Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I’m sorry: i’m busy at the moment, and actually i don’t have any interesting idea for planning a contract. So, i pass my turn to the 2nd place.

I’ll keep forward to playing in the competion by the way.


No worries, in that case you’re up @immadummee47


Ok i have one ready so I grab it now and brb with it. Get ready to snipe. SA possible.


A little challenge but nothing too fancy. Timing is critical to get SA, by its actually not that hard.

Be aware, since you’re entering a invite-only event, security will check you thoroughly thus you cannot carry any items. 0 loadout. The ICA however will give you any smuggle point for your rifle. No non targets and no KO’s. Must exit speedboat with rifle. Be very careful when getting the key cuz a camera recording will have you go down to the basement without a gun to shoot the recorder. And all to be done in your suit and all snipe shot must come from the pile-driver barge.

All this info is in your briefing to recall any time during your mission.



Had the perfect plan, but got rekt with the last kill, as I didn’t shoot the bullet distraction far away enough anyway, I will do a SA/SO with all rules to do what I was intending, but even more important,



That song is amazing and it closes out the best Friday the 13th movie, part 6.


I followed the rules.

And I also followed my new ultra-ultra-cautious Hitman mantra: “No risks, no assumptions.” :sunglasses:

The video isn’t in perfect chronological order. I did a bit of backtracking to collect items I needed. But I cut those bits out to make myself look like a smoother operator. lol


Did you really wait 17minutes until you took your first shot? And very safe route to get the keys. :grin:

Very nice getting SA. :clap:


I really did. That’s why I thought it worth mentioning. I memorized all their patrol patterns. lol

Thank you.

The few seconds before I started shooting were tense. I would have felt pretty silly if I’d screwed up after that much mental planning. :sweat_smile:

Alongside my preference for roleplaying, I also know that I can’t beat the times of other players here, so I don’t try. A flawless run – and other players making mistakes – is always my best hope of winning.


spotted while on the barge by one of the targets next to the shed apparently



I got killed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I was hiding around a corner when a guard walked by and decided to spot me. I hate these random headturning fails, but it is what it is.
I actually think I had a good strategy for this contract, I might retry it when I’ve calmed myself down a bit :smile:


After another 10+ attempts this is the best I could manage :stuck_out_tongue:


Am I late?

20 characters


Great contract @immadummee47 . This is the type of stuff I enjoying. Planning and timing, plus a good knowledge of the map, are essentials for this mission, especially when you have no loadout with you (that it was great and add a good challenge to the whole contract).

Btw, I must admit I restarted once; as usual, the fucking headturning ruined my well planned route!
So, I guess I’m out of competition, No big deal, I really enjoyed this contract and I really wanted to complete it with SA.

So, no loadout and starting from red carpet. The smuggling point is the garden’s shed. Weapon of choise Sieger 2000 ghost.

]Went to basement for retrieve the cowbar and disabling the surveillance system: after all, collect the Iago invitation, get access to 2nd floor; from there, collecting the boat’s key is a joke, if your timing is good, you can simply run from the room, collect the key and simply leave running before the two security guards patroling the stage’s balcony even reach to your position.

Once I collect my sniper, reach to the badge is no big deal: this is the part I really enjoyed, It reminded me about Kirov Park Meeting from H2.

Then, once I sniped the four targets, leaving the area in boat was simple, even with carrying my rifle. I think this exit is actually more secure than the Helicopter.

However, as I already said, I restarted one time, so I didn’t followed the rules.
But it was a blast, no matter if I lose! :wink:


I dont think those spoiler things worked :slight_smile:


Yep, I noticed too! :joy: I’m such a noob!



I think Ive got a basic understanding of what Im going to do in this one :slight_smile: If I can execute It then I’ll probably have the top score :slight_smile:


And I think I have killed all these people before in some contracts, so I think I know who they are :slight_smile:


Atleast Cedric and the other guy


Good luck. I’ll keep a look to it.:wink: