Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Nov 7.


looks good will stream today


got a body found, 133k


I followed the rules!

I took to long to aim a throw so the target turned around and spotted a body behind me.

Nice work @David47 seems like your going to have to create yet another contract :wink:


God damn it. Why must I be so good at this game?! lol


So this is my first time playing HITMAN in a while & I’m a little rusty.
Fortunately the scissors I used to do this weren’t so rusty. :wink:

As you can imagine I got zero score but still managed to avoid finishing bottom strangely :slight_smile:


:smile: Looks like Diana messed up and sent John Rambo instead of 47.


Here’s your next contract, guys.


And amazingly, for me, there are no special conditions!

Tip: Read the briefing, because it might give you a clue as to which items to brings.

P.S. Welcome back, @rattleshnake!

P.P.S. Oh … there is one “special condition”, but it’s hardly worth mentioning, because it’s not likely to happen. Jordan Cross is the client, so if he dies, you fail automatically.

This contract expires on Sunday at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST). As always, everyone is welcome to play. Just read the rules in the original post of this thread if you’re new. :slight_smile:

(I know we don’t get many new players, and probably won’t until Season 2 arrives, but it’s always worth letting people know that they’re welcome, IMO.)


I followed the rules

Took forever, so it’s beatable. Capture cut off the first five minutes or so.


lol. I’ve never seen an npc not drink…and it happened twice. Lmao. And why didn’t you do the fe on the 2nd target in the first place? You had BCs and there was an FE right in the room. What hap?


I try to avoid FE kills except when they become necessary, so I was aiming to drown him upstairs. And yeah I’m glad that he finally drank at all lol


I like the story of this one. I enjoy the contacts that have plot more than the kill these random people just because ones. I like that it ties into the main missions too.
Shall try this one later & try not to go all Rambo :wink:

Can you update me on the schedule of these as I’m out of the loop? :slight_smile:


Sure. We have two contracts a week, with deadlines on Wednesday and Sunday, still at 6 p.m. UK time.


I’m sorry the guy didn’t drink sooner. He drank constantly in my test runs. You can never fully trust the AI. That’s why I’ve been reluctant to make poison contracts in the past.

Well done, though, you’ve maintained your excellent run of form.


I followed the rules and I was pretty fast (4:16) but I only got 96,685

I can’t post a picture because my USB-memory stick seems to be broken.

I got a non-target kill (FE, my bad) and somehow a body found, I don’t know if bodys of non-targets counts as body found even if they are accident kills?

I also got spotted by one of the guards by the stairs that talks to Dexy. I cant really understand that one because I was in a recording crew disguise.

Anyway, a pretty straight forward and fun contract nonetheless! :slight_smile:


Given that we will get new content on tuesday may I sugest that we either extend the next contract sunday-sunday or even to the following wednesday?


The new update should make these Player-Made Eluisve Contracts quite more entertaining to play. And I’m certain it’ll be useful to tell if they followed the rules. Looking forward to the runs soon!! :sunglasses:


I’m going to be busy for a lot of today, @Chillyschrimp think you can put something together?


Does that mean you’ll join?


Probably, yes. :smiley: