Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


lol. No, no mistake. I wanted people to have to read the room numbers for themselves.

Getting Jackie into Room 206 is a big part of the challenge.

Sorry about your run.


05 PM


Here’s Rattleshnake’s run. He followed all the rules.

Excellent job, Rattleshnake. Well done!


Got spotted, went into combat, died. :smile:


I followed the rules!

I’m not very pleased with my run however, I spent a long, long, long time trying to find a way to get to room 104 without having to knock someone out.
Then I got spotted when I tried to take out the evidence and got shot at while gunning for room 206 to leave the poison as instructed.
When I tried to get out a lot of the guards were in combat mode so I had to run detours to get to the exit.
I was fun though,but I wish I had planned it a bit more carefully :slight_smile:


The story kinda doesn’t make sense. If you say the ICA Poison (vial) isn’t good enough, then what good is the lethal syringe? When an autopsy is performed, they won’t find the ICA poison in her system because it is tasteless/TRACELESS. So it won’t match the bottle of poison that was left there if that’s what you’re going for.

Can I get a little more backstory plz? :smiling_imp::smile:


Oh, I don’t know. It’s a plot hole. Call Cinema Sins. I tried my best in the time I had available. lol

I blame all of you for failing to beat my two-star score! I wasn’t prepared. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. The truth is I realized just before posting that 47 had his own poison, but allowing 47 to use that poison would have ruined part of the contract, so I thought up a quick (and, apparently, flawed) workaround.

Given more time, I could have made the narrative make perfect sense, but my post was already overdue, and I didn’t think people would appreciate waiting another couple of hours due to minor story issues. lol


Great job. You did really well considering your run didn’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped.


gonna go live on twitch in 5

Knocked out someone, so I failed


Rattleshake’s been on great form lately. Looks like he’s the favourite again. I guess not being involved in the forum himself helps him focus fully on his assassin work. lol


Congrats on your victory, Rattleshnake!

And here is our next contract:

Special conditions:

  1. You must start in Tobias Rieper’s suite.

  2. No loadout is allowed, but you can smuggle in an item.

This contract expires on Wednesday at 6 p.m. GMT (1 EST). And, as usual, everyone is welcome to play.


literally, nothing ?


I would assume that “no loadout” means nothing at all, yes. Empty all of your loadout slots, except for the smuggled item slot.


I followed all the rules.

Fun contract. I SA’d it, but in 14 minutes, so beatable.

P.S. Rattleshnake tells me that he’ll be back on Wednesday.


I thought he said he’s not coming back anymore.


That’s never been the case, as far as I’m aware. He always intended to come back when he was able.

I don’t know what’s been said in other threads.


Ya he said that in another thread. Lol.
But I was only kidding. Can’t wait for the bastard to return.


lol. Oh. I’m sure he got the joke, even though I didn’t.


Oh ya, I forgot to mention, I won’t be playing any hitman until the new content comes out. Playing ac:o at the moment and want to focus on that for now.

I’ll be back to these then when contracts get that revamp. Should be fun with them then.


OK, no problem. Assassin’s Creed looks really good.

Does anyone know when the Contracts Mode update is supposed to happen?