Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


You, probably might win this one




Posted run in my first post above.


I followed all the rules.

All replicants “retired”. No human pacifications or casualties.

I even wore my noir-style, Blade Runner coat. :sunglasses:

If you’re wondering what that repetitive clinking sound is during my first kill, it’s a crowbar that I threw as a distraction and which glitched into the environment.


Congrats to me for winning.

No, @David47 , really, it was nothing. Well done, you deserved it!

Thank you. :slight_smile: :cry:

OK, here’s your next mission. I only had half an hour – forty minutes – to make it, so it’s very basic, but I hope you like it.

Special condition:

Switch on the “mission timer” in the options menu before playing. You have 15 minutes to eliminate the helicopter crew by any means necessary and then steal said vehicle. If the timer passes the 15-minute mark, then the helicopter flies away, and you fail automatically.


Are the targets the bodyguards only


Yes. Just the bodyguards – or, in my fiction, the super-badass helicopter crew, who will shoot you out of the sky immediately unless you put them down with extreme prejudice. lol

Your actual objective is stealing the helicopter, but I had to give you people to kill, because the game requires at least one target, and it would have been pretty boring to play, anyway, if all you had to do was run to the helicopter when nobody was looking. :smile:


Wait, so those bodyguards aren’t the ones next to the helicopter


Yes, they’re the ones on the grass near the helicopter. That’s not much of a spoiler. You guys probably guessed that anyway.


Rattleshnake’s run.

Once again, as a regular player here, I’m sure he followed all the rules.


This is my run, and my first Player Made Elusive Contract playthrough/attempt. I’m sure I followed all the rules and as well as the special condition.

I was trying to do it without being spotted but my aim was off. Guess thats what I get doing it at 7am after I’ve been up all night. Still, finished it, pretty quick too (if my aim had been better my score would have been amazing, sadly I am potato :sob: )


Wow, trying to snipe them was very bold. It would have been a brilliant, professional-looking run, and virtually impossible to beat, if it’d worked as planned, like you said. Nice try, and welcome to the competition!


Thanks. I feel like if my aim had been better and I had maybe scored a collateral of the patrollers I definitely coulda gotten out without being spotted. Hopefully I’ll have better luck on the next Paris one


I’m going now. Gonna try to speedrun his since the Targets has been spoiled already. Lol. GL to me. :crossed_fingers:


The turtle beats the hare. :man_facepalming:
Damn phone didn’t do what I wanted and I totally f’d it. lol






Lol, congrats on your win David :smile:
My brother was visiting this weekend so I didn’t spend much time on Hitmanforum.

It’s also nice to see some new blood here! @Vanquisher71

I followed the rules!

I over complicated the shit out of this contract, I messed up my kill setups 4 or 5 times but at least I got SA and I beat rattleshnake by 3 seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

Not much to watch (unless you like to see people mess up) but here is the video:


My submission, with a fiber wire run as a bonus :wink:


It looks like @Chillyschrimp is going to win. Well done!

And well done to everyone who played; I watched all your vids, and I was quite surprised by how different the approaches were considering how straightforward the contract is.