Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Erm … I thought I’d made this contract challenging but fair for players of your skill.

Glancing at these scores, I think I may have misjudged. lol

I’ll check out the vids now.

@rattleshnake, did you quit after you went past 15 minutes? It wasn’t an insta-fail this time. 'Twas optional. You still could have completed it and gotten a score.


Haha. Yeah, I did do that intentionally to catch out the unwary. Sorry! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Caution is everything. I’m trying to get you all to start playing like me. Checking your map ten times before making a move. lol

When I replied to your question earlier, I said all of the targets are “around” the morgue, not in the morgue. If you re-read it you’ll see. I was very careful with my choice of words.


Aw, Chillyschrimp, you did an EXCELLENT job getting the uniform with the face-mask. Your method didn’t even occur to me. It’s a shame you had one of those mental blocks we all get now and again and used the wrong gun. You were on track for a great score!

Edit: Your final score is 41,853, as seen above. The corpse you shot was not the disease-carrier. Sorry. (Not that it would have made much difference after you got trigger-happy on the guards. lol)


I watched your video, and I enjoyed it a lot (even if you don’t quite feel the same way, lol). You were unlucky to get spotted by that first guard. The guard who spotted you is actually the guard I took the outfit from in most of my quick playtests. Your approach was the most similar to mine until that point.

You got the bonus for incinerating all the targets, so your final score is 57,092.


@Loner, you’re still in the lead!

And this contract is still very-much winnable if any new players wish to read the rules in the original post, at the very top of the page, and participate.

P.S. Please don’t watch other people’s videos or read spoilers before playing, either.

The deadline is Wednesday at 6 p.m. GMT (1 EST) for those who don’t know. I haven’t mentioned it in a while.


Well done, Loner. You won. :slight_smile:

(Edit: I got the day wrong, sorry. See below. :upside_down_face:)


Today is Tuesday, not Wednesday. :flushed:
Did we change the date?


Oh, I’m sorry. I was busy working at the computer, I noticed the time, and for a moment I assumed it was Wednesday. That shows how similar my days are to one another right now. They’re merging into one.

Sorry, Loner, you haven’t won just yet. But you’re a winner to me. :smile:

(Backs away slowly and closes the door. Thanks for noticing quickly and alleviating my embarrassment, @immadummee47. lol )


I didn’t have the 5mm unlocked, which made this a lot harder than it should have been.

I started in my suite (only starting location I have) and didn’t smuggle anything. Ended up subduing everyone in the morgue and killing them with a Bartoli, since nobody could hear, then I burned them all (for the bonus).

  • Didn’t use 5mm
  • Didn’t shoot a corpse
  • Incinerated the bodies after


Good work, Spodey! You’ve taken the lead. Your score is 117,952 with the bonus.


You could have just used the ICA 19 and used only 5 bullets since the 5mm wasn’t unlocked. Oh well. Nicely done using the loud gun instead.


Yeah, I would have allowed that if Spodey had shown he’d only used five bullets.

But he did really well, regardless.


I couldn’t even bring it in haha, had no smuggle spots unlocked :sunglasses:


unless I get ebayed I’ll pass the victory onto second place to give me some time to come up with some good contract ideas


You can just make a simple one just to get one out. As the saying goes, “a contract is a contract.”


I could, but I’d rather someone else take it while I cook up some ideas for next time :sunglasses:


The thing is 2nd Place probably won’t respond.
@Loner, can you come up with something? Spodey is being lazy.

I still say just pop one up, whether it be good or bad. As long as there’s one up, we still have to compete in it and with the rules, it still becomes a challenge. Unless you’re making the target Rocco. :laughing:


Well done, @Spodey. Hail, Victor.

If Loner hasn’t got anything ready to go, I’ll make another, more straightforward contract. I don’t mind. But it won’t be up until later on.

Generally speaking, though, @immadummee47 is right. It’s typically the winner’s role to make the next contract. It really doesn’t have to be brilliant. I personally enjoy a nice mix of complex and simple contracts.

(Thank God I never have to play my own contracts. They look hard. lol)



I’ll do one then, should be up in like half an hour


Cool. Like I said, there’s no pressure. Just make something basic. Then you can start plotting a more fiendish contract for your next win. :smiling_imp: