Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Ya these will get better with this update.


That’s cool.

Could someone please tell me how the update will change/improve things?

P.S. Damn, I’m still winning with two stars?! I haven’t made anything yet. Didn’t think I’d have to. lol


They said, that you could make the player never change disguises or even take a certain exit, but they said there will be 10 in total, so that makes 8 more


– New Contracts Mode features
‘Trending’ helps you find the most popular contracts, making sure you can easily find a new challenge. We’re also adding 10 ‘Conditions’ that will add huge depth to Contracts Mode, such as restricting disguise changes or requiring players to use a specific exit. Anyone who creates a contract will be able to toggle these conditions to set a more defined challenge for their contract.

Kinda like that


Thanks for the quick replies, @MrBurn4488 and @Q.Minh

I believe everyone here follows the special conditions we set anyway (just look at our amazing scores this week for proof, lol), but there’s no doubt that this is a cool feature that we’ll make good use of.


Oh yeah. Agreed.
This update should be fun for this thread.

Unfortunately, I’m kind of busy today, so I won’t be able to play or post my results of this contract today. However, I will for the next one, for Sunday.

You can all be sure that I’ll be participating more when this new content drops, since I’ll be involved with the game a whole lot more. Maybe before then.


Going to try it real quick now…


AHHHHHH GD this one lol


ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHH I accidentally pushed a non target at the end, otherwise I think I would have had it, not SA but the win. Good job David! (if you don’t get ebayed)


Sorry, I’ve been busy all day, and, as I said before, I did not expect to win.

I’m just going to have something to eat, then I’ll try to post something within the next hour or so. :slight_smile:


Your new assignment. Apologies if it’s maddening, I didn’t have much time at all to play-test.

Special Conditions:

  • You cannot hurt or subdue anyone except for the target. If you do, you fail automatically. Leaving bodies lying around would make police question the suicide’s authenticity.

  • You must recreate Margot Durant’s suicide perfectly, by completing the following steps (in any order):

  1. Leave Jackie Carrington’s dead body in the bathroom of Room 206.

  2. Turn on all of the sink taps in the bathroom.

  3. Place a poison vial on the bathroom counter, next to the sinks. (Unfortunately, the ICA doesn’t have the exact type of poison that Margot used, but intel. suggests that a suitable poison vial can be found in Room 104.)

P.S. Remember that Jackie Carrington likes to wander all over the hotel, so if you miss your first chance to subdue her, you might be waiting a while for her to return. And consider your loadout and starting location carefully. The only uniforms available to you are the ones you can find lying on the floor, given that you can’t subdue NPCs.


You mean the sinks? 20202020
And what do you mean with bathroom counter?


Yes, I mean the sink taps. I’ll clarify that above. :slight_smile:

And by “bathroom counter”, I just mean anywhere near the sinks. That’s where Margot took her life, in front of the bathroom mirror.


who is margot ? 2pok


She’s an actress who committed suicide. The client wants it to appear as though Jackie Carrington killed herself in the same way, giving the impression that Room 206, and the hotel itself, are cursed – because a cursed hotel doesn’t attract many customers. lol

It’s in the briefing, but it might be a bit hard to read here.


Is that you david
15 PM


lol. Where did you get that baby picture of me? Do you work for the ICA, MrBurn?!!




I just noticed that Jackie’s room is 207 and not 206 Do I still have to hide her on room 206?


Yes, 206 is the room where the original suicide occurred. It’s unoccupied because people are still reluctant to rent it.


Then I failed, LOL. I thought you had made a mistake in the writing or something, too bad, since I got SA :frowning: