Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I followed the rules.

Really liked it, @immadummee47. It added a new dimension to the RP experience, actually having to search and explore, and having to listen to conversations for clues. There are lots of little conversations throughout the game that could be capitalized on to create more elusive contracts like this.

I chose to start in a technician’s disguise so I’d have access to most areas, and, once I located the target, I used coins to lure him to the nearby recycle bin, garrotted him, dumped him, and exited via the front gate.


Okay, sorry if I seem like I didn’t enjoy it, because in retrospect I really did. My failure and feelings on this contract are entirely on me. I started in my suit, so I had to stay in my suit, making trespassing areas near guards a large hassle. I could have saved myself the trouble and started in a different, more accessible disguise, instead of starting out thinking: “Oh puh-lease… I can do this, pshhhh…”

This contract was very good, and I think the only improvement could be that targets with a mobile routine would be a nice addition.


Well although there were no pacifications, you could have picked up a disguise that was laying around (Waiter in the basement, or if you are feeling lucky, vampire magician LOL).

I didn’t want to make it too difficult because a mobile target may have you miss his conversation in this case. But I did think about that and as a first target, I thought I’d better make him stationary. But also a stationary target may be difficult too if too many other NPCs are around. I was thinking marrakesh originally but didn’t have enough to figure one good target. And Didn’t know how it would turn out.

Well hopefully someone else can come up with something like this so I can play one too. :grin:

Good job everyone that has played so far.


I actually considered making a contract like this a while ago, but I put it on hold because it was overly complex and I couldn’t quite get it to work. It turned into “The Da Vinci Code: The Game”. At one point I had the player deciphering antiques and using the position of the sun to navigate. :face_with_monocle: lol


Wtf?!!? Lmao.

I remember you had a contract in Hokkaido that made you go down to the basement with a guard disguise but only the one with a mask. I have been waiting for that one to return because you had to pull it for some reason at the time.


Well, yes, I could have done that. The problem is this is the first Paris contract I’ve done in a while, and I haven’t used the bagged disguises in an even longer time. I forgot which ones there were and where they were located! Oh well… :sweat_smile:


Your next assignment, Production Costs. I tried making something along the lines of Find the Target, but couldn’t think of something I liked enough so this one’s standard.

ID 2-05-3537565-23

The Obsessive Dino Bosco has been overworking his crew, and two workers on set have plotted to shut the whole thing down.
You are to eliminate both conspirators while leaving everyone else on set unharmed. Good hunting.


I got killed. Just a bad decision and it cost me my life.


Ahhh damnit, and just after you were so smooth grabbing that disguise. Commendable job avoiding KOs before death reached you.


Sorry but I wont be able to play this contract. I’ve been traveling and it seems wont be back home in time :expressionless:


Ah no worries, happens.


Shall we extend the contract until Sunday?

I have just enough time to play before the deadline but if I “win” I won’t have a thing ready to post.

This is always going to happen now and again. People get busy and preoccupied. Plus, Hitman isn’t the foremost thing on many of our minds anymore, and won’t be until hype for the new season starts to grow.

Maybe we should even consider going back to a single contract a week for a couple of months. Build up a little anticipation for each.

What do you guys think?


Yeah I was thinking that we’d extend this contract if nobody else had played it by the deadline, sometimes people get busy. As for generally dialling back to one a week, I’m not sure I’ll wait for more input.


Yeah, we do sometimes get a lot of players.

Maybe keep it as two a week, then, and just extend it when not many people play. That might be better.

See what everyone thinks, as you said. I’m easy.


Oh, just realised it’s Wednesday.
Haven’t played the contract yet, and am in no place to do so right now, so… I’m out for now.

I don’t think we should revert back to the 1-a-week system so suddenly, (as I had a good streak going of playing each contract, and it introduces me to plenty of new stuff) but I agree that if not many people play, we can just extend it until the next deadline.


I’ll play this contract on the next hours.


I followed the rules. I used too many caution during my playthrough, and wasted lot of times.

Btw, i remember these two targets were used in the icon escalation, so i knew were they were placed.


They were escalation targets? Had no idea. Also, well done.


I think that we should try and keep it at two contracts per week and extend the deadline (if needed) like you said.


A shitty score for a shitty strat, seems fair :stuck_out_tongue: