Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I followed the rules, but failed. :expressionless:

I tried to draw the police away from the door to the back of the shop by blowing up a nearby scooter. It worked, and they all ran to investigate, while I looped behind them and broke through the door with the only tool I had available: a crowbar.

For a fleeting moment, I was extremely pleased with my action-hero ingenuity … but then a stupid civilian, who was curled up on the ground some distance away with her head in her hands and who I assumed was too scared to care what I was up to, noticed my crime and ran to tell the cops.

The remainder of my attempt went as messily and violently as you might expect. lol


So I guess @Loner is up? :thinking:


Since you got 2nd place, chilly, you want to post one? Looks like @Loner isn’t responding even though you tagged him 6hrs ago and his last visit was 4hrs ago.

Your call.


Hello to everyone.
Sorry, i don’t have enough time to create a contract, so i’ll pass my turn.

I’ll try to continuing to play on this contest btw.


No problem. You’ve won a lot recently. (Well done, by the way.) :slight_smile: :lollipop:

Sometimes playing is time-consuming enough, without having to devise a new contract every week or every other week. (Not that I ever have that second problem because I don’t do “winning” anymore, apparently. lol)

P.S. I haven’t got anything ready to go now, but, when I can, I’ll start working on something simple in case anyone else isn’t able to post and we need a reserve contract in the future.


Hopefully this week’s contract won’t have instant fail complications. That’s the reason why I didn’t even attempt the previous contract.


I dont have a contract ready. I can create one when I get home from work tonight.

Sorry for my late reply but the forum has been in ”read only” state for me today.


Room Serivce!

Nothing special except for the suit requirement on the kills and only one available exit.


Okay, I’ll be able to play this one if all goes smoothly in the next few days. I’ve been sick since Wednesday of last week, so that’s killed any urge to do much, or even use brain power on assassinations.
I’ve been feeling a bit better lately, and I did try the previous contract yesterday, but it was such a dumb failure didn’t even want to post it. (I pacified a security guard in the span of 2 minutes, immediately stopping my run).

We’ll see if I do this by Wednesday.


I went earlier today, wound up with a grand total of around 67k. Will edit screenshot later.


This looks fun! Going to be attempting it tomorrow.


Did my run. Didn’t do so great but I beat @rattleshnake by 1k. :joy:


@Chillyschrimp nice contract. I don’t think I’ve ever killed these in that room as 1 contract before.

Did this earlier but forgot to post. but here’s a “run” I did.
SA/SO/Silverballer + Striker Kills


I’m glad you liked it. And that was an awesome run btw :slight_smile:


I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make the deadline; I’ve not had much free time lately.

Shall we extend the contract again, since not many people got the chance to play?


Well we did agree that there be a minimum of 3 players and we didn’t get that so I say ya, let’s extend it. It would allow you, fries and chicken to play. Not sure about loner if he will.


I’ve also still got a chance of winning so I was hoping for an extension. lol

Loner’s been too good lately. I think he should have a rest for one more week. :yum:


I tryed. I got killed.

I didn’t played Bangkok too much, so i don’t know anything about the map’s layout. I Never even tried a SO approach on it, so i screw everything from the beginning.

I’m out of competition, i wish the best of luck to all you guys.



I followed the rules.

47 employed the perfect strategy of waiting until half the hotel staff were off work sick, and then only moving in to strike when the targets had drunk the spiked wine he sent them anonymously, as a gift.

The result: the most professional (and uneventful) hit ever. lol


Lmfao!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: