Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


You should know that’s not possible. :rofl:

Well technically on a run with our rules, it would likely be impossible because figuring out all those bullet distractions in that order plus knowing what to place and where to place it AND the timing of shooting, I can’t see anyone ever doing that on their first try. Also, I used my own start spot and loadout. Hehe. So technically, you’re right based off of our rules.

And another thing is, since I knew where to place the sniper, what would have been your loadout for that set? Did you have one thought out already?

Another reason why you SHOULD have had a sniper option is that there’s always the possibility to have other players screw up. So the sniper still had a chance to win if all other players screwed up too as the sniper would have had a super fast time even with the bodies found and noticed kills. But that’s a big chance a player would take.


My sniper starting spot was on the roof, in the mechanic’s disguise, which would have encouraged the player to use the sniping spot you did use, but without setting foot on the ground and approaching the embassy first, i.e. a realistic, long-range sniper hit. Without instinct, and without ground-level interference, you can only barely see the top of the male target’s head over the truck, and you have to constantly check the map to know when the woman will appear on the consulate steps. And even when she does appear she’s extremely easy to miss because the tree’s in the way unless you’re at just the right angle.

Yeah. And also just because people like to play sniper. It’s fun. I probably should have gone with my gut and included it.

But another, simple reason I didn’t was because this idea of giving the player custom loadouts was new to the contest, and I wanted to make it as easy-to-understand as possible. Normally I come close to overcomplicating things in my contracts, and this time I didn’t want to give anyone a migraine. lol

P.S. You did do really well getting that SA, by the way. I would likely have assumed it was impossible, even with instinct, but your skill evidently knows no bounds. (At least, the “bounds” of your skill far exceed mine, because I apparently can’t complete a contract in under 20 minutes and I’m still ignorant of several of the game’s mechanics, like, two years after launch. lol)



Yup, Old news. You can do anything to Smith. Drown, electrocute, drop falling objects, fall accident, etc. Not sure why you’re posting this in this thread. It’s off topic.


Just a quick, mandatory, message to any random PS4 players who might happen upon this thread:

You’re all welcome to play here. This isn’t a clique reserved for a few regulars. If you wanna get involved, just scroll to the very top and read the rules, then have a stab at the latest contract that’s been posted. (“Dead Sparrow”, in this case.)

No pressure. Your result doesn’t matter. Only honesty and having fun. Just do your best.

@Chillyschrimp’s score is looking pretty damn solid, but it’s not unbeatable.

P.S. Give it a go, @SANY-72Q, if you’re on PS4. Nothing to lose (or gain, admittedly, apart from the satisfaction of the kill and the chance to get a contract you’ve created played by the world … well, um, three or four people, which in my totally biased and wrong opinion is a significant portion of the world’s population. :yum:)

Contract deadlines are Wednesdays and Sundays at 6 p.m. GMT (UK time), which is 1 p.m. EST (US).


I hope I can get to make one


If you play regularly, you’ll win eventually. I’ve won in the past with one- or two-star scores.

Work on a fun contract now so that it’s ready to go when you do win. :slight_smile:


Okay :slight_smile:

This text will be blurred


In the event that will win this one I will have to delegate the creation of the next contract because I’m currently on a business trip.

@immadummee47 you’ve got 2nd place as far as I can tell so I’ll leave it to you, if no-one eBays me.
Maybe we should give @Tranger a go? He seems to be willing :slight_smile:


Ok will do. @Tranger, do you want to post a contract now? If you can’t, I’ll post one. Let me know ASAP.


It’s Wednesday :upside_down_face: thought it was Tuesday


You thought wrong, my friend. :upside_down_face: Every Wednesday and Sunday.

@Tranger, I’ll give you until 4pm EST to reply/post, if not, I’ll have to post a contract. So here’s your chance, bud.


How much time left for that?


About 15mins from now. But my power is out right now as I have a repair man over doing some work. So I can’t get the contract right now. I’ll post it within an hr for sure.


1 restriction: must begin mission at default start spot.

If you don’t know where the sapper’s axe is, look for a Fountain View machine.


I followed the rules.

Wasted time with an attempted gun distraction, but I got there in the end.

Also glad the axe was where I hoped it would be. I purposely planted my smuggled item there so that I’d have a map marker to guide me to it. Tactics. :wink:

I don’t think my time is going to hold out this time, though. There’s too much time left until the deadline and I’m sure someone can complete this quicker.


I didn’t realise it was Wednesday already, which I suppose is a good thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Well then that was a great tactic. :grin:
And you know how this competition goes sometimes. The hare usually gets burned. So don’t count yourself out yet. I know cheese went already and rekkd himself so that’s one less you have to worry about. Lol.


Ah sorry! I was in school, yea sure I’ll make one :slight_smile:


And I was also in bed, so I guess I missed my chance :confused: @immadummee47