Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Don’t worry about @immadummee47, Loner. He’s only joking. (I think. :smile:)

Post whenever you’re ready. And if you haven’t got time to make one, just say so. Someone else will cook something up. We understand that life comes first.

P.S. I like your festive avatar, Immadummee47. Just noticed it.


Ya, I had some rotten eggnog. Lol


the pure Imagination of drinking that makes me gagging.


Ok. Sorry for the long delay. Here’s my contract id.

Id: 2-05-3603111-69
Location: The Icon.

Can’t take screenshot for now, you’ll find all the complication related to the contract in the briefing.

Only exit available: Bosco’s car.

Is a simple contract, nothing amazing: actually a lone target with time limit. I don’t have many practise on making interesting contract, but at last this should be not so hard for the majority of the players.

Good hunt. Have fun!


Guard caught me throwing a BC, then it turned a little crazy and almost every optional objective went out the window.

That exit really threw me for a loop, almost didn’t complete the mission in time. The run to the car, complete with about seven or eight guards firing on me, was exhilarating.


Well, i hope the required exit doesn’t get too much frustating. I though that collecting the car’s key could add a little challenge. :wink:


So first run…

Tried a few more times and then this happened… blind AI is blind.


I thought it was cool, I cut it really close booking ass to the exit.


Wait, there’s a 4-minute time limit? My 47 can’t put his pants on in under 3 minutes. I’m screwed. lol

P.S. Welcome to the thread, @DDUk.


Just try it. :wink:
I hope this complication doesn’t scourage you.


No, it’s fine. I’ll give it a go, as always. Just jokin’. :yum:


I’m not even gonna bother writing that I followed the rules since I failed almost all of the restrictions :stuck_out_tongue:

The contract was cool @Loner , I think the time limit restriction could be useful in our elusive contracts. It puts a bit more stress on the player. Even though I know you don’t like it @David47 :smile:


Glad you liked it, but i guess the time limit was maybe too short. Maybe i could extend it a bit more longer.


I followed the rules (obviously; if I didn’t, I’m one rubbish cheater). lol

So, you see, putting my pants on took 3 minutes, but I had to fasten my tie as neatly as possible, and that took 2 minutes. 3 + 2 is 5, so I failed this contract 1 minute before it began.

That is maths! (Or “math”, depending on which part of the world you come from.)

I actually got spotted by the security camera in the stairwell that I knew full-well was there, but somehow failed to avoid. Failing one optional condition meant I’d failed all of them, right? So I thought I might as well break the other rules and get a fast time. But I soon discovered that changing outfits wasn’t optional. It was an insta-fail.

And that is what happens when I try to go fast. :sunglasses:

P.S. Loner, I liked your briefing. It was pretty dark!


Nah it was totally fine.
Like rattleshnake I forgot about the forced exit, I was all the way over by the ”regular” exit when I realised it.
So I would probably have made it if I bothered to check :blush:
Not that it would have mattered since I had already failed some of the other restrictions


Well, i’m glad that all of you have fun with it. For me that’s enough.:smile:


One thing that I love about this thread is that it’s often full of fails. Other threads are about amazing style and perfection, but here we’re about keeping it real. lol


Wait, did i put the suit only restriction as “forced”?:open_mouth:
i though i put all the complication as optional, apart for the required exit: i’m sorry, it was supposed to be facoltative, i guess I didn’t checked well.

Btw, @David47 thank you about the briefing, even if i followed the same cliché about snuff movies!
Sorry that you failed: i wanted to make a contract that at last wasn’t so much restrictive. :persevere:


It’s totally fine. Whether you meant to include an insta-fail or not, I should have read the rules properly. I shouldn’t have assumed all the restrictions were the same.

It’s on me.


4 minutes timer? Hmm. Should be interesting. Going now.

Edit: Here are my results.

Edit Edit: here are my runs.

Official Run:
Idea didn’t work as I thought it would. Wasted a lot of time.

SA/SO/ICA Phone w/Kill Cam