Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Im just gonna check where they were for future reference


Never mind. I’m glad you played.

Play the next contract if you have the time. Normally we’re allowed to look at the map. We just come up with creative special conditions now and again to make things more interesting, since the game has been out for a long time and I think we’re all quite eager for new maps. lol


I will :slight_smile: lmao

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The first target was which one I thought was the one I gotta kill, and there are just so many people who look like the 2nd target, I knew that the guy that goes to place where the guards are isn’t the target. I have played Hamartia Compulsion so I know that the guy who comes up there isn’t named Elia Mirro xD


The briefing said that the second target liked to sit down, and he was sitting down when I looked. That’s why I got him. I might have gotten a little lucky. :yum:

I’ve only played about 5 of the escalations, so I’m sure you know more than I do about the NPCs.


There were three guys sitting so I just took the shot at one I thought was the target xD


Ironically saying I know the guy whos name is Franceso Vivaldi, was the one who I shot xD


Where there three guys sitting?!! I didn’t know that. I definitely got lucky then. lol


Lel, at least laying down, I couldn’t tell. They were like between sitting and laying down


The one I shot was “lounging”, that’s how I’d describe it. I didn’t even see anyone else dressed the same.

OK, I’m going to go for some food. Nice meeting you, Tranger. I hope you play again. Bye for now. :slight_smile:


Bye for now :), also do you have discord?


What’s “discord”? I don’t know what it is, so probably not. lol


Lol, you don’t know what Discord is, man.



20 characters

20 characters


Nope. I had no idea. I only play on PS4. Thanks for the info.

I’ll look into it when I have time.


Ya I had real trouble finding the girl.


Just a heads-up that any contracts I create in the near-future probably won’t be very original. I’m busy in real life and, unfortunately, coming up with zany adventures for 47 isn’t my highest priority. lol

I’ll still try, though. I’m not gonna be like, “Kill that guy five feet away from the starting location with a bomb, and then escape.”


I got pretty lucky with both, it seems, as you can see from my video. The first time I looked, the girl was walking past the bodyguards near the bakery (just as stated in the description); and the guy was sitting down on the beach (just as stated in the description). Although I give myself a lot of credit for reading the description so damn well. I deserve the win for my remarkable literacy skills. lol


@David47, you’re up, winner winner chicken dinner.


Woo. Success.

Sorry, I’ve just become available. I’ll have something up ASAP.