Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Here’s my attempt. I was quick, but somehow someone noticed one of my kills. Probably because their body went flying and the splat sounds got noticed.


Alright @Chillyschrimp, what have you got for us.


I’m working on it! :slight_smile:


Alright, next contract is up!
Nothing to complicated but a few restrictions that are insta-fails (if I set them up correctly).

ID: 2-03-6993390-61



I didn’t do so great. Kinda rushed it and screwed up.


I followed all the rules, started out clumsy by forgetting the disguise restriction off the bat lol.


For some reason my PS4 wasn’t recording, so I only got the scoreboard as the recording started there.

Anyway, I feel like i cheated a bit on this contract as it had a ‘‘Headshots only’’ non-optional complication. I missed a shot on my last target which made me fail so I had to restart. With the restart, I gained a lot more info and could get a better time as well.


if you restarted than your submission doesn’t count, no restarts is one of the rules.


This might not be what happened in your particular case (any number of things could have happened) but one thing I do know is that if you take a screenshot before saving the recording, the ps4 will delete any captured footage.

If you intend to make a video, always make sure to save the video before making any screenshots.


Thanks. I’ll keep a lookout on that.

Yeah, I know. No worries about that. I am just pointing out a big flaw in the contract because it is a hard restart if you miss a headshot. It would have been much better if it was an optional objective.


Incorrect. You can take a screen shot anytime by either holding the share button for a capture shot or pressing it to go to the menu and pressing triangle. BUT, if you use the triangle save way, you must press square right there as well to save the video. If you exit that menu then press share again to open that menu, the video will be lost as it stops recording the very first time you press the share button. Also if you double press the share button, it will start a new recording point thus losing any previous gameplay.

Maybe you should piss on me if I’m on fire. I could teach you a few things here and there sometimes…like so. :joy:


I’m sorry that you failed due to the restriction but that was of course the intent with that complication. I wanted to make players either take the “risk” with shooting (and possibly not getting a headshot) or finding another kill method, hence “Any method” for all targets :slight_smile:


I fucked almoust everything in this run: i was spotted two times, a body was even found. I still manage to hold the situation without any more mess (it seems, that even if a enforcer spot you, if you manage to escape him fast, he will forget about you and won’t alert any guard: at last this seems civilian’s behaviour), but i was really disappointed with myself this time.:frowning_face:


I followed all the rules.


What I thought would be easy turned out to be much harder than it seems…
I did not realise that all the Church staff would be suspicious of me in the Priest disguise. I got spotted by a gardener who I forgot patrolled the area while I garrotted a staff member. Every guard in the graveyard was on the lookout for me, so i quickly went around and shot every target I could. I had to finish this contract. To my dismay, as I ran away I figured I’d shoot a few in the legs to make them trip and slow down. I forgot the “Only headshots” rule applied to every NPC, not just the targets.
“Ya ever heard of Murphy’s Law?”
Pray for me next time. :stuck_out_tongue:


I followed the rules.

A (typically, of late) shoddy performance, but I made the deadline! That’s the important thing.

The Vatican’s (um, good?) work is done. :thinking: :smiley:


Looks like @immadummee47 won this one, well done!


Looks like won. So here’s the next one. I said I wanted to do a roleplay style contract so I hope you like this. This goes off of silverballer’s idea he used where we can not use the main map to find the target. Must use visual and audio clues to find him. Mind you, insta-fail for killing the wrong npc, just like the twin et.

After you play it, let me know if this is a type of contract that you would enjoy again or not.

Title: Find The Target
ID: 2-02-5884495-99
**This Contract has a separate rule added it. You must NOT use the main big map in the pause menu to locate the target. You must use the clues given to you in the briefing. Think of the twin et or the vector mission. So read the briefing carefully. GL.

Just 1 piece of advice, since there are no pacifications, choose your starting location wisely (based on the given 3 clues) otherwise you may have to go find a disguise and have yourself waste some time in doing so.


Edit: target info should also be turned off. The feature where you press instinct button and it gives you the target and the info needed for disguise and kill conditions. If used, it would ruin the contract.


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