Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I would’ve won too, if it wasn’t for those meddling guards


Sorry for the delay. Here you go, guys:


Yes, it appears strange viruses are my contract-creation crutch. What would I do without them? (And I know I made a spelling mistake in the briefing. I meant “contact”, not “contract” :upside_down_face:)

Special conditions:

  • 47 must start in his Suite, the Restaurant or the Spa.

  • No loadout is permitted. However …

  • … you must smuggle in the Custom 5mm pistol, and you can stash it anywhere, except for the morgue, e.g.

  • In order to protect himself completely from the highly infectious disease, 47 must acquire and wear an outfit with a face-mask before entering the morgue! He may not enter the morgue under any circumstances without wearing a face-mask, so acquiring one should be your first priority. e.g.

  • Jason Portman must not be harmed under any circumstances. ICA intel suggests he’s currently under Interpol. surveillance and the ICA doesn’t want to draw unnecessary attention to its activities. (Subduing or killing Jason Portman results in immediate mission failure.)

  • If you use the 5mm pistol to kill all targets, you get a bonus 20,000 points.

  • If you shoot the correct corpse in the head with the 5mm pistol, you get a bonus 20,000 points.

  • If you burn all of your targets’ bodies in the furnace, you get a bonus 20,000 points.

Note: You can still complete the mission with another, found, pistol should you run out of the special, acid-tipped 5mm ammo provided for this assignment, but you will not receive your 20,000 point bonus.

Note: Be aware that you can not change into a bodyguard outfit with a face-mask if you are already wearing a bodyguard outfit without a face-mask, because the game sees these two outfits as identical. So plan accordingly.

Note: Anywhere that the lighting is red counts as “the morgue”. You cannot enter the morgue without a face-mask, as stated above.

Note: The information provided on the corpse’s identity is supposed to be vague and incomplete, so you might have to take a bit of a gamble when choosing your target. The point of the objective is to make you think. Simply make the best educated guess you can based upon the evidence available.

Just ask me if you have any questions. And good luck.

P.S. Oh, this is important! You must take a screenshot of the corpse you shoot in the head and send it to me in a private message, so I can see if you chose correctly. OR you must post a video of your run, which I’ll watch for confirmation. If you don’t do either of these things then you can’t receive the bonus 20,000 points for that particular condition.

Edit: OK, I think that’s everything. lol


Hello guys. Sorry for my absence. I didn’t haved free time recently. I didn’t haved played yet the broker in fact. And I also missed lot of elusive contracts.
By the way i’ll try to return in competition when i can. This contract sound interesting, i’ll give it another try later.

See ya later.:wink:


Welcome back, Loner.

You don’t have to be sorry for your absence; people are free to come and go as they wish. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @David47. Just one question: the infected body is an npc or one of the corpse lying in the Morgue?


The briefing states Corpse.



Ok then. I’ll check it out. Thanks.


Yes, it’s one of the dead bodies, and it is in the morgue, as immadumee47 says.

(I would have given extra points for putting that in the furnace, too, but unfortunately we can’t move those corpses. They’re just part of the scenery.)


Good. I’m giving it a try just now. I’ll send you the screenshot of wich i guess is the right corpse.
I agree, burn it would be a nice touch.


I can’t wait to play this.

But just one question about the backstory. I understand we can’t start in the morgue, but why can’t we smuggle the gun in the morgue? Since wherever else we smuggle it, we are going to holster it anyways and if we need a mask diguise to get into the morgue, why can’t the ICA smuggle team already wear a mask to smuggle it there?

I’m not questioning your reasoning, I’m just interested in why it’s not possible to not smuggle the gun there? Is there a reason why you chose to not allow us in doing so?


The gameplay reason is just that it’d make things too easy. Obviously everyone would smuggle the gun into the morgue, because they have to go there eventually, and all the targets are around there. If I’d left the morgue as an option, I might as well have just gone one step further and instructed everyone to leave the gun in the morgue and given no choice in the matter at all. lol

But I wanted people to have to take a bit of a detour, and thus encourage them to plan out their route beforehand.

The story reason is simply that, in this world’s version of the hospital. no non-medical equipment is to be left in the morgue. Staff would have noticed the odd-looking crate, discovered the gun and stored it somewhere 47 would never find it. :smiley:

P.S. I also could have just let you start with the gun; it wouldn’t have made that much of a difference. But I wanted to go with the narrative that 47 was thoroughly checked for dangerous or inappropriate items before entering the building. The only way the Agency could get it in was via smuggling it into a reasonably innocuous place using a low-level agent.


Perfect. That’s all I wanted to know. :grin:


No problem. I know, I go a bit overboard. lol

If I had my way, I’d include dialogue options and each contract would be like a Witcher or Fallout quest.


Nah, not at all. I’m just a curious person. :grinning:


Ok. I fucked up pretty well…

First, spotted by the idiot on the shower, thanks to the goddammit randomn headturning (jesus, why IOI don’t fix this shit; I can understand it add some extra challenge, but come on, you can’t be spotted even if you’re BEHIND the asshole!). Ok, doesn’t matter, the show must go on.

Didn’t entered in the morgue before acquiring a masked bodyguard disguise, and this make me waste some precious minute.

At last, however, get the right disguise, and entered inside the morgue. the targets inside were not a problem, but I wasted a bullet of the 5mm gun (another stupid mistake, lol). Burned the three targets inside the morgue.

I messed up with an unsilenced gun for Bunta, and then I was forced to flee before guards arriving: so I didn’t burned all the targets at all.

Let’s hope at last I get the right corpse. Only @David47 will tell about this.

It was a blast though. Long time I didn’t haved fun with Hitman like this.


God, I hate that guy. He gets me sometimes for seemingly no reason, as well. Sorry about that!

I’m glad you had fun playing, though. :slight_smile:

Your final score is 64,124, as shown above.


That would be that random headturning feature, that absolutely nobody anywhere has any kind of problem with. Random headturning definitely didn’t make one of my Broker runs take an entire day.


This is the second time you have forced me to use the damn custom 5mm pistol and the second time I have accidentally used the bartoli(?) instead :joy:
In my defense I was in a party chat during my play-through so I was a bit distracted :stuck_out_tongue:

Needless to say that shit got out of hand after my mistake…

I also didn’t bother to check the targets correctly so some more innocent people got killed…

I’m almost to embarrassed to show you my video :smile:


I got distracted trying to find the right corpse and didn’t notice the timer passing 15 minutes. lol oops.


I assumed all targets were in the morgue and didn’t bother checking my map for target location thus getting a non target kill. Thx @David47 for the sabatage. :joy:

Video uploading. And totally screwed up after I got the disguise with mask. Fack!!

Edit: here’s the video and results.