Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Looks like I won. Here’s the next contract.
Something easy. Only complication, no bodies found. It’s an instant fail.


I don’t have much time for Hitman at the moment, work is a bit crazy. Looking forward to it all dying down a bit over christmas so I can play some more.


Congrat! Sorry I’ve been away tonight so I couldn’t ”award” you the win :grinning:

@Goldgun @TheChicken no worries, like David wrote, it’s always fun when a lot of people play (to keep the competition up) but no one should feel ”pressured” to play :slightly_smiling_face:


I followed the rules.

Failed. Very brief highlights below. :smile:


Today in Marrakesh, things get screwy.


Great job. Excellent cell-phone-fu to lure the target.

(Replays video and takes notes furiously. Must learn that trick. My coin trick is so 2016.)


Thanks, like the coin trick it works with any item that npcs will try and pick up (ducks, coins, napoleon, etc).

Just watched your video. I hate Marrakesh shopkeepers.


Bump, next contract is up tomorrow at 1pm est


I’ll most likely not be able to play this contract before the deadline. :frowning:


I don’t know if i 'm still on time, but here’s my result:

Wasted lot of time to lure Hussein in the safe spot. I guess I need to learn the coin trick better.

I get an average score, but at last i get the job at first try.


This time I can’t play the contract so i’ll Wait for the next one


That’s a great score! A perfect score, in fact. And you got a good time. :slight_smile:

You would have won, normally, but @rattleshnake was like 47 crossed with The Flash. lol

(No idea why I chose that picture. The eating is not relevant.)


Well considering I just finished breakfast, I’d say it wound up being relevant. :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s the next assignment. Take note of the restrictions, they are all insta-fails.

Sunset Suicide
ID 2-04-3354743-23

Silvestro talks too much, he’s got to go. It must appear as a perfect accident, our client doesn’t want a homicide investigation taking place.

Good hunting.


First Try = I followed the rules. :slight_smile:
This was a good one! The No Pacifications made it more intense in a way. :wink: Luckily, the bohemian was out on the window when I arrived to his place. Then from there I deleted the evidence and slided down the pipe to get away from the guard. Then ran to the exit. Mission Accomplished. :+1: Also, FE of Mass Destruction :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems simple enough. Now that I say that, I’ll probably fail somehow, but I’ll give it a try when I have the time this round.


I followed the rules.

Things are just not going my way in these contracts lately.

I killed the target silently, but then I just couldn’t find a safe way back out of the building. I also made the ingenious decision not to bring a gun with me, so that I wouldn’t be tempted to use it and violate the special restrictions, only to realize mid-mission that a gun would have been useful to pull guards out of position. :roll_eyes: lol

In the end I got spotted after climbing up the clock to the top of the tower. My ignorance of the map let me down. I didn’t know there’d be a guard waiting there, and he escorted me out, past the security camera. Score: destroyed.


i had some problems for luring guards and I did not remember the map exactly so there is it.


Pretty easy. Fortunaly i played landslide contracts recently, so i know pretty well this part of the map.:grinning:

I could manage a better time, but i satisfied at well.


If anyone want to make some laughs here is my run :joy:


I followed the rules except for the optional complication about not getting spotted :smile:

Everything went well until I tried to delete the evidence… I totally forgot that there is a guard in that room on Landslide…