Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Good run. You still managed to contain the situation even on the pressure of the situation. You are definetly more cold-blooded than me!:grinning:

Did you used share factory for making that video?


Nice elusive moves! :smile::+1:t2:


I used the share button of the ps controller and then directly from there I have uploaded to YouTube, anyway I was fucking up the situation in some moments :joy:


Thank you but I was doing a little mess in certain moments :yum:


Come on. You managed the situation very well.
Btw, there is a open window in the hall next to the main office (the one where Abiatti meets the lawyer), that, after you scaled a couple of walls, will lead you under the boheniam window ,and if you’re fast enough, you’ll find him just placed there for a smoke: at this point you can easily perform a fall kill while you’re still hanged there. You need to lure first a guard placed directly in that window (i throwed a breaching charge, in this way he’ll leave, granting you an easy escape with the same route).
I need to learn to use the sharing system of the ps4.:grin:


Going now. I have a set plan in my head. Hopefully it works. That top score is unreal. So I hope my plan works to be faster. But I doubt it. It has to go perfect, and we all know how that usually turns out. lol.


Trust me, is a piece of cake. I guess you’ll beat my score.



Well I got screwed over by the civilian call guard bug.
Here’s what happened on my run and where it happened.

If you don’t understand what it is, this video will explain what happened.

And so I restarted and did my plan. I got 3:02. Of course with a restart it doesn’t count, but my plan could have potentially taken the lead. :-1:


I really hate these random npc behaviours, it really get frustating. It appened to me the same time ago.
But i would like to See your run, as you managed to complete the contract with 2 second lesser than me.:wink:


I actually did a speedrun of it knowing what I can do and got around 2:45.

Do you want to see the speedrun or what my plan run was suppose to be?


Sure. :slight_smile:

And, for the newer players, the reason some of us always write “I followed the rules” in bold letters is to clearly distinguish official competition runs from other kinds of runs … like speed runs … in case you were wondering.

This seemed like an appropriate time to mention it.


I saw in your footage you were trying something inusual and interesting, so i’m curious about your plan.

But i’m also curious about the speedrun. Could you upload both videos?


Just finished them. Uploading now.


Here is what my plan consisted of. It ended up being a bit quicker because my timing was a bit better. But in my first blind run, it could have had the potential to challenge top score.

As for the speedrun, I didn’t know that the target is not an enforcer when you enter his apt on landslide as opposed to World Of Tomorrow, where he is. So that got my speedrun time a bit lower to 2:30. Could be a bit faster too if I had exited the window out the correct side.


Very good. I really liked the speedrun, Well played. You deserve the leaderboard, and in my opinion you winned this challenge.:smiley:


I didn’t win anything. Whomever has 3:04 has the current leading time as my time is disqualified for restarting.


With 25 minutes left, @Loner is looking like the winner. Looking forward to your contract.


Thank You. I don’t have time now, but i’ll make one as soon as i can. More sure about tomorrow.



Sorry. I’ll give to all of you a new contract on the next hours.
Unfortunaly i didn’t haved free time these last days.:frowning_face:

Stay tuned.