Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


So… today’s Sunday then. Huh.
Guess I’ll play this contract, but after the expiry date. :roll_eyes:


I agree, you win :wink:


Looks like you won, @Chillyschrimp. Post your contract when you can. I’ll watch you video now.


Alright I got a new contract for you, this is probably the most non goofy briefing I’ve ever written… Whatever that means :slight_smile:

I think this might be a hard one but I’m sure someone will prove me wrong!

The double decker
ID: 2-10-4007817-61


Gonna try this now. Seems quite easy actually. But we all know how our plans work out. Lmao.


Yup, just as I said. Easy but plans don’t work out the same. Lolol. Didn’t even realize I got recorded. Dammit!! Lost SA for a simple mistake.

Edit: added speedrun with kill cam


I, um, might have completely missed the suit restriction.


Nicely done @immadummee47 I knew someone would prove me wrong, to bad that you forgot about the recording :slight_smile:

@rattleshnake I usually write the restrictions in the contract post but I forgot to do that this time. I hope that wasnt the reason you missed the suit restriction :slight_smile:


No it was pretty clear, don’t know what came over me lol.


I followed the rules.

Nice contract, nice little briefing. I like serious.

Things generally went to plan, but I got spotted by the chefs and had to knock them both out before they ran for help, which resulted in both my “spotted” and “bodies found” penalties in the space of about 5 seconds. Their patrol patterns are so awkward. I was extra careful and they still caught me out. Grrr. lol


*The score I got for Consulate angels is 100, 260. I didn’t know my boundaries in the Consulate or which NPCs were enforcers to the suit. Had to book it after I was seen on my way out.

I followed all the rules.

Turned out okay. I was spotted by one of the chefs as I subdued the other. When I went to retrieve the extra explosive I stashed in the bathroom downstairs, an NPC saw me pick it up. It was relatively calm (after I had KO’d all who had seen me), but not without fault.

I think it’s safe to say Stealth is not my forte in Hitman. [I partially blame those OP lock-on viewcones]
I wonder when my SA run will happen next? I don’t mind not winning, as I don’t always have a contract prepared right away, but these few runs have been pretty careless on my part in terms of spotting. Sorry, I’m rambling.


Looks like you won @immadummee47 well done!


Here’s the next one.
All 4 printer guys.


I followed the rules.

I tried to use the “breaching-charge drop” trick for the first time ever, and I botched it because … well … because, firstly, I didn’t kill my target (:roll_eyes:) , but also because I failed to conceal the second breaching charge that I was holding and got myself spotted. As you’ll see from the video, I was tempted to draw my silverballer and go on another killing spree, but instead I played it cool and actually came away with a good score. :slight_smile:


I followed the rules

Super sloppy!
Igot spotted of the bat due to not remembering an enforcer.
Didn’t get a clean kill on one of the targets so I got a body found as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I followed all the rules.

I do feel kind of pathetic in how I did it, but I did it!
Time to tell the long, long play-by-play of my plan:

I first started at the Snail Stand, figured that was close enough to the targets, and I was going to distract them all one by one, and kill a few with poison. But, in a flash of genius I ran over to the closest mechanic shed-thing to grab a propane tank. They seemed close enough together on the map for an explosion. I had brought with me the Big One, as I knew that I should distract enough of them in a certain direction when I ran out of poison, so that I could shoot any who remained. But, I knew that I should be able to destroy it with the sparks from the firecracker, and that I could throw it without having a possibility of being seen with a gun.
My first near-death problem was when entering the shed, I found the tank, and shot it. So, now I was going to be walking around with a leaking tank. I made my second near-death mistake when I approached the corner in which the poster guys were. I knew there was a smoker behind the carpets, but I had no idea there was a second person.
There’s a guy (blue shirt) sitting on a chair next to a shop to the right of me. I dropped that propane before I took any step near him.

Almost blew up

It was at this point that I saw one of the targets take a small walk. I isolated him in a shed, and took his disguise. Then I set the plan into action. Being careful not to get blown up, I bumped into the smoking woman before I grabbed the tank and passed by. I saw the 3 remaining guys in a triangle formation, so I dropped the tank in the middle, threw the Big One and ran. Boom.
Again, I’m not too proud of how I did it, but it got the job done. It was also probably the safer option, given that there was a soldier in their midst too.


Looks like you won man, well done!
Post a new contract when you can :slight_smile:


Will do. Away from my PS4 at the moment, but will post the contract today… if I can come up with something good. If not I’ll nominate someone else.


Sorry for the delay, sorry for the delay…
(I picked an old contract… recreation of a PC contract. Was too busy today to make something from scratch.)

ID: 2-03-1626335-01

I was hesitating on rolling the roulette for a main mission, but I didn’t want to be so mean. :smiling_imp:


I followed the rules.

Yeah. It went to hell. I was unlucky getting spotted initially by the plumber, who was exactly where I didn’t need him to be. Then I played a bit too passive-aggressively and made every mistake in the Bad Agent handbook. In the end my run was so subtle that I might as well have taken out the targets in an attack helicopter. :helicopter: lol