Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Looks like an interesting challenge for a elusive contract.


Can we use that thing that shows who the target is when we are near him and press R1? (not instinct)


Oh ya, crap. Target info. Should also be off as you’re supposed to use the visual clue and listen to conversations. I hope nobody turned that on and played it already. :grimacing:


you should add it to the contract post



Hopefully none of you played already but target info should also be turned off. The feature that identifies a target without instinct and gives disguise and kill conditions. This would ruin the contract if used. My bad for forgetting that.




This contract is a great concept that is really fun for a video :slight_smile:


Interesting… Me like! Me play contract soon. :laughing:


Okay! It was interesting, but I was way off course.
I followed all the rules

So, I killed the wrong guy.

What I feel would have helped a bit was if you maybe narrowed down the area first @immadummee47. Sure, it’s got to be hard, but I was in the wrong area of the palace, listening to the wrong guy talk about his wife, standing near a smoker. (I was in the front of the palace, near a shed instead of the side in the garden.) It was good, but there’s really so many security guards that look like that, and I was having a hard time listening to that specific conversation between guards (what with all the other more prominent conversations and ambient sounds of nature around)so I wasn’t sure if they mentioned a “fat wife” of not. I had already triggered their conversation, too, so I couldn’t just restart to catch it again.
I liked it, but I think that there was too much room to fail for me. Good idea, and I hope to see it used and improved upon in the future.


I followed the rules. I love the idea of having to find the target without the pause map, and the targets-only restriction actually works really well for that purpose.

My run, complete with suit retrieval

The plan was to dump him into the bin after luring his buddy away with the BC,
but this wound up being way better. Was concerned that the window guy would hear the neck snap but it worked out fine.


Sorry for your result, but…I kinda did narrow the area by specifically saying the target stands beside a smoker at all times. So by that, that would eliminate all guards inside as no guards smoke inside at all times. But I didn’t want to give any ideas away as it was suppose to be a roleplay which may or may not workout. The idea behind the conversation was in case it was missed, clue 2 would help identify the target as he and his fellow smoker did not ever move.

A video would have been nice to see. I guess something that can also be suggested for all players, plug in a pair of earbuds into your controller and raise the volume so you can hear conversations a whole lot clearer.


Ya I wondered why you decided to do that kill when you had something else in your inventory that you had planned to use first. Luckily he didn’t hear it.


Yeah, I may have taken rule 2 as “he is near a smoker at all times” – which the guy I killed was, but he moved around – so I misinterpreted it.
It’s not you, it’s me.


I guess if there lots of good feedback for this idea, we can all collaborate and talk about what would make good criteria and what would not.


That was in case I needed to move an npc without ko, I actually stashed a lethal syringe that I completely forgot to pick up too.


I failed!

I found the target pretty quickly but the smoker saw me injecting the poison and for some dumb reason I knocked him out after I knocked him to the floor… I was just a reflex thing I guess :relaxed:


Okay-ish time. I knew the target had to be in that area so I was walking around there for a minute and had to confirm it was him as well, taking several minutes. Also getting him to a good spot took some effort. Other than that, solid contract.


Ok. Sorry for the delay. I got him!

Definetly a great concept, especially for an elusive contract. I wish to See this new rules applied to the next contract.
It’s like playing a “guess who” game on Hitman.

About my gameplay: i wasted more time to lure him on a safe spot, more than finding him!:joy:


Great job, guys. I’m glad everyone is enjoying the Contract I made. Anyone have any suggestions to make it better? If anyone wants to make more of these too, it’s all cool.


Some suggestions: more than 1 targets, but not too many of them, because we already need some time to identify them: i think two would be fine, maybe up to three but no more.
Always looking for similar npcs: guards and civilian staff is usually the best choise, because there are many similar each others. Obviuosly we must avoid unique looking npc like Helmuth Kruger or Roberto Vargas.
We could also add some restrictions with kill method and disguises. For other restrictions, the only target insta-fail is mandatory, we could add other restrictions as facultative for adding a bit of challenge.