Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Okay, I’ve had exams and papers to complete in the past week, so I was busy (yes, I said I’d play the last round but… yeah.) I’m done now. Time to get back into the swing of things, and fibre-wire my brain back into the Hitman mode. Hopefully it all works out.


I followed the rules.

I did well, and got a quick time by my standards. The non-target kill was a little unlucky, IMO. So I feel as though I’ve redeemed myself for recent screw-ups. lol


So @SpeedsterRunner217, looks like you’ve won. You can post your new contract for us as soon as you can. But not too long, otherwise I’ll have to .gif wait you. :rofl:


All right, here’s your next assignment agents!

Good luck with it! The 2 complications that are added are both insta-fails. So, be careful. :sunglasses:


It’s done!!! This was a pretty cool contract!!!

I will upload my run soon.
PS: I’m back to the competition!!!
Edit: Video comes tomorrow!!


Weird that I lost noticed kills and bodies found, didn’t seem like it during the mission. Oh well fun contract, good targets.


I followed the rules.

I wore the cook’s outfit, just to be different, and it didn’t turn out to be the best decision. I got spotted a couple of times and spent a minute or two hiding in boxes. But a respectable result in the end.

Here are my kills:


I blew it!! Perfect plan but ended up screwing it up with getting a side kill which ended up having there hear it rather than a silent kill from behind.

Easy contract and fun. And would have had first place with my sub 4 minutes run. Doh!!

Video doesn’t seem to want to upload. Always gets to the end and then fails. Wtf?


jk m8


I followed the rules!

That went surprisingly well! :grinning:
I say that because I chose the “wrong” starting location (I thought the Class crew guy might be in the studio) but my load out turned out to be very useful.

Fun contract!

Here is a video:


Watched your vid. Very well done!

Your map-reading skills are much better than mine. I started right near the targets and I was baffled. I must have checked the map five times to figure out I had to go up one flight of steps. :roll_eyes:

I really need to unlock that second lethal syringe, too. It’s been literally forever since that became available. I just can’t be bothered with most challenges. They have zero roleplaying appeal. lol


They do have role playing appeal. trust me


Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the syringe is from Himmapan horror challenge pack. You can roleplay as a mass-murdering psycho :smile:


Might I suggest basing the next few contracts off that challenge pack with compulsory mass-murder? :wink:


Not at all relevant, but I was just browsing my installed games on PS4 and realized I might be addicted to stealth. I found it quite funny (and troubling!) because it wasn’t a conscious decision. Even my dialogue-focused Telltale game is about a pretty famous ninja. :smile:

I really should make this my avatar if it becomes available:

I wish they’d make a new Splinter Cell game. Then my collection would be complete and the avatar I’ve always used here would be relevant again. lol

P.S. I’m not an extreme Assassin’s Creed fanatic as this games’ list would suggest. Origins is just so good that it got me back into Syndicate and persuaded me to buy Unity at a Christmas-bargain price.


I think you’re up @Chillyschrimp


I’ll post something later tonight!


These games are exactly good for my tastes too. Anyway I buyed ps4 recently so I miss some games like Deus ex and dishonored but the prequels I have them all (even Deus ex 1 for pc , masterpiece!)


I am not that familiar with this map, but correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t the safe in the escalation only and not the main map?


There’s a vodka bottle in this map, but it isn’t in the safe @Chillyschrimp should change the objective to just “grab the vodka bottle”