Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


First of all I have a couple of issues.
It’s only on PlayStation! Damn Sony getting the Sarajevo six now this. Pfft.

Paris Again!? I’m sick of Paris, this sucks.

:wink: sarcasm of course. Looking forward to trying this later. Purist all the way but I’m not sure how to circumvent the runs being scored on time. I too like to take my time.

Are we playing with attention alert on?



Yes, you can have the attention indicator on! That’s your best and only way of feeling out whether a guard is suspicious of you or not.

I hope someone can come up with a way to score contracts without taking completion-speed into account. But time seems like the only thing that differentiates between top scores.



@xstraightedgedavex I will make it on Xbox one on Monday, sadly I can’t right now. Of course someone else could make it for XB1, or PC.



Haha, thanks but I have a Ps4. I was being sarcastic :wink: Thanks for the offer though :slight_smile:



Ah ok :joy: @xstraightedgedavex it seems everyone on this forum has PS4 or PC :joy:



Which make sense, and works absolutely fine.

Nice excluding PC players from this :frowning:



Oh, yeah, I should have realized you were from your first comments. My brain’s getting fried. I’m not usually this involved in forumite affairs. lol

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There’s definitely a few Xboxers out there too :smile:



The good thing about the rules, as I’ve explained them, is that I won’t always be “in charge” of this competition. As soon as people get a grasp of how this works, the competition should be self-sustaining, with the current “winner” creating the next contract, and so on, and so on, and I can vanish into the shadows if I feel like it. lol

P.S. Of course, it might not make it past contract number one, but I thought I’d try, nevertheless. Everyone here loves Elusives and wants them more often. This is the best solution I could come up with.



@Fortheseven you can create one of these for PC, but @David47 already said why his aren’t cross platform.



But if i recreate this on PC, and record a run,post it here, can i still win it?



That’s not fair, Fortheseven, I explain my reasoning for making this competition “PS4 exclusive” very clearly in earlier posts. I didn’t want to exclude anyone, and I’ve encouraged people to recreate this thread for Xbox and PC, copying and pasting my own set of rules into those threads, if they so wish.



But why not have it recreated on xbox and pc, and post those ids in the opening post.
If i then record and post a run here, why shouldn’t it count?>

If anything, this would finally be a way to compete cross platform



I’ve already explained. It’s just too complicated. It’s extremely difficult – if not impossible – to recreate contracts featuring lots of ordinary, faceless NPCs.

Imagine the contract above had five targets, and all of them were Mr Nobodies, scattered across the map.

How exactly would you go about re-creating that contract on PC or Xbox?

It might be easy when the target is the Shiek, but when it’s a bunch of nobodies it’s nigh impossible.

And even if it weren’t, whoever recreated the contracts wouldn’t be able to PLAY the contracts, because they’d have an unfair advantage over everyone else, having already gone through all of the steps.

It’s far too complicated, on top of learning the rules I’ve already set out.

Edit: It seems to me like most people here are PC players, so, if you want to recreate this competition for PC players, you should, in theory, have the most thriving community! :wink:



The person that created the contract could say “targets are [target name] who is found in [area of map]”, etc. It’s really not as difficult as you’re making it out to be.



A lot of the time these NPCs are surrounded by others who look just like them. The party in Paris, for example. And they don’t have names hovering over their heads so you can identify them. It would be terribly tedious for someone to do … Who’d want to do that every two days?

And then, like I said, whoever recreated the contract wouldn’t be able to play it. It wouldn’t be fair because he’d know too much about it.



By asking the creator

Fair enough, but that doesn’t have to be a problem. Besides that, some people are going to have an advantage either way just because they played more and know the maps just a tiny bit better. [quote=“David47, post:35, topic:13270”]
It’s far too complicated, on top of learning the rules I’ve already set out.

It’s not that complicated.[quote=“David47, post:35, topic:13270”]
Edit: It seems to me like most people here are PC players, so, if you want to recreate this competition for PC players, you should, in theory, have the most thriving community!

No thanks, it’s the cross-platform competition that caught my interest



I’m fine to do it for X1. Running around and marking people until I get the right name shouldn’t be too hard.



But then you can’t play the contract, Spodey. It’s not fair on everyone else. You’d have an unfair advantage after doing all that work. And are you willing to recreate contracts for Xbox every two days and never, ever play them? Of course you’re not. That’d be lots of hard, annoying work with zero reward.



I’d actually be fine with it huehuehue

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