Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Well done. You took the risk of starting in the consulate, without gear, and reaped the benefits of that. You also completed the contract the same way I did from that starting location. :+1:t3:


@rattleshnake, man, I would have killed that bitch with the XX block after what you went through. :joy::joy:

@Chillyschrimp, watching your run, I think it would have been better to start in the consulate. good job with the bike too.

@David47, ya, that little trick is very useful with cracking that cop and still not getting spotted there. Good contract and nice idea with the optional loadout+start point.


Thanks. As an RPG fan, I appreciate it when games give me some kind of choice that makes the gameplay experience feel personal to me. So I thought a little tactical decision at the beginning would be interesting, even though the contract itself was straightforward. Everyone feel free to use that idea in their own contracts if they want to. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did plan on including a third, sniper option at one point; but the targets were really tricky to hit, because there’s a great big fricken palm tree in the worst possible location, and nobody would have chosen it, anyway, because getting an SA rank was impossible, so I dropped it.


True, but…

Challenge accepted. :upside_down_face:


@David47, will this suffice? :grimacing:
Thx, @cjgarof for the meme. :grin:


Failed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Used instinct. I naturally factored our usual purist rules into my evaluation of the difficulty. Of course palm trees and cars aren’t a problem if you have Superman vision. lol

No … those bullet distractions were cool. Nice job. Didn’t know we could do that. But give me the finger and I’m gonna tell it like it is. Not just gonna stroke your ego. Ha.

You could have done that in your official run, but it would have taken you a hell of a lot longer.


I failed too, my only excuse for that was my lack of experience with Marrakesh… I just… Hate that level.


Wait, has everyone here got the chance to create a contract but me? XD


Wait also It’s not against the rules to look where the targets are with the map thing?


Because If so then @immadummee47 broke the rules Kappa


Using the map and ”target information” (i.e. holding instinct button when close to the target to see name and kill conditions) is ok unless the contract creator specifically mentions that as a restriction. :slight_smile:


I know you have a very purist view of instinct, I used to have it too as I played without instinct for all of 2016, but this is a perfect example of why instinct is a useful and worthwhile mechanic. Those kills would not have been possible without instinct, period. It’s not as simple as “instinct makes the game easy”, instinct is a tool that can be used to pull off amazing things that flat out would not be possible otherwise. So you should congratulate @immadummee47 because that was a damn good SSA lol.


I did. (20 characters.)


I might be blind, I saw that you considered that a failure because he used “superman vision”.


I congratulated him in the next paragraph.

I was just ribbing him a bit because he posted the middle-finger pic.

(I even said that in the post, which I’ve just re-read. I also liked his post immediately, which I wouldn’t have done had I genuinely not been impressed. He did really well.)


Oh that didn’t even register, I only read the image text I guess.


No problem. I don’t often rib people, either. I’m usually straight-up polite so it can throw people. lol


The pic wasn’t for you. It was for cj because I used his pic for what I did in the run. I even tagged him. Didn’t mean it towards you. Haha.

Is that a challenge? :joy:


Oh god just try to keep your sanity :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I thought it was your jovial rebuttal to me because I’d claimed getting an SA was impossible, and you’d proven me wrong. That’s why I retorted by playfully making light of your accomplishment.

It didn’t cross my mind that you were speaking to someone who doesn’t visit this thread. lol

I thought the guy you tagged in was just the guy who’d given you the pic, and you were thanking him for that.

(I should spend more time with people and less time reading. I just read this comment back and I sound like a college professor or something. What normal person uses the phrase “jovial rebuttal” in a sentence? lol)