Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Or maybe she was paid off to turn the other cheek. Lol.


I followed the rules

I’m glad that you have joined the elusive contract “team” Spodey :slight_smile:

I messed up in the beginning, I blame that on PUI (playing under the influence). :stuck_out_tongue:

Chivalry is dead they say, well I opened the door for Jackie with a breaching charge!.. Instead of just waiting for her to open the door…

Then I tried to sneak* the golf club past security and got spotted.
I had to make a quick and dirty kill(s) and change my disguise before exiting.

*I didn’t even have plan to be honest…

As Abel De Silva put it (@3:50 in my video): What. An. Idiot.


I followed all the rules.

Well, this went terribly wrong… Here’s my result on this cool elusive contract that I have played. :smiley:

My loadout that I’ll bring in:

I think I found the target… At least I hope so. :wink:

There’s so many waiters that look just like this guy! I told myself that this was him because he was near the main target.

After that, I went to go get a coins in Jackie’s Suite and placed a coin near where he was and nowhere where anybody will hopefully not see me. It was a smoothly success on him. I injected him with the antique lethal syringe.

Anyways, after he died and the target saw him, he ran to the nearest guard and reported the body. I then saw that I had a chance to blow him up with the Fire Extinguisher and so I did. But, that was a bad mistake. I accidentally blew myself as well near the radious of it. :joy:

Overall, a pretty neat contract. Well done to the rest of you guys! At least you guys completed the contract. :sunglasses:


brings striker


Striker is obviously the right pistol for any mission/contract. :stuck_out_tongue: So, I said why not?


The striker is goddamn magnificent. You’re just very brave :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d never really considered it before but the limited HUD is a very enjoyable playstyle that I’m definitely looking forward to trying out more :wink:


Your next assignment, End of Days
ID 2-04-4199765-23

The required exit has you stealing Beato’s car, the keys are being held by this npc.


I guess @rattleshnake doesn’t want to give me the win. Oh well. Next time. :cry:


Did my run and what a major fuck up. Went to KO the guy for the key with a brick and stupid me, I spammed the Square button as if I was going to choke him and so when he fell from the brick shot, I ended up snapping his neck. :man_facepalming: Lost SA just a few seconds away to the end.


I followed all the rules.

Should have gotten an SA, like @immadummee47, but I botched the easy bit. Not “killing a guy accidentally because murder is an automatic reaction” level of botched, but botched nonetheless. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Compare scores. Hmm … it appears that accidentally killing someone isn’t as problematic for the ICA as 47 getting spotted. (That does actually make sense. The Agency’s primary concern is protecting their top agent’s anonymity, not protecting the lives of innocents. lol)


lmao, oh well he probably deserved it for his association with Beato and Hansi :stuck_out_tongue:


True. Bonus 20,000 points in my opinion. SA+. lol


Oh shit was too close to playing it without the correct settings :open_mouth:


Yay I finally got a rating on at least one of these contracts.

Objective Complete (3/3) 20,000
Never Spotted 0
No Noticed Kills 20,000
No Bodies Found 20,000
No Recordings 20,000
Time Bonus 00:12:12 50,237 Total Score: 130,237


And that spotted came from Bravuomo seeing me through the wall KOing the guy in the bathroom.


Well done, Tranger. Welcome back. Glad you remembered to follow the rules. It can be tricky adjusting at first, when you’re so used to playing with everything switched on.


Yes. But now that I played it I forgot the settings at off and I didn’t realize after I did it xD


But I think using the motorbike was a bit too bad for killing the guy, because I needed to wait another 4 minutes for everyone to calm down so I could lure the target to an isolated area


But I think Immadummee is gonna win this one :slight_smile: