Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I had a go, but I messed up in a ridiculous way. I’ve been playing a lot of “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided”, so my automatic button-pressing responses have changed.

A guard became aware of me early on, and I tried to go into cover, but instead pressed L1 (which is ‘take cover’ in Deus Ex), and ran directly at the guard in a crouch, like I was trying to pull his pants down. Then my astoundingly brilliant recovery plan was to mash the left directional-pad button to activate 47’s invisibility augmentation.

I probably don’t need to go into detail about what happened next. :smile:

P.S. I’m still taking a break from the game, so, contract creators, please don’t take offense if I don’t play your contracts. I’ll just play the odd one when the mood takes me and, even if I win, I’ll probably defer contract creation to someone else.


Glad to see you back, at least for one round. How have you been liking Deus Ex? I haven’t played it, though I liked Human Revolution.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a great game. The overarching story isn’t as good as Human Revolution’s. It feels like the first part of a larger story instead of a complete experience unto itself, centring mainly around a terrorist bombing. But everything else – the graphics, the gameplay, the atmosphere, the quality of the side quests, the dialogue – is excellent and really sucks you in, if you enjoy that kind of dystopian, cyberpunk world.

BTW, @justnobody, I liked the idea that 47 had to wear ninja attire to follow the client’s organization’s code of honour. That was a very simple but believable explanation for the special condition.


What have you got for us @D1NGdong


Straight up contract. As is.


SA, score 167,836. Video blurred


I’m away from my PS4 for a couple of day, but I hope I will be able to fail this contract before it expires :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice briefing. I’m going to assume the client is a woman who was misused by one or these guys in the past.

Or maybe a family member of a murdered woman who found out what was happening.

Not that it matters. Y’know me, I just like stories. lol


Either/or is fine. By the story, it could be anyone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I liked the contract but I was too impatient with my last kill so I got spotted :confused:

No video this time because I saved the image first and forgot that the PS4 thinks you didn’t want a video if you close the share meny after only saving the image…


I followed all the rules.

Should’ve been 4/5, but I forgot to wipe the surveillance tapes on the way out. I was too focused on slipping back into my suit, to look cool as I left, which bags me precisely zero points. Priorities. :upside_down:


Style is more important than Points! i feel with you!


lol. Thanks. I’ll just add 20,000 style points in my head.


Hey man I love your pseudo retirement runs :wink:


lol. Yeah, I should have called it a two-week break instead.

I intended to uninstall Hitman, making it impossible to play, but I haven’t had to yet because the new game I installed took up far less space than I was expecting. (I thought it’d be a 40GB+ file, but it was under 20GB.)

So for now I’m operating on a “play-contracts-when-the-mood-takes-me” basis. :slight_smile:


I’ll have a contract up in like an hour or two, I just woke up.


Lover’s End

Your target is famed record producer, Dexy Barat. She will be staying at the Himmapan for the next week during the recording of Jordan Cross’ sophomore album and is not expecting an attack.

Our client wants her to be garrotted, and you must dress for the occasion. Passion can turn poisonous far too easily; good hunting, 47.


I’m gonna destroy this one. I already did this exact contract in my 47 unique targets. lol.


Same here, have already done essentially this contract. Could easily mess it up though myself, as I have often fucked up getting into the recording area suit only.


Totally F’d it up. Haha.