Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Should we maybe delay this next contract until Tuesday? That way everyone is on a level playing field and no one who played on Monday would miss out on any extra items from the GOTY Ed.


I say make one when you can and it should be extended to Sunday the 12th since the new content is coming out on Tuesday.


Yeah sounds good, I’ll have one up tonight.


New contract, Hard Feelings

I suggest bringing an emetic syringe.


Sorry for my late reply, I’ve been away and didn’t see your post until now.


I followed the rules.

Damn. Thought I did it perfectly, but I failed to notice the “suit only” special condition.

Tip: Don’t be like this guy, @David47 – use your eyes. :nerd: lol


Did exactly the same thing & got a similar score. Took around 3 mins :slight_smile:


I just played again for fun, abiding by the suit-only requirement. I actually pulled off the assassination (i.e. the hard part) flawlessly, having entered the mansion via the underground lab, but I stupidly rushed my escape, got spotted in a hall, and went on a kung-fu rampage. So that’s my official “unofficial” result. lol


If the disguise complication was added, you would have failed immediately. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice run. But did you play it before with the rules? If so, how did you do? If not, why not?


Shoot I must have missed the original rule thread… can u fill me in? @immadummee47


The very first post. All the rules are there.


Oops! First time on this thread and I totally missed the entire concept :man_facepalming: I just removed the vid, but I’ll definitely try some of these in the future… looks like fun :grinning:


You can keep the vid as we also do a speedrun if the player wants to afterwards.


Yeah, like immadummee said, you don’t have to take down your video. It’s cool that you got involved. You just have to follow the rules to win. And, even though it can be annoying if you mess up (which we’ve all done, multiple times), it’s also much more fun to follow the rules! They’re what make this thread special. :slight_smile:


It turns out this contract is at the top of the ps4 trending tab, more people have played this contract than any other one that I have made. :stuck_out_tongue: 34 and counting.


I actually noticed that earlier. Well done. Now I have to play again so I’m not at the bottom of the list forever. lol


lol there are many, many people below you :stuck_out_tongue: 23, at this point in time.


Oh? You can see how many people have played these contracts?

Edit: No, wait. You just checked the leaderboards, didn’t you?.


Yeah, I’m just looking at total players.