Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I didn’t have much time to make this, but I had the idea to try a bit of a spin on that old vampire contract of mine. Hopefully it works all right.

In this one, a trio of crazy Ether scientists had the bright idea to abduct 47 (who they clearly knew nothing about, because it was a damn silly thing to do) and infect him with a virus that makes direct sunlight fatal to him if he stays in it for longer than 5 seconds at a time.

Thus, in this contract, you can only enter direct sunlight for up to 5 seconds, and you must return to the shade before that time expires. If you remain in direct sunlight for more than 5 seconds, you fail instantly, i.e. die in humiliating, public agony.

Obviously it will be up to you guys to time 5 seconds every time you enter the sunlight, but I trust you all to do that. You might also want to use the in-game timer to help you.

Here’s a picture illustrating what I mean by “direct sunlight” (the top of the picture) and shade (what 47 is standing in).

All artificial lights inside buildings are fine to stand in. Extreme, direct, intense sunlight is all you have to avoid.

So, special conditions:

  • You must start the mission in the church morgue, where 47 is conserving his energy in the darkness, pretending to be dead, before commencing his mission.

  • If you stay in direct sunlight for more than 5 seconds you fail the mission.

To cure yourself you must:

  • Retrieve the “biolab laptop dongle” so that you can access the biolab laptop (obviously).

  • Retrieve 47’s DNA sample from the safe in the attic of Caruso manor. This data will allow 47 to tailor the cure to his unique biology.

  • Use the biolab laptop to activate the custom-made cure (i.e. destroy virus).

  • And, finally, step into the decontamination spray for a few moments, without wearing a face covering, so that you can inhale the airborne cure, rendering 47 as fit as a fiddle.

Then exit. Oh, and don’t forget to eliminate those smug scientists who had the audacity to use you as their guinea pig.

(Just ask if you have any questions. Like many of my contracts, it’s not actually as complicated as it first appears. Just go over it a few times and it’ll sink in. I also added the special objectives to the in-game briefing. Just glance at that while playing if you forget. :slight_smile: )


This looks awesome, can’t wait to play it later today. I missed your special contracts :stuck_out_tongue:


Not quite sure how I feel about this 5 second rule. I’ll see how it goes when I play it. :man_shrugging:


Awesome, awesome, awesome looking contract. Twists like these with special object uses are fun to have.

(I’ll be playing this one. Don’t worry about that.)
I did play the previous contract but forgot to post the score in time. I wouldn’t have won anyway, my run was atrocious. Several loops of sneaking in through Mrs. Mookjai’s office window only to get caught and escorted out of the west wing. There’s also that big KO marathon I had upstairs where I played pool (or billiards) with people’s faces, but let’s not go there.


It’s not that difficult in practice. I don’t think people are going to be in much danger of “dying” unless they have a mental lapse or get into a firefight. 5 seconds is enough time to “jump gaps” if you’re careful about which gaps you jump. What it does is prevent you from taking certain routes and makes you think about how to reach your objectives, rather than following your habitual patterns. In theory, anyway.

It’s also a bit like that game you play as a kid: “Don’t touch the floor.” Which, um, I found quite fun. lol


It almost went so well.
I followed all the rules

Okay, now I’m pretty sure I followed all the rules. I stayed in the shade, didn’t stay in the sunlight for more than 5 seconds (I did cut it a bit close a few times), and generally did a-ok. Wasn’t sure what constituted “staying out of the sun” but I used the Sapienza alleyways to get near the mansion because they were quite dark and shady. Hope that’s ok, couldn’t figure out a different, ceiling-filled route.

Now, my score.

It all went well until I got to the lab. I started in the morgue, took a long time to find a sunless route to the mansion, sneaked around the mansion, used the special attic hatch near the Therapy room to go up and get the DNA sample, and made it down to the lab. My one mistake was probably destroying the virus before killing Fillipo, because all the NPCs were on high alert once the alarms went off, and that’s probably why someone saw me shooting him in the back. Don’t think that would have happened if everyone was calm.
Basically, I was hiding a lot to get the alert to go away, but for some reason after it ended every NPC near Guildo stopped moving. They wouldn’t respond to distractions, emetic syringes, etc. So, I had to shoot him in the face and run for the plane. Oops.

I didn’t cure 47 at all. Was that required, or just used as a precaution/failsafe against sunlight?


Good work getting to the mansion, and using routes like the hatch to get to/from the safe. You clearly did all of that as intended. (I actually didn’t know you could climb up through the hatch; I thought you could only climb down. I went another way. So thanks for the info. lol)

In all of my playtests, the NPCs calmed down quickly after I made the cure (i.e. destroyed the virus), and some of them did stop moving, and moved into certain positions; that’s not a glitch. For me, the lab scientists in the hazmat suits always went to the showers, actually making it far easier to kill the final scientist and hop into the decon chamber without being spotted.

I always lured Guildo out of sight towards the box behind him and killed him silently.

All of the special objectives, including curing 47 in the decon spray, are supposed to be essential, yes. And you have to collect the DNA sample before you use the biolab laptop. (Which you did! Just pointing it out for other players. 47 can’t make the cure correctly without that sample.)

You didn’t necessarily fail, though. I’ll judge performances on a case-by-case/logical basis.

47 killed all the culprits, acquired his DNA sample and escaped. I’m sure Diana will figure out a way to cure him later with the information she has. 47 will just have to live like a hermit for a while at the ICA training facility, where the sun never seems to shine anyway, so he should be fine. lol

In roleplay terms, I still consider that a victory. Your score stands, but I’ll take the fact that you didn’t cure 47 on site into account should anyone else get a lower score or the exact same score. :slight_smile:


I followed the rules

I spent a lot of time running in circles inside the mansion trying to find a good route to (and from) the safe in the attic.

Got spotted trespassing a couple of times (For some reason I used the lab tech disguise) and ended up having to knock someone out and he got found.

I hope trees provide enough shadow for 47’s condition because I used them a lot :slight_smile:

Good to have your special contracts back David!


I followed the rules.

Really clumsy at parts, I almost forgot to grab the dna sample and my brain went on standby during the moment that gets me spotted. But I believe I did everything correctly, had a lot of fun with this one.


That was a fun one. Thought I try something smart but it ended up being stupid and went into combat lol. Oh well. I survived and finished the job.
Can’t wait to see others vids.

Vid is uploading.
I’ll edit it in later if anyone wants to watch the little mess. Lol.

EDIT: here is the video. It’s a complete hot mess. Lmao.

Then did an SA/SO speedrun (1:34)


They do. Any kind of shadow is adequate to keep our favourite bald assassin alive and killing.

I just watched your vid, @rattleshnake; it was fun watching you figure things out and gratifying to see that the contract worked as planned. You were, indeed, very unlucky at the end there, but you seem to have won regardless! And I liked that you got into the RP spirit enough to avoid snippets of sunlight coming through windows, even though you didn’t have to.

And, yes, I’m sure we’d like to see your vid, @immadummee47.

Well done, guys. You all survived the horrors of going outside in the daytime. :sun_with_face:


My brain is frozen and I can’t think of anything new, so here’s an older contract I made. I don’t see any of you on the leaderboards, so I’m guessing that nobody here has attempted it yet.


Man, I don’t think I even know how to get into the consulate wearing my suit. I’m either going to fail miserably or do what I did last time and ace it in about an hour by choking out half the building. lol


When you see who the targets are this might look impossible for a moment, but it’s very doable and there’s a simple trick to pulling it off.


I followed the rules.

Accident, you say? Nailed it.

Here’s the scenario: 47 gets into an epic shootout with every security guard in the building, and the two targets are so scared for their lives that they dive over the nearest balcony to their accidental deaths. :+1:t3:



Played this yesterday and forgot to post.

I pretty much had an idea who these targets were and where they were located. Idea was a simple one, until you actually try to do it. Lol.


“Silent” Assassin. :joy:

Don’t you just love it when you’re about to ko someone and someone else just pops out? :rofl::rofl:


I’m glad you noticed that. He appeared after I’d thrown the wrench. Nothing I could do about it.

What a jerk. :expressionless:

Well … I hope he’s happy. He got all his friends slaughtered. lol


I followed the rules

In hindsight I know what I should have brought with me but instead I had to do it the hard way :slight_smile:

I saved a video but since it’s 14 minutes long I haven’t bothered uploading it yet, let me know if you guys want me to post it.


Sure, post it if you have the time. I’m interested.

I haven’t seen Immadummee’s video yet, so I’ll check both of them out together before I play the next contract. (Although I find it hard to believe that anyone did better than I did. lol)