Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


lol. Why were you spamming triangle? What does that do?

Edit: Oh, to open the gate?


It’s mostly used for speed but when you do it, it’s you trying to open the door at its earliest point that it can.


So you were foiled by a speed-runner habit. Looks like I got very lucky there.

The Tortoise God smiled upon me. (Can tortoise smile? Can the word “tortoise” be use as a plural? Do these questions really matter in the grand scheme of things?)

Yes. Yes, they do.



Got spotted trespassing. RIP



There he is, the Mighty Tortoise God. All praise be to thee!

(He’s not quite as pretty as I remember him, though. lol)


Whoop. Winner. Team Tortoise 4 Life. :yum:

Unfortunately … I just got in, I’m about to eat, and I haven’t got anything ready to go yet.

If you give me a little while, I’ll bosh something together.

Or – if anyone has a contract ready to go – they’re welcome to post it.


I can wait. :blush:


Sorry for the wait, I’ve been busy. I didn’t really have time to playtest (or make, lol) this so I hope it’s all right.




Special conditions:

  • You must start in the main square in front of Caruso’s manor. Bring any loadout, but your loadout must include the explosive phone.

  • Infiltrate the mansion, locate the blueprints of the missile that Caruso designed (the blueprints are accompanied by a model of the missile, too, which should make them easier to find), and then equip your cell phone and take a photo of the blueprints (i.e. take a screenshot of them, and then send that screenshot to me in a private message once you’ve completed the contract).

  • Kill the rival thieves as cleanly as possible.

  • Escape the mansion and place the cell phone containing the snapshot of the missile blueprints on the bench beside the client, the Axon CEO, which is this woman:


She’s easy to find because you begin the mission sitting right next to her.

As always, message me if you have any questions.

Edit: If you post a video of your run, you don’t have to send me a private message, because I’ll be able to see if you screenshotted the missile blueprints or not. :slight_smile:


How do we know who the targets are without instinct or the mini map?


By using the actual map


Oh yeah. Im such an idiot. Thanks!


I Followed The Rules
I Followed The Rules


Well done, DaZucc. Great job!

(I can confirm that DaZucc photographed the missile blueprint and delivered it to the client successfully.)

Edit: Here’s a screenshot of his results page for those too lazy to follow the link. lol



I had to give up, I can’t find the blueprints. Sorry, contract was really fun I just must not be very attentive right now.


I have to agree. I have no idea the whereabouts of these blueprints or missile. Had the same issue when the DNA copy of franny needed to be taken.


I have flashes in my head of @GuLe trying forever to find the syringes for the Surgeon ET lol



Spotted at the ending while escaping for a stupid error, nice way to ruin an easy SA. :persevere:

I followed the rules. Beginned from the main square.

Wasted a bit of time for searching the right blueprints. I haved a vague idea about the place on the mansion where Iooking for. I think I get it right. I just send the screenshot to @David47 . I hope I guessed right.

The two targets were easy preys. I just screwed during the escape, because I entered in the Silvio’s office when he was inside for mistake. And so I scerewed my SA as a noob!

Before leave the area, I let the phone to the woman in red in the main square.HITMAN%E2%84%A2_20180405231456

Nice concept for a contract. I liked this spy story background!


Well done, Loner. Glad you liked it.

Anyone can make mistakes, even on these maps we’re so familiar with. I guess that means the maps are well designed because you would think we’d all be breezing around them by now.

(And I can confirm that Loner photographed the missile blueprint and delivered it as requested.)


Sorry, Rattleshnake, I didn’t mean to frustrate anyone. But I suppose that’s always a possibility when there’s an objective like this. I thought about telling players which part of the mansion the blueprint was in, but then it would really have been no challenge.