Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


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Btw, cheers!:grin:


cheers for what?

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Sorry. I mean, congratulations. :wink:


Thanks, Loner.

The part that had me the most nervous was jumping back out of the shed window after collecting my sniper rifle. Without instinct, that always feels like a bit of a gamble.

I know there’s a window in the shed, but it’s pretty tricky to see through with all the shelves in the way.


Yes, it’s true. There is the Cicada guard that patrol around the shed. I was lucky, because when i come there he hasn’t even starting his routine (at the beginning, he is close to the two security guards).


Good job completing the contract guys. I hope you all enjoyed it.

I saw your video @Tranger . Too bad about the sniper shots. You did a lot of work to get the keys to the boat so too bad it didn’t turn out better for you.

@Loner, thx for the honesty that you restarted. And glad you had fun with the contract and that you still completed it SA.


Thank you for understanding @immadummee47 . I hope that I will get to win one of these contracts someday and make mine with very much creativity and thought put into it.


I could have probably even gotten the best score If It wasn’t for the Yolo shots and the guard being alerted, rather not distracted by the bullet.


I did sort of well for a bit, then got spotted taking a shot by one of the targets by the shed. Fun contract love sniper missions.


That was funny shit at the end. And you dropped the gun and went back for it. lol. This was the whole purpose to add no pacifications and non target kills so that if by chance you get into combat, you are stuck with a scope to fight off the ai or run away and hide. By what was the purpose of getting the key in the basement? Was that for the gate but then thought afterwards it doesn’t work?

Looks like @David47’s 17min wait on the barge seems to be paying off so far with the only SA run. The turtle still beats the hare. Not sure if there’s anyone else to play, but I think you’re going to win this one.

Unless say @SpeedsterRunner217, @hitwoman47, @MrBurn4488, @Silverballer, or anyone else want to play by Sunday 1pm EST? :grimacing:

@Euler13, were you serious about getting a PS4 when you liked my comment? If you were, you have to join here. We have a good group of players and can always use more anytime.


Yeah I grabbed the key because I sort of remembered it not working but wasn’t sure, I got stalled up for a bit because I thought the crowbar I wound up grabbing would be risky and I didn’t want to run to the attic for the one up there.


I cut it out of my video, but I got the basement key, too. I couldn’t remember if it opened the gate or not.

I was going to show my 17-minute wait in fast-forward, but it was still too damn long and boring. lol

Wasn’t boring to play, though. I was in the zone.


Looks like I won. Yay. Slowly does it. lol

This is a very ordinary little contract. No unusual stipulations.

Special condition:

You must choose one of these two starting locations/loadouts. Either:


Please ask me if you have any questions, and good luck.

P.S. The story reason for 47 not being allowed a loadout if he starts in the embassy is just intensive security checks on account of the rioting.

And be careful to select the remote demolition charge if you choose loadout number 1. Don’t take the proximity charge by mistake, as I sometimes do. lol


Is there a partcular reason for the demo block in loadout one? Just asking since the kill conditions are Any/Any :grinning:


I followed the rules.

I spend a good while trying to get Svensson without going to extremes with coin luring, there are a few very skippable minutes in there as a result lol. Video cuts out the beginning, I used the main start demo block loadout. I assume I could choose any suit I wanted.


Well done!

Cool. I chose loadouts somewhat designed to discourse “coin abuse”, but I didn’t want to outright ban it. lol

You assumed correctly, sir.


This turned out pretty good for me. Kinda wasted some time with disguises but didn’t think I should do this SO.


I followed the rules

I’m always nervous playing these contracts inside the embassy because I’ve never learned who the enforcers are with each disguise :slight_smile:
It went really well actually and I think the game felt kind of bad for messing up my last contract attempt so when I was going to subdue the woman I didn’t get spotted even though it was a risky move (watch my video at around 3:40 and you’ll know what I mean).

Second target was sort of a spur of the moment (I think that is an actual expression?) but it worked out!


Great job. You cleared out that room with the masseuse in it really well, and made nice use of remote bomb. And thanks for teaching me that you can destroy cameras with thrown objects, too. Didn’t know that was possible.