Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


At least I followed the rules

I had a pretty good start,both targets were around a location I thought I could use but I messed it up.
The whole plan basically turned into the biggest coin tossing contest ever…
The first target stod too close to some stairs when I went in for the knife kill so I only knocked him out.
I really wish the game would let you melee kill someone on the floor but I guess 47 has back problems or something :slight_smile:

The car keys was another problem, I thought I got him to a secluded area but someone spotted me when I subdued him so I lost even more points on that…


Yeah, there really should be a ground melee-kill animation. It wouldn’t have to be amazing (it’s not as if the no-contact neck-snap is amazing, lol), just a downward thrust motion with whatever pointy appliance 47 is holding would do it.


Do I have enough time to playing this EC? I guess it will expiring on the next few hours.:frowning_face:


No you’ve until tomorrow at 6 pm GMT / 1 pm EST :slight_smile:


Good. Thank you. I’ll play it in the next hours :grinning:


Watching now, awesome kill on Beato.

Knowing your score, I was going “nooooo” in my head as I saw you poisoning the water bottle, as I was sure he would turn around at the exact wrong time and he did.


That’s the first time I used the car on landslide and I had no idea how to get the keys from him. TIL (but was actually yesterday), @David47 taught me that he drinks. lol.


Thanks. Yeah, I was pretty pleased with that kill. Made good use of the environment.

I know, I should have gotten an SA. All I had to do was wait a moment and observe his routine, to see how much time I’d have, but I didn’t. I took a chance and paid for it. :confounded:


lol I spent time during the making of this contract wondering if people knew where to find rat poison on landslide, and then I was somehow reminded of the coin lure as these runs came in. I also learned while making this that you can poison that water bottle in your suit, having a “real” npc get close enough to bare witness is actually quite rare.


I followed all the rules.

My loadout: conceable knife, coins, ICA19 (just for safety, but I thoug I didn’t really a gun for this contract, and effectly didn’t even used it).
Suit only for the whole time.

Everything gone fine, fortunaly both targets has theyr own route, and the coin trick made me lure these guys on a secure area with hidding place included.
Did the same for the chef assistant that keep the car’s key.

My only complaint is that I still have some trouble using the coin fetch effectly, and I still waste lot of time for luring my target; trouble is where I’m in pubblic area, which usually bring me to lure some random annoying NPC.

BTW, I’m still satisfied, at last I got my SA, after I screw my previous contract with stupid errors!


Awesome job. I’ll note that these guys walk past enough rooms that you don’t necessarily need the coin fetch (only single toss distraction), but yeah coin fetching is really annoying in public. It’s especially unreliable on ETs for some reason, on the Sensation I would drop the coin in front of his face and 8/10 times someone fifteen feet away would respond. Very annoying.


I didn’t know how to do the drop/throw coin trick, and I didn’t have any coins, so I had to use a more traditional approach and lure the targets into rooms.

But I’m currently using @immadummee47’s video as an instructional guide to expand my skills repertoire.

I don’t love the coin tricks, because the silliness of them clashes with my RP style, but I understand the necessity of them. There has to be a way to isolate targets in crowds or other odd places. They’re definitely better than nothing. If there were targets you couldn’t get to at all it’d be damn frustrating.


I like that the coin trick exists, because as you stated you can lure people into places that you couldn’t otherwise, but I’d be perfectly fine if they found a way to patch it out.


Yeah. I kinda feel that it’s a decent placeholder move, but I’d like it if the devs could think up a less gamey way to manipulate difficult-to-reach targets in future seasons.


Yep, indeed. It’s annoying, but it’s definetly a reliable and useful trick that open the player to a lot of opportunity, i need to master it propely.

Thank you.:grinning:


The thing about it, and features like legshotting, is that it’s completely unintended. The coin fetch seems to be a consequence of mechanics, the period in which an npc is locked onto an object for pick-up goes on for too long so you can abuse it by quickly retrieving and throwing it. If they reduced that period when npcs are locked into an object before it moves, it might mess with other things and be more of a detriment than anything. So it’s complicated and I don’t know how they could fix it if they even want to.


I’m fine with coin fetch, because it’s a very good strategy that a creative player can use at his advantage not only for isolate the target, but also for set some interesting incidents normally impossible due to a determinate npc route. Other players already did some nice tricks with it.

The legshot trick, i find it pretty “rusty”, but i know speedrunner can still use it for spare precious time.

However, exploit like these were still present in the old hitman games: i remember the good old times of Silent Assassin, when some people complaining that slide was considered cheating, while the speedrunners doing some cool runs with it.


I love legshots and see nothing wrong with them, was just using them for an example of an unintended game mechanic.


it was all going so well until a guard saw me climbing a pipe and decided I should die

escaped with 0 points, but Marco died at least -_-


Looks to me like you’re the winner @Loner, you’re up.