Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)





Special condition:

  • The golden golf club must be retrieved.


Lol. I know, actually i have the reputation of “lazy elusive player” here. But unfortunaly i’m currently at work, and i can’t access to my ps4 until the next three hours.
Btw, even if i’m not still active as a user, i usually check the forum and especially this thread, so i’m still informed about the elusive contract discussion. Even if I don’t reply instantly, it doesn’t mean that i don’t care about that, trust me.:wink:

Unfortunaly i’m a kind of silent guy, even in real life. You can think about me as a elusive hitman player.:smile:
Maybe i should be the next elusive target of 47!:joy:

However, i See @Spodey already create a contract. Nice! I’ll See if i can play it when i’ll be at home.


Hey there! I want to say that I’m sorry for disappearing and not playing the Elusive Contracts. Been playing other games lately and trophy hunting. :smile: I’ll get back to doing it, maybe try the one Spodey made. :slight_smile:



Geez, I fucking hate Bangok.
Enforcers everywhere, cameras everywhere.
Spotted instantly by the stupid gardener in the laudry while trying to collect the master keycard (i forgot this asshole is an enforcer if you are disguises as hotel staff), and from there it was a constantly run from guards.

And just when I though I evaded them and trying to do my job, here that I’m spotted by Otis (Morgan’s bodyguard) while poisoning the waiter. And from there, another fight. It becomed a “Run for your Life” competition!

The non target causality is Otis himself!

At last, I recovered the golf club.

This is the 2nd time I mess everything on this map during an elusive contract. I guess I don’t have any feeling with this shitty map!

Good luck to all of you!


I followed the rules.

Nice targets.

I agree with @Loner, though. There are so many possible witnesses in that area. Very tricky.

I think I could have done it quite easily if I’d brought the breaching charge, but I decided not to. I wanted to roleplay it and get a couple of slick, realistic kills instead.

Not. A. Great. Decision. :upside_down_face:


Going by your image, and saying it was tricky, did you forget the contract is any/any? Could have used a guard disguise.


I followed the rules.

Video uploading now. Fun contract, in the past this area has given me hell but with some patience (including sitting around through Ken Morgan’s very long phone call), it worked out.

At the end before I grab the club, it looks like I’m pausing to wait for Jackie but I’m really just tending to my tater tots lol.


No, I didn’t forget. I just move slowly … really, really slowly. I thought everyone knew that? :grinning:

These contracts are literally all I play so sometimes I just like to wander and take in the atmosphere. And in this case my time was extra long because, when I got around to the hit, I was trying to figure out how to execute quiet finesse kills instead of 'splosion kills … and I failed.

P.S. I brought entirely the wrong loadout, too. I didn’t have poison syringes or breaching charges or anything. Just stabby weapons and my gun.


Great job. Your timing was perfect. That’s exactly how my hit went in my imagination.


Thanks. Not pictured in the video, is the 5 or so minutes of me standing around looking at all of the potential witnesses, thinking “How the hell am I going to do this.”


I got screwed over…and by whom other than? Jackie carrington. Wtf!!! But I gave her some poetic justice. :joy::joy::rofl:

But honestly, how the F did she spot the body. And the way she walked towards it didn’t show as if she saw it “normally” but rather “glitchy”. I’ve used this tactic so many times and a body left there NEVER gets found. But maybe getting that poetic justice should get me a bonus of 20,000? :grimacing:

And ya, @rattleshnake, I had to wait for the phone call to pass as well all because of the disguise I was using and the kill I wanted. Lol
Gonna watch your vid in a bit and see how you got your kills.

Damn, totally screwed and had a great time too.


Oh sorry. I meant the second image. I wasn’t referring to your time. I thought you were saying that moving the golf club was tricky because I see you in your tux with gloves suit.

But were we supposed to leave it in our suite or exit with it in hand? I did the latter.


Sorry, I misread you.

Erm … I stole the golf-club and exited the mission with it while wearing a security guard’s disguise. I just took that screenshot at a random time, after stashing it in my room for safe-keeping.

I only took it to show that I hadn’t forgotten about the extra condition.


I intended the latter, but I wasn’t entirely clear about it so if anyone did the former it’s fine :stuck_out_tongue:


Tested & Confirmed, I got walked hacked. Look how WELL-BELOW she is from the floor when she spots the body. That’s not FOV, that’s a wall hack.


No, I understood. I stole it. Sorry, like I said above, the screenshot is misleading.


I know, but just in case I’ll be more clear next time :sunglasses:

I’m not sure how you guys usually do things but I’m more than happy to give it a pass if it was unfair


Never killed these targets before @Spodey so it was cool experiencing a new part of the map that I never really used before. I did a nice little “run” like a boss. :grin:


Goddamnit. I tried to pull off that first kill you did so effortlessly for about fifteen minutes, then I botched it. I was sure that female staff-member near the second target would spot from there, so I tried daft things to distract her. Apparently she’s near-sighted, though. Diana didn’t give me all the intel. lol