Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Thanks @David47 :slight_smile:

I also have a pretty basic mission, my first from AHBOS (as far as I can remember).

Notice that this is a suit only contract meaning you can’t use any disguises at all.


I just did it, uploading soon :wink:


I followed all the rules.

First mistake: I used the crowbar on the door. I knew it would get the attention of the people inside, but I didn’t think it would send them into alert mode. Second mistake: I was trying to be too cool. I thought I’d distract the waiter, then dart in, push the target off the roof, and then slip away again, unseen. The target wasn’t close enough to the ledge, though, so I had to give him a knuckle supper.

4/5 stars. Not bad. Probably better than I deserved, but I’ll take it. lol

P.S. Oh … whoops. I forgot to show my final kill in the video. I just walked back to his unconscious body and shot him in the head and torso. Nothing spectacular. :blush:


Here’s Rattleshnake’s run. He followed all the rules (and did better than I did).




Going now. :running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man:


So @Bending_Cheese67 where is your video/result? :slightly_smiling_face:

From what has been posted in this thread it looks like rattleshnake is going to win!


Did it. Just in time.


Well that has got to be the closest ebaying ever! :smile:

You are the winner, well done!


How? Cheese has faster time. No? Oh I guess it was a speedrun.

I have one issue in my run. Since you’re the creator, you have to decide if I pass or fail. You said Suit Only. What I did was kill the last guy and since this was a last minute play for me, I was super rushing and that slipped my mind. But there’s a thing to it. I changed out of my suit, was just about to exit via stairs then remembered Suit Only. I went back changed back into my suit and exited. I did not benefit from changing out of my suit in any way. Just a slip up due to being rushed. Video uploading.

Now it’s up to you if it’s a pass or fail.

EDIT: here’s my run. The very first minute didn’t record. Damn PS4 seems to do this when it’s the very first recording after turning on from rest mode. But at least this time all kills were seen.


Cheese never posted his score here so we can’t validate his run.

Since you did change your disguise I will have to disqualify you unfortunately :cry:
But I do appreciate your honesty!

That means that rattleshnake won after all, @David47 can you inform him since you seem to be posting for him :slight_smile:


Okelee dokelee.


Well, I did it SA in less than 4 minutes, If I hadn’t been stupid and forgot, I had won… Stupid me! I’ll still post the video, anyway.
(and yes, it was blind/no restarts)
Edit: But this doesn’t change nothing! rattlesnake won.


I’m sorry, I should have reminded you earlier but I realized to late that the deadline was upon us :neutral_face:


No problem, m8, I didn’t even have a contract anyway :slight_smile:


Well it was more of a “just trying it on since he won’t be needing it anymore cuz I like black suits” (I was wearing my grey summer suit) than anything. Hahahahaha. Video uploaded and posted.


Here’s your new assignment, courtesy of Rattleshnake. And it’s probably the most evil job 47 has had so far in this comp. Um … enjoy! :worried: :smile:

Special condition: You must start in the MAIN SQUARE.

The contract expires on Wednesday at 6 p.m. GMT (1 EST). Everyone is welcome to join in, including new players. Just read the rules outlined in the thread’s original post.


I followed all the rules.

I, er… intentionally caused as much terror as possible. That’s why my score is so low. (I think Diana was the most terrified … by the quality of my performance. lol)


Well technically I didn’t follow the rules because I got spotted, “panicked” and threw the knife at my first target :stuck_out_tongue:
After that I couldn’t care less about melee killing the other targets so it turned into one of those classic downward spiral of shit hitting multiple fans…

At least I didn’t get caught on any cameras :grinning:

Diana when hearing about 47s latest mission:
When one, isn't enough - Imgur


Did this earlier today and boy was it a disaster. Lmao.
Got in, got the disguise, got out. No problem.

Got to my first target and set it up nicely, then I killed her another way. Forgot about the damn knife. Lol.

Went towards the second target and was using my main map to locate him and when I did, this time I’m taking my correct knife out. Nice, perfect spot. Sneak, neck slice. Non-target kill. Lmao!!! I misread the map. Lol.

Second attempt at second target, found him, lured, ran back to safety, but got stuck around a corner, got spotted, rage mode ON. Fuck this, kill em all. Lmao!!!

Here’s the vid if you want to watch this shite!!


With the upcoming update about Contract Mode, it will be easier to make sure everyone follow the rule, I guess.