Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


According to server status (just checked right now), seems to be up and running fine. Not even high volume.


@immadummee47 i didn’t used my ps4 yesterday, but i read on the forum about the server’s issues. I’la try later and let you know.

Edit: just tried with a random contract: the issue is still there. The scorecard is empty. :frowning_face:

But it’still working fine on any regular mission.


I followed the rules but I got the same disconnection problem as @immadummee47 (I didn’t recognize you with that new profile pic :slight_smile: )

I got spotted by the plumber so I wouldn’t have gotten top spot anyway but the disconnection was strange since I got it just after leaving the mission…

I think I had a pretty good plan however, if I would just have played it a bit more safe in the sewers I would probably have gotten a good score.

Thanks for another fun contract @Loner ! :slight_smile:


It seems the fucking Mario is enjoying ruining all our runs. :smile: He screw even my Prince playthrough.

It’s a shame this server glitch is still present. If you guys agreed, we can extende the time for this contract until the server issue is fixed. Or i can create a new one. Let me know.


No need. We have scores of 2 players and times for 2 others. So far, I’m in the lead. Contract will still expire today.


Ok then. Let’s hope this score issue will be fixed as soon as possible.


I followed all the rules.

[Just played it now, servers seem to be running again because I could see my score.]

This was a great contract (probably because I’m so proud of my run).

Started at the safe house, left breach explosives near Marchello’s unconscious body, Torres turned around and saw me throw a knife at his face, so that didn’t turn out so good. I had a silent shotgun stashed in the sewers because I knew that was the area where I could find Mario, so I took him out easy. Lured a bodyguard near the morgue to a corner out of sight, took his disguise, and blew the explosives as I ran to the boat. (As I ran I passed by two bodyguard enforcers so they spotted me as well). Other than those few slip ups, it was so smooth and probably one of my best runs.


Looks like I won so here’s the next contract.
GL, agents.


I followed the rules, it was suit only too but I took a risk on time and got a body found urgg.


I followed the rules.

I just roleplayed it for fun. I got a bad score, but I didn’t feel I did badly. lol

Notice that I got a non-target kill. No idea who that was! Both kills looked clean. The game’s trolling me.

P.S. I wrote a short briefing for the contract, since there wasn’t one. Hope that’s all right, @immadummee47.

"Good morning, 47.

"Our client is famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence, who is sick to the teeth of having her privacy invaded by obnoxious photographers. Miss Lawrence harbours a frigid disdain for two paparazzi in particular – both of whom, thanks to some tinsel-town tinkering by the ICA – have special invitations to the Sanguine fashion show taking place this Friday evening in Paris.

“Miss Lawrence insists that both targets go out with a bang. Let’s see how they like the limelight for a change.”


I’m still having problems with disconnections.
I tried to play some featured contracts yesterday and today and sometimes it just disconnects mid-game.
I’m going to wait another day or two to see if it stabilizes before I attempt the latest contract.


Hahaha. You straight up said “fuck the silent assassin rating”. :joy::joy::joy:

Oh and the non target kill was because the duck explosion set off the electrical plug and someone walked into it and got electrocuted.


I followed the rules

I’m still experiencing a lot of problems with connecting to the servers (not only in Hitman so it might be on my end). The rating took what felt like a minute to load (prob just a few seconds lol).

Nice contract, the targets where well picked and this contract could be a featured one in my opinion.
With that said I sort of hope I wont win with this run, I feel like a cheapened the contract by overusing the coin lure :neutral_face:

Anyway, here is a video:

At 3:34 I had quite a scare, I thought she was going to enter the room where I put the body :stuck_out_tongue:


That was close. Luckily she didn’t enter the room. Lol.


Not to be a spoiled brat, but can someone @ me when someone releases a new player made Elusive contract? I want to get in on the challenge, but don’t know where to start :joy: Until then, I will attempt Camera Killer.


Contracts always start at 6:00 pm UK Time, at wednesdays and sundays


Got it. Thanks! Going to give the most recent contract a go and then look
forward to Sunday.


Ok. Here’s my contribution. I followed the rules.

I did it with breaching charge . I know is a bit of cheating using those, but i’m not able to manage esplosives for getting SA.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I Still haved a body found unfortunaly: i though i choose the right safe spots for both targets, but probably someone found Jay Smart just after before i exit from the mission. My bad.

Otherwise, fun contract, i’d like to See a SA on this using loud esplosives.


I followed all the rules

Picture won’t upload again. My score is 67,051 without the spotted, noticed kills and bodies found bonus.

This one was an okay run. Everything went according to plan, until I got to the part where I assassinated both targets. I brought along breaching charges, got a security disguise from a guy in the basement, isolated Shillingford and left a charge near his unconscious body, and as I knocked out Smart a guard a few feet away saw me, so I blew the targets up and ran for an exit. I made it, but my score was not well.
I’d better be more careful next time.


@Chillyschrimp just saw your video. Great job, you handled very well the whole situation. My strategy was similar to you (i used too bc and coins), but definetly you choosed the right spots to kill targets. Congratulations!