Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Looks like your tortoise approach paid off. lol.



I mean, um … well done, @rattleshnake. :slightly_smiling_face:

“8 minutes” isn’t even a tortoise approach. It’s something between a hare and a tortoise. It’s like a badger or something. You suck, badgers. lol

OK, these animal anaologies are getting a bit out of hand …



Rando the Badger: “Why do I suck, though, David47?”

Me: “Oh, go away. Don’t guilt-trip me. Stop being so cute and good at Hitman.”

P.S. Wait … Aren’t badgers, like, the archenemies of snakes? I should have called Rattleshnake’s approach the “snake” approach given his nickname. Snakes have Agent47-like murdering skills and move at a moderate pace.


Me: “Oh, wipe that smug look off your face!”


Damn it, I got spotted and the disguise change turned out to be an insta-fail :expressionless:
I didn’t check the briefing properly but since you wrote that pacifications were insta-fails and disguise change was optional i went with that :thinking:


Wait…what? Disguise changes is insta-fail? I was certain I made it optional. Can’t believe I made that mistake. Sorry, dude. That pisses me off that you lost your run because of my little error. I’m surprised though that nobody who played didn’t mention it.


It was for me at least, lol

At that point I had already lost my SA rating so I wouldn’t have beaten rattleshnake anyway, but you should probably update the contract post so no one else makes the same mistake as me :smile:


Oh wait! I remember. Oh shit. I accidently reversed them. It’s disguise changes insta-fail and pacifications optional. :joy: I fucked up. Sorry chilly. Immadummee. :crazy_face:


lol. Well if you got everything right all the time your nickname would be pretty inaccurate. So this is for the best.


This one went well Kappa
And the video for some laughs :wink:


Since tranger got banned, from now on he’ll send me his scores via discord for me to post them here:
177,079 in 4:06. when I saw the first targets location I already knew what I wanted to do.
His run:


Currently playing the contract. Tried to be fast for a change – got spotted inside twenty seconds. Yeah, I’m not really cut out for the hare style. lol


Was it the stylist in the basement?


No, I wasn’t smart enough to start somewhere sensible like the main entrance and enter the basement from that direction. I cleverly started in the auction room and got spotted by a random techie after sprinting down the stairs and trying to get to the kitchen via the corridors full of people. lol

Unless I do five minutes of recon and five minutes of roleplay walking to warm up my virtual calves and knee joints, things inevitably go to crap. lol

P.S. Also … multitasking like this doesn’t improve my performance. I’m getting lots of writing done, but very little killing. Be back when the mission is complete. :slight_smile:


I followed the rules.

Used some nice timing and misdirection to poison the chef when I got to him, but then I got spotted jabbing the other target with the needle on my way out and dodged bullets all the way to gate.

Nice contract, @immadummee47. Simple, but it required forethought and skill … neither of which I’m capable of producing while moving faster than 5 mph. lol



Well done, Tranger! You won. I told you you would if you just kept trying. :slight_smile:

If you have a contract for us to play next, please give it to someone who can post it in the thread, ASAP.

P.S. And please try to return to the forum as soon as possible. It’s better for everyone if players are able to talk to one another, naturally.


I talked to him, he can’t post today, someone else post a contract.


I can’t post one, at work tonight.


Should i post another? I have a funny idea. :grin:


Here’s the contract.

Complications: 1
-Suit Only (insta-fail)

Restrictions: 2
-Can NOT use main map to locate target.
-Can NOT use Target Information to locate target
(Of course with the npc icons, minimap and instinct off)

Intel: 1
-It’s a guessing game. Find the target by his picture and kill by any means necessary, then escape.

Help: 2
-Taking out NPCs with accidents will deter any suspicions towards you.
-You have every ability to go in guns blazing but will you get out alive? Maybe taking them out silently will help? Your choice.

Silent Assassin: ?
-Achievable if you can get the NO NOTICED KILLS bonus on your scorecard, which then will give you 200,000pts bonus to help offset the non-target kills penalty.

GL and I hope this is fun. :joy:


I followed the rules.

Yeah, turns out there are a lot of guys with that face. lol

I was going to try to do them stealthily, but I messed up my first kill by miscalculating where the guy would walk, so after that I just picked them off on sight and tried not to die.



This one actually went well ElPogoChampo!!

Score: 372,268 = 172,268 (In-Game) + 200,000 (Because No Noticed Kills)

Plan (Don’t read if you haven’t played yet): Starting in the auction, so I would look for them, starting up there and then searching in every floor, I was lucky that the first one I tried was the actual target




Doing my run now.