Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I got caught killing someone with the fiber wire, score 33,143.


Doh. Had a good run going then I forgot about a body I had ko’d earlier. Body found.


Bravo, that was a good run, apart from the chaotic ending… I like how careful you were with your surroundings, even in areas where no one usually visits (I know I would have been less so when it came to the recording room. Nice catch with the Priest.)
I know that dragging an NPC into the harbour waters counts as a fall instead of a drowning kill, but I had no idea that applied to the shoreline as well. That seems way off.

Congrats, you’re in the lead.


Thx. I thought after I mapped these guys in the cemetery church area, that I would take my time and make sure. If it wasn’t for that body found, I could have a good chance at SA. And ya, I remember using that spot for a fall accident before so I felt it was the safest spot…or was it? lol
The priest part didn’t even matter now that I think of it. I had already been spotted so it would have made no difference had I just run straight in and deleted with him right there. I knew I was safe to run away afterwards.

That was a fun contract to how we do these here. Looks like we hit the mandatory 3 player minimum for the contract so if anyone else is going to go, you have less than 24hrs to play it.

I’ll prepare a contract just in case I get the win.
I have another idea for a role play contract, but it seems to have some randomness to it. To the point that one player could potentially finish it in 5-7 mins, while amour might finish it in 15-20mins due to the scenario I want to setup, but the randomness to the situation might not be good as I don’t want anyone to be waiting for 10-15 mins before they can take out their target. It’s an awesome idea but it’s that randomness I wish wasn’t there for this specific contract idea.

I’ll try and apply it somewhere else. But I don’t recall anywhere else it could work.


So looks like I won. I tried to reverse the NPCs in my contract so it “seems” to work a bit better. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

This is a Role-Play contract. Another “Find The Target” but with an added OPTIONAL objective.
Most of the info is in the briefing but here’s the extra.

1: Read the briefing very carefully.
2: KO’ing the Informant is Optional. If you don’t want to spend the time to find the Informant, you may take the target out anytime and exit the map.
(KO’ing the Informant and GETTING SA will yield a 20,000 pt bonus.
Ko’ing Without achieving SA, will yield 10,000 pt bonus.
Not ko’ing The Informant at all, you’ll receive 0 pt bonus and no penalty).
3: AFTER you have located your target, you may use the mainmap to relocate the target if they get lost.
4: breifing should say “marketplace”, typo as it says marketace.
if you DO ko the Informant, you are to take a pic and send it to me via PM. Do not post it here, Just for the chance that someone may accidentally see it

Here’s your contract, agents.


Looks interesting. :+1:t3:

Is there a bit of a story to go with it? Who’s the target and who is her informant? Just curious. :slight_smile:

No problem if you haven’t thought about it. I didn’t have time to write a briefing for my last contract, either.


I followed the rules.

I found the target without the map, and then, as you can see from my time, I followed her for ages … but I didn’t know which of the people that she met was her informant, since I had no description of him/her, and none of the dialogue tipped me off. I’m going to guess it was the guy in yellow who she speaks to near the public art display outside the embassy, but I wasn’t sure at the time, and she never spoke to him again, as much as I followed her, so I was unable to locate and KO him.

In the end, I decided to just off the target and forgo the bonus points. I took advantage of the waiter’s disguise, which I happened to start in, by luring her into the restaurant’s storage room through the back door that connects to the street, and then stabbing her with a screwdriver.


Ah man, it wasnt obvious? but ya, it is the yellow guy since he’s the only one she talks to pretty much alone. The others she talks to are shopkeepers and such. But the thing is, even if you weren’t sure, you could have still ko’d him and showed me the pic. Even if by chance you chose the wrong guy, had you done it to keep your SA rating, you wouldn’t be penalized for taking out the wrong guy as it’s just a ko, not a non-target Kill. Either way, good work.
But in hindsight, maybe I should have given out some info. So I guess I dog gonnit fkd it up. :unamused:
Hopefully others don’t see that issue either. And maybe see it differently. :crossed_fingers:


It’s cool. I had fun. I quite liked that bit of doubt, and all of that stalker-ish tailing action, to be honest. lol

I didn’t feel frustrated, I just felt as though I didn’t have enough information to take decisive action, so I took the strategic decision to only kill the target (in case I picked the wrong person and messed up the KO). That’s something 47 might have done in that situation and the kind of thing I’m sure secret-agent types have to do all the time when operating on limited intel. :slight_smile:

Maybe another player will be bolder than I and get rewarded for it. I’m still pleased with my result.


Perhaps if I had created a backstory, it could have helped. :man_facepalming:

I wonder what the others will think.


I do think it would have been a bit better if I’d had some idea of who the guy/girl was. Not a full description or anything – I did enjoy being unsure – but some tiny scrap of info. would have been useful.

You can give a hint now if you like. I don’t mind, honest. I’m just glad I got an SA. I don’t win that often, anyway. Somebody’s bound to destroy my time, as usual. lol


I will play this by the deadline, looks like a lot of fun. Very consumed with Kingdom Come at the moment.


I cheated!

I spent 10 minutes trying my best to roleplay a guy in a black suit walking around the market listening to awful flute(?) sound. :smile:

After that I just gave up and used the map to locate the target. I’m sorry for this but I just couldn’t stand going around the market in circles any more :frowning:


Well at least you were honest about it. But don’t forget, these are supposed to be like Elusive Targets where we don’t have them on the map or in instinct. So it was a very similar experience. :man_shrugging:

But if you didn’t have a good time with it, what can I say. It wasn’t for you.

So that’s 2 players. If another doesn’t play in the next 20+ mins, the contract gets extended to the next deadline.


It sounds like Chillyschrimp simply got unlucky with the target’s route (which is quite large).

I found her surprisingly quickly. I’d say two or three minutes. Pretty-much the first place I looked, even moving at my typical roleplay pace.

@Chillyschrimp, did you remember to use the “target information” feature? I pressed it constantly in crowds.


I followed her around for about 15 minutes and all she ever did was call her mom, then I got spotted bumping into a shopkeeper too much and kamikazed.


Looks like Contract was a fail. Haha.
Oh well. I tried to make an elusive experience.

So @David47, 3 have played and you won. So post when you can.


Nah, I enjoyed it, and I’m sure we can all agree that’s what matters most. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

OK, I’m throwing something together now. It should be up soon.


Here you go, guys. It’s a very simple idea that I’ve wanted to try out for a while.

Anyone who’s ever wanted to play as an absolutely ruthless 47 and be rewarded for it, this contract is for you. But please note that “ruthless” and “reckless” are absolutely not the same thing … because almost every time I allowed a firefight to break out in my playtests, I died. Machineguns are no joke. :skull_and_crossbones:

So my advice: exercise the same kind of caution you would in a regular elusive-target contract.

The four essential targets are Brent Kerr, Rose’s most experienced and level-headed soldier; Chad Duhon, a talented and sadistic assassin specializing in knives and poisons; Isaac Kay, a computer and communications genius; and Albert Knarr, a charismatic leader whose followers make up more than 50% of Rose’s total groundforces. Eliminte these men, in particular, and Rose’s demoralized militia is bound to crumble when the client sends in his crew of crazed, shotgun-toting locals in armoured pickup trucks. lol

As usual, just ask me if you have any questions. I really have no idea how this is going to go for people. It’s extremely dangerous and you can basically do anything you want and go anywhere you want on the map to rack up a killcount. So use your own initiatives, agents.

P.S. I don’t know what happens in the event of a tie. I’ll deal with that if it occurs. :upside_down_face:

And to clarify: The only way to win this is to get the highest kill-count and escape within the time limit. None of the usual rules apply. Get spotted as much as you like. Ignore video evidence. Punch people in the face. It doesn’t matter. You won’t be penalized.

Edit: Oh, sorry, I made a minor mistake with the contract conditions, because the page reloaded and reset while I was writing the briefing. Failing to exit the mission before the 20-minute time limit expires is an insta-fail. It’s not optional. So make sure you keep an eye on the clock.


Well I do feel bad for not “honoring” the contract, I don’t think it was a bad contract I was just not in the right mindset to play it. I was sort of in a rush but wanted to play it when I did because I knew I wouldn’t make it in time for the deadline otherwise, but as the time just keep going I got impatient. I guess I could have just quit the contract and not bothered to post anything…

@David47 I guess I must have just missed her while going around the market because I was holding the instinct button constantly so if I would have been close to her I should have gotten the target information.
Also I believe she is the only light blonde woman in the whole market (at least as far as I could tell) so she would have been quite easy to spot even without target info.