Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Bump, next contract is up on sunday.


I followed the rules!

This went surprisingly well! :smiley:

First I thought it was the woman cleaning the room on the first floor so I thought that it was going to be really easy. I made a daring run to the second floor and almost got spotted when I stabbed her with the syringe. I had some trouble getting out of the mansion but I got a pretty decent time in my opinion.

I saved a video if anyone is interested:


Aweome job Chilly, you’re up.


Thanks @rattleshnake !

Agents get ready for your next assignment!

I tried to make something interesting and also add some of the new restrictions, but nothing crazy…

Love is (briefly) in the air
ID: 2-03-5613615-61

Silvio Caruso is heartbroken, he has found out that the love of his life is cheating on him.
He has tried his best to focus on his work to distract himself from all of the emotional stress.
But a man can only take so much until he falls into the abyss of jealousy and anger…
Caruso has contacted the ICA since he want revenge!
He has requested that we make it look like an accident, the two lovebirds commiting suicide together.
Caruso will probably never play golf again after finding out what Roberto has been doing behind his back…

Additional conditions:

  • Both targets must be pushed/dumped from the same place to make it look like a mutual suicide decision.
  • You must play the VHS tape in the observatory, the song on the tape is Robertos favorite and he usually listens to it when he feel sad.
  • If you are spotted doing something illegal you will Loose the objectives score.
  • You can’t be caught on security cameras, if you get spotted by a camera you have to delete the evidence.

Let me know if anything is unclear and I will try and explain in more detail :slight_smile:

Edit: I missunderstood the ”dont get spotted” restriction as @TheChicken pointed out, so I edited that bullet.


Actually this part is false. Your complication there is optional, so it doesn’t make a hard fail once you’re spotted. You just don’t get the “Objectives complete” points or something. The contract will continue, but you’ll have failed that objective.


Oh I see, I’ve honestly never played with the new restrictions :relaxed:
I guess that means that you’ll loose the 20K objective score if you get spotted then?


Nice-looking contract; I like the story. De Santis is a sexy lady. I feel for Caruso, getting beaten by Super Golf Stud Vargas. Money’s not everything, I guess. lol

And I, for one, am glad you misunderstood the special restriction because now it’s a little easier than you intended. Yay. No instal-fail. :smiley:


You say that because you didn’t see her nose :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well thanks, it’s the first contract I’ve created that has some sort of ”realistic” backstory, usually I just go for the goofy stuff I find funny :grin:

Buuut either it was to subtle or poorly written but the love of his life is not the ”obvious” one :wink:


I followed the rules

RPd it, even got use from the sedative vial when incapacitating Francesca. But alas, I was spotted by Rocco’s sister while exiting. Perfect suicide setup, no ko’s, no evidence at all except for the strange man seen leaving the premises.


lol. That’s even better. Your story has unexpected layers.

It was well written. I guess I just assumed you were talking about De Santis (I mustn’t have read that end bit properly). Assumptions are dangerous in the assassination business. Bad 47.


Is anyone else having problems posting messages?

Once I include a picture or a video file, I can’t scroll down and click “reply” (the green button). So, essentially, I can’t post my results or one of my runs.

Gonna restart my computer and try again.

Edit: No, still didn’t work. Any time I include a picture, I can’t get to the “reply” button. Weird.



lol. That was a test. It’s a cool picture, though, isn’t it? (Glad I didn’t use one of my, um … other pictures. Might have been an instant ban.)

I still can’t get to the “reply” button, but I found it blindly by pressing “tab” and hoping. Definitely not very practical, but better than nothing, I suppose.


I followed the rules.

OK, so … results. Marvel at my greatness!

I really enjoyed this contract. I was having a great time until things went south.

That score doesn’t tell the true story of my run. At all. It went perfectly and professionally for 23 of those 24 minutes. Then I forgot that De Santis’s bodyguards come looking for her if she doesn’t return from Roberto’s room. I therefore took my sweet time moving her unconscious body, and this was my mental – if not my audible – reaction, once spotted and dragged into an unexpected firefight. lol

My score is actually so bad because I was into it and continued to roleplay. I didn’t think it would be realistic to keep trying to sell the suicide after a gunfight, so I aborted, i.e. I shot the targets in the head, and fought my way to an exit, killing witnesses along the way.


Well done! To bad you got spotted, I’ve been spotted by her (several times) on different contracts as well :slight_smile:

Nice try @David47 lol
At least the lovebirds are dead (and half of the mansions body guards by the looks of it) :smile:


I haven’t played any hitman since I got AC:O (until the forger et comes this coming Friday) but I think I’ll give this one a shot sometime on Monday. But a quick Q. You say push or dump. By dumping, you need to KO so wouldn’t that go against the contract restrictions and not give you SA or does it not count against a target?


There is no such restriction. You can KO anyone you want to, both targets and non-targets. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, my bad. I thought I read no pacification.


I Followed the Rules
First time doing this, very fun and interesting without the enforcer icons etc.

Flawless right up until I dragged De Santis’ unconscious body into a hallway, froze realising I went wrong way and turned back…into a guard. The guard got shot so as to cover the suicide cover story (no witness to claim otherwise).

The Happy Couple in each others arms below