Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Great runs.
I guess my fault was to set the time limit so low, especially on an elusive contract where players get only one chance to kill the target. If i could back to recreate it, I would set it more high or disable it for good.

Nice phone kill, i’m glad i didn’t set “hide all bodies” and no kill restriction for this target: even if he’s doesn’t move so much every players can still kill him as they wish. Not sure, but I guess maybe a sniper kill is also duable.


My wonderful score is

anyway fun contract @Loner I will sure retry for a better score. In this try I had a plan in mind that then with the time limit is messed up and I changed completely the action later I will upload the video :joy:


Yep, that time limit was definetly a crappy choise, like some tedious escalations. All you guys must forgive me to put that!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess I couldn’t manage this contract by myself!


People are getting 1/5 and 0/5 scores and I still managed to come last. Sometimes I amaze myself. lol

@Loner, there’s nothing to forgive. We had fun. That’s what matters. And next time you get to make a contract you can do things differently if you like.


@David47 thank you for your kind words. At last what i really care is that we all get fun with the game!


Well out of all of our miserable performances, you came out on top. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha. Ok. I’ll get one now. Gimme 20-30mins.


I’m gonna make a role-play style contract. I hope you guys like it. 1hr tops, it’s ready.


Idea didn’t work out like I thought. I’ll need more time to make that contract. I think it will be fun.

So here’s an older one I’ve made before.


Neat and nice contract. Don’t read ahead if you haven’t tried the contract. Read at your own risk. :wink: I felt this was pretty easy to do first try and follow the rules. One of the targets, luckily stands near a gas lamp and another is pretty isolated to explode. Anyways, there’s my score. :smiley:


Good job.
I tryed. I get killed. :persevere:

I found a way to draw tyler, but i screw everything with the other one. And get killed miserably!

I’m out of competition. Best luck to all the other players!


Well done, SpeedsterRunner217!

Did you follow all the rules?

I’m just checking because you’re a new player and you got a very fast time. Gotta keep things fair.

P.S. If you had written “I followed the rules” at the top, I wouldn’t have asked


I did. In my opinion, it was a quite simple assignment to accomplish. I waited a while and things turned out good at the end. :slight_smile: Thanks!


Great job, then. I think your score is better than all scores combined from the last round. lol


No video? :sob::sob::sob:


Sorry, man. :slightly_frowning_face: I didn’t think about making videos about these.




I got spotted by the first target so I had to shot him in the face, like any professional assassin would have done. Someone saw that and I had to spend some time waiting on everything to cool down.

It was nice to have a break from contracts with a lot restrictions (no offence to anyone, those are fun as well!) unfortunately I didn’t make the most of the opportunity :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad to See you buddies get the job done. I was killed like a noob!!:joy: