Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Im going to start right about now, just gotta get my sniper riflle selected :slight_smile:


Guess I didnt get SA, but If the guy didn’t get alerted by the bullet distraction I was trying to make, It would have been SA


When It uploads Ill share it here


At least I didnt get spotted xD It was just that no noticed kills and no bodies found bonuses were lost


Can you upload a screenshot about your rating?



20 characters
20 characters


there you go


Theres a better one


Oh and the vid


I just went YOLO after the guard got alerted so I just went… YOLO


I was worrying about the cameras because I thought I hadn’t taken them out yet with the fire extinguisher I threw. THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER OF MASS DESTRUCTION


I was about to kill that guard who came to investigate the crowbar noise, but then remembered we are not allowed to kill them from anywhere but the barge, and then I tried distracting him back because I still hadn’t thought that maybe I wasn’t allowed to kill him that way.


@David47 i just saw your video. I See you managed to reach the garden with the barge from there: that was the moment when i was spotted the 1st time. I don’t know why, but sometimes one of the two Cicada guards on the Iago entrance can spot me while i jump over the obstacle. That was the thing that ruined my run.

Good work!


@Loner what about mine? xd


Your run was also great. I noticed you haved a more stealthly approach than mine when you retrieved the boat’s key. Maybe you screwed a bit at the end, about sniping the targets. I think that if you waited a bit more you could complete the mission without penality. That guard that get found especially, is better to wait until he move from the open space, otherwise he’s found.

Btw, you all were better than me, i was the only one that restarted the contract, and it seems i was the only one that get noticed!


I love being stealthy. I went a bit Yolo after getting the speedboat keys.


I have done contracts in the past that you had to exit with the speedboat, in the suit and I have always used a similar route like I did in that one.


Yes, i See you know pretty well this part of the map. Good job.:+1:



20 charactersssssssssssssssss


Finally! Got the Freeform Training SA/SO strat down.