Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Lol I failed!

I sort of accidently subdued the female target (I knew about the restriction but it was a reflex thing) and I got wall hacked during said subdue.
I tried to kill her with an explosion accident before running away but the explosion killed me as well :joy:



I’ve been busy with Christmas stuff for the past few days, so haven’t had a chance to play it yet. I’ll try to get to it tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I’ll have played it or posted it by 1pm(est). If not I can totally get in the next round.


I’m sorry. It seems my restrictions were again a pain in the ass. I’ll never put those again on my elusive contracts, i swear!:joy::wink:

For now @rattleshnake get the leaderboard.


No no, we are supposed to screw up due to lack of patience or misreading the breifings :wink:


I followed the rules.

What. The. Hell. :laughing:

Do propane tanks with holes in them explode on their own after a certain duration? Or did I get glitch-killed?

P.S. @Loner, I liked that you made an effort with your briefing again. Nice work. (I have to get satisfaction out of the story because I haven’t made the best job of your two contracts so far. lol)

Edit: To my credit, I did take one of the targets with me. :smirk:


You ran into that woman who smokes there.
Leaky PT + Cig ignition = Kaboom, you die.


Oh. Thanks for clearing that up. As you can see from the video, I couldn’t see her. She was hiding behind a box! Killed by someone else’s unhealthy habits. Grrr. :persevere: lol


Don’t worry, I’ve done it a few times too. Lol.


@David47: @immadummee47 is right: if a npc ignite a sigarette while a propan tank is leaking, it automatically exploing. This is a trick that you can use at your advantage if you know the npc’s routines.

I’m sorry for your accident.

Btw, thanks for your nice comments, but the woman is effectly an ex iago operative: she claim it herself during the phone call after she exit from the coffe. I discovered this just while messing around on the map, and instantly i wanted to make a contract with her. Probably i’ll do more contracts involving Ellinor.:wink:


I had fun, anyway, Loner. I found my sudden, horrific death and the suspiciously floating propane tank pretty amusing. And I’ve learned a good Jedi lesson – “Be mindful of your surroundings.”

(Actually, 47 is probably a Grey Jedi or a Sith, but that’s, um, besides the point.)

And at least my attempt stood out. C’mon, guys, you’re all so predictable with your perfect SA runs and actual, functional murder skills. As a child, my 47 dropped out of that awful, jabby syringe, super-assassin program and went to clown school. :blush:

Goals for 2018: Return to my “careful tortoise” approach. I actually won some contracts that way.

P.S. I’m not a huge gore lover, but it would be cool if, in Season 2, explosion damage were more realistic. My 47 shouldn’t have been in one piece after that incident, and nor should any of the people around him.

Yeah, I recall another player here making a contract about her for that reason a long time ago. I like that IO have given certain NPCs personalities for us to work with in contract creation.


Just watched your video. That music. Very festive. lol

And how did the female target know you were bald?! Looks like Santa isn’t the only meta-human in Marrakesh.

P.S. Question. How did you drop the breaching charge and the propane tank at exactly the same time like that? I’ve seen people do that for months, but I’ve never learned how myself. Could be useful.


lol I had fun making it.

You can drop items directly from your inventory with triangle, if you drop a small object while holding a large object like a propane flask, you drop both at the same time in the same spot.


Cool. Thanks, Evil Santa. That’s a great gameplay Christmas present. lol

Definitely going to start using that.


I’ll have something up in an hour or two.


My favorite part of @rattleshnake video? The exit from the bathroom. Right into the bin instead of through the door lmao!!


Spies aren’t in Fashion


Good evening 47, Congressman Walsh wants an ear on the IAGO auction but he wasn’t invited. He is using a tech worker on the floor below to eavesdrop through microphones in the auction room, both are to be eliminated with inconspicuous accidents.

In a rush so no screenshot and the in-contract description is shorter and different lol


I followed the rules.

A nice briefing, too, @rattleshnake . I like stories that are variations on the main mission. This time we had to protect the privacy of the auction instead of infiltrating the auction.

Thank goodness for fire extinguishers. I planned to lure the senator, but I’d used up all my coins. Finding a crowbar, climbing back to the second floor and dropping the speaker on his head just seemed too risky and time-consuming.


I got SA and then got spotted as I was about to kill the evidence then head to the exit. Dog-gonnit.

Edit: here’s the vid.


@rattleshnake, @immadummee47, could one of you guys please watch my video and tell me why I lost my “never spotted” bonus? I wasn’t spotted while sneaking around, and I thought “crime noticed” didn’t necessarily mean I’d been spotted. I was half expecting a 5/5 score.

I’m asking you two specifically because nobody else is allowed to watch my video yet under the rules.