Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I’m really sorry guys :confused:
@Bending_Cheese67 and @SpeedsterRunner217 are correct, there is no safe on the regular map.
I was in a bit of a hurry when I made the contract.
I wanted to add an additional objective afterwards and I honestly thought the safe was in the regular mission.

From what I could tell no-one has played the contract yet so hopefully this updated briefing will be sufficient…


A shot in the Night
ID: 2-01-3848610-61

Bodies found and missed shots are insta fails.
You are also required to retrieve the vodka bottle from the kitchen (Note: the in-game briefing mentions a safe, that is incorrect, the bottle is in the kitchen!).
Failing to retrieve the vodka bottle will count as -20.000 points on your total score.


Yeah, it’s fine, Chillyschrimp. I think we were all aware that that Bending_Cheese67 and SpeedsterRunner217 were right, so we were just waiting patiently for you to notice and modify the objectives. No harm done. :slight_smile:

P.S. Oh, I have a question. Can we use accident kills? Or would they still count as “dead or unconscious” bodies being found and result in an instant fail? Does anyone know?


Accidents dont count


I followed the rules


This one went surprisingly well, I had a plan and it worked! I followed all rules.


Okay, no more dawdling Chicken, you can do this! Get back in there!

I followed all the rules

It was good. I did grab the vodka bottle, forgot to take a picture.

Sorry for my long delay in coming back, other games got in the way hehe.


I followed the rules.

Got the bottle, SA, but once again my turtle-like pace is my Achilles’ heel. I would have gotten a four-minute-ish time, but Jasper Knight refused to stand close enough to the window I wanted to push him through, the result of which was that his bodyguard returned and I had to wait for him to walk to the balcony and back again! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Returned in competition after i miss the precedent contract (cause i was on travel few days).

I followed all the rules, i also retrived the vodka bottle, before engaging the targets.
I used a disguise for safety: i would prefered a SO approach (also because this mission is not really hard), but after i screwed with the Prince yesterday i didn’t haved the guts to try!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Disqualified. I forgot to get the vodka bottle.


I failed in less than 20 seconds. Guess how ?


Hm. You attempted to shoot both of your targets with a bending bullet from the starting location, Wanted style, killed Jesper Knight, but missed Cilas Netzke by a millimetre, and insta-failed because of the special restriction? :slight_smile:


No, I insta failed because I used bullet distractions


That was actually my first, real guess. No, it really was. lol

Now nobody will believe me. :persevere:


From what I can tell from the thread @Loner is currently in the lead!
I’m going away for christmas dinner (in Sweden we celebrate christmas on the 24th) with my family so I wont be able to check the thread until later tonight.

Merry christmas everyone! :slightly_smiling_face::santa:t2:


Well done, @Loner. Great stuff.

If you’re too busy to make and post a contract because of Christmas, it’s fine. Just let us know, please. I or someone else will try to cover for you. :slight_smile:

Also, what Chillyschrimp said: Merry Christmas, PS4 Elusive players. This thread has been going for over a year now, exceeding all of my and Santa Claus’s expectations (Yes, I am tight with Santa; he loves stealth games, too. He uses them to train for his big day. Little known fact.).


First at all: Merry Cristmas to everyone!:christmas_tree: :grinning:

I’ve already created the next contract for you all as christmas present.

Id: 2-06-5292645-69

Location: Marrakesch (A Gilded Cage).

Two facoltative restriction that shouldn’t be a real problem (no crappy time limit this time!)

I suggest to take your time while planning the assassinations: the female target especially offers some interesting opportunities during her routines.

Happy holidays, and have fun!:wink:


Cool stuff. Looking forward to it!

As a side note: It’s times like this that I wish we could use Holiday Hoarders as a creation level. The original HH mission is good, but it can get kind of annoying having to run after the Wet Bandits all throughout the palace. The Christmas atmosphere looks so good! I want more time with it, other targets in other parts of the map to get the most out of it!

Hmm… maybe I’ll just wear the Santa suit then for this contract… close enough.


Ho ho ho nothing says Christmas like murder, video has a holiday-themed soundtrack.


Good job. I imagine your frustation while trying to draw Ellinor: i experied the same thing time ago, while trying your same coin trick on another contract. This usually get my nerves!


Reminder that this contract expires tomorrow.