Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Ok. This was my first try. And obviuosly i sucked!:laughing:

Sorry for the crappy quality of the screenshot. I don’t have an usb device compatible with my ps4 for now.

Everything gone fine. Until i get recorded from camera and then messed around with a couple of guards.
I followed all the rules. I decided to dump the two targets from the balcony above the projector room. I also played the vhs. I guess Silvio would found both there soon.:joy:

First time i play a contract without restart, and in fact it showed all my flaws. But it was still funny.


Done, I followed all the rules. :slight_smile: It was so intense and funny. I screwed the bonus of bodies just at the end damn.


It’s nice to see new players. :slight_smile:

And don’t worry about bad scores. This competition is about realism, fun and sportsmanship, not perfection.

(Although my latest score was a perfect “0”, which I’m quite proud of. lol)


Being new to this forum, I’m just overwhelmed with the amount of creative contracts that are posted on this thread. I LOVE IT! I ain’t the best player. I just love contracts no matter how weird and hard. Weirdly enough, I feel at home in this thread as a Hitman player. :smile:


Had a great plan. Worked out perfectly. Screwed up and got spotted on the way to the tape machine.


I’m surprised about the noise range of the Napoleon, now i see why many players still use it. I should decide to unlock it (even if for now i’m scared about playing Pro mode!).

Good run. And don’t worry, me too didn’t remember were was the projector! (Maybe i used it only once, for the challenge).


I knew where the tape was but I don’t think I’ve ever used the tape machine, actually. That’s why I was so lost looking for it. lol


I followed all the rules!
It took 21:30 & I got a score of 63,515 with 3 hitman symbols.
So I was so close to silent assassin but like a fool I decided to rush through the study area to get out. Right when Caruso & his goons were in. D’oh!
That cost me the 1 objective.
I then had the bodies found as they were just outside the side door having fallen from the roof. Of course they were accident kills so that wasn’t a problem.

So something interesting, I dropped the targets from different levels of platforms in the same place & they both fell all the way to the ground so would that count?? It did look like they’d committed suicide together? :slight_smile:


The Questionable suicide??

Does this count? :slight_smile:


Yep, it does.


Excellent :slight_smile:


I agree with @David47 it’s fun to see some new people in this thread! :smiley:
I can’t remember last time we had this many players join in on a specific contract.

Well done @BK2FUT @Loner @immadummee47 @xstraightedgedavex & especially @SquillyV , looks like your on top right now :slight_smile:


@Chillyschrimp thank you. I’m looking forward for the next challenge!


@Chillyschrimp yes this challenge is very fun so i’m Glad to participate.


Wow, lots of new people!
[I know I’ve said this before and not lived up to my word but…] I’ll try and get this contract done. It’s easier now because I’m back into the swing of things of Hitman. Making my way through GOTY content, trying to unlock whatever rewards I haven’t done in Pro mode, and a challenge pack or two I missed.

Previously, I was at a time where I was busy with school. Then I recently got MGS V, which I’ve been really loving. This new content drop is surely going to get me back in this competition.


I just realized that I forgot to write about the deadline. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I suggested the extention of the deadline on the previous contract due to Patient Zero being released.
I did however expect to go back to our regular sunday-wednesday-sunday schedule.

Are there any other opinions? If not the deadline stands as usual at 6 pm GMT / 1 pm EST today, ie in just about one hour!

Tagging some of the regulars:
@David47 @immadummee47 @rattleshnake


Yeah with all the new players and some time passed since goty, I think going back to standard deadlines is good.


I have no objections to the deadline being today, as planned.

I doubt anyone else will play before 6 o’clock, so @SquillyV, it looks like you’re going to win. Well done! :grinning:

As winner, it will be up to you provide our next contract as soon as is convenient for you, after the deadline.


Congratulations and well done @SquillyV ! :smiley:

Like David said, you are the next contract creator.
Just create a contract, or use one you have created previously that hasn’t been played by a lot of players, and post it here. The deadline for the next contract will be this Sunday (19th) at 6 pm GMT / 1 pm EST


Waits patiently:wink: