I didn’t use any explosions so I guess I got a SA score anyway :wink:

Don’t read this part if you plan on playing the contract:

I started in the safe house since I wan’t sure who the guard was.
I brought my sieger 300 since guessed it would require a sniper rifle given the 30 seconds kill streak limit and due to the fact that the hippie isn’t really near any of the mansion guards.
I took my shot from the mansion roof and I got super stoked after I got the hippie on my first shot when he was coming back from the bathroom (I’m generally not a good sniper in this game). The guard was easy but my escape plan was kind of stupid.
I rushed down and got stuck when the patrolling guard came into the hallway. Lured him with a coin and went through the kitchen.
Thinking that I should try and finish the mission as quickly as possible I went for the main entrance and threw a coin to turn the guards away but I accidentally bumped into one of them and got spotted!
It was a fun contract, I feels like it was a long time since I used the sniper rifle on one of these a contracts!


Thanks, I will do that!


Interesting contract. I played a similar one with similar title but Suit only. Great idea!


Contract ends tomorrow at 6pm gmt, for anyone that still wants to take a go.


I did mine about an hour ago but I deleted all my videos and screenshots and lost everything. I got a decent score but I got spotted. Didn’t get SA and I didn’t use any explosives. Here’s my score and needing the additional 20k for no explosives. 135,443 + 20k = 155,443.

what I did was start in the tower and smuggled a sniper rifle. Considering we needed 30 seconds to kill both targets, I had a strong feeling it would be a sniper kill. And it was. But I had a hard time locating the target. A good 4 mins using the map and still couldn’t find him until I eventually lined up my position and target and just assumed he’d be there. Then I saw him. Sniped, ran to the hippie, shot him in the head, shot the evidence and exited.

Fun contract.


Shadow of Hokkaido
ID 2-10-0286766-23

We have been contracted by a mysterious, shadowy group that wants these three men dead for the crime of “dishonour”.

We are being paid handsomely for abiding by the group’s code, you must wear the ninja attire from the beginning to the end. Good hunting.


must never change out of ninja outfit


Nice. Ninja only contract.


This? This is cool.


I followed all the rules.

It’s a miracle I survived. It was mostly one big game of Hunted --> Not Hunted --> Hunted --> Not Hunted.

Brought my Card Scramblers in case I got stuck behind disguise doors and Lethal Poison in case I needed to cause an accident in the path of another NPC. It all went well, as I took out the Yoga Instructor first. Lured the guard and morgue doctor into my trap, and distracted Yoga-man when he was in the garage. Poisoned him in case other patrolling guards happened to come by as I stashed his body… As I went for Genta through the back of the Spa, I completely forgot that Yuki occasionally patrolled through there to enter the sauna. After I had killed G, and hid his body behind the door, I exited the bathroom only to find Yuki standing right in front of me, with her guard just behind. I unlocked the back door, hid in a bin and waited. This is where everything went wrong. Once I had sneakily arrived at a staircase close to Riki - The guard who doesn’t move… I formulated a plan to catch him. I left my gun, threw a coin, and waited for him to get it. Unfortunately, a closer guard came to get it, and I KO’d him. I hid his body at the bottom of the stairs. On my way back up, the head surgeon saw me through the window as he returned from the helipad. From here, it was a case of hiding in a locker, getting spotted by the same guards when ascending the stairs (some guards, with their omniscient view-cones, saw me two floors up through the middle of the stairwell. After all that was done, I decided to try and get a better angle on him, maybe in the seating section. As I crossed by, Mr. Portman happened to literally walk into me. So, I retreated to the locker again. This repetition of getting spotted by someone who I had no idea was coming happened for maybe 2 more times, and then there’s also some times where (as I hid the KO’d or accidentally dead bodies of retreating guards, guards 2 floors up saw those as well. I came to a point where I figured that this would go on forever, and I had lost my patience. I shot Riki, and escaped at the mountaintop. It was fun, having to escape all the guards and hoping no one saw me enter bins or lockers, but after a while it because tedious, mostly by how their view-cones work and how they spot me as they walk up stairs much higher than me. By getting a tiny glimpse of my shoulder through the gap of the stairs, they see me.
Whatever. I liked it!


Liking the look of this one. Hokkaido is a fantastic map for suit only (or rather ninja only runs.) In the ninja disguise the whole map is hostile, yet there are still fun and satisfying ways to make it to most locations that are not too dependent on just throwing tons of distractibles. It is really nice that it,as one of the smaller maps still manages to be so good.


Yes I’ve always loved Hokkaido for suit-only runs. Between all of the corridors and fire alarms, there’s a quick way to get anywhere in any disguise which I’ve always been a fan of.


I had some serious trouble luring the guard but things really went to shit after I got spotted in the garage.

I made it out but it wasn’t pretty :slight_smile:
Fun contract anyway!


I knew that guard was going to be the tough one, but I know it can be done so I’m curious to see how others do. Peekaboo is your friend for that guy, in the absence of more than one distraction item.


Going now. :crossed_fingers:


Daaaaaammmmmmnnnn. I had SA so easily on this one. Took the guard out first which was quite easy. Fricken Portman and his nurse screw me over. But it’s totally my fault as I forgot to pickup the left behind gun after killing the guard.

Unfortunately I forgot to change my recording time and my vid didn’t record the beginning, which in turn, missed the entire part of getting the guard. I’ll make a vid of how I did it. But totally pisses me off as I knew I had SA for this. Lololol.

I wanted to do this pure ninja (all kitana kills) and I make a simple ninja mistake, leaving evidence behind.

Here’s my score and vid uploading. Will edit in after.

EDIT: here is my vid of the run plus an SA run.


Yeah I did that first to get him to the stairs.
But then we played hide and seek on the stairs for 2 minutes when I was trying to make him go further down to not risk being spotted :slight_smile:


Well, I failed, ripipipip badiboo ripipipip badiboo


I knew what to do with this guard because I got to him with silverballer’s ninja/suit/katana/masamune contract. So this contract wasn’t hard at all. But a major screwup by me.